15 New HTML5 Responsive WordPress Themes

Powerful and flexible multi-concept responsive WordPress themes coded with 

HTML5 and CSS3 technologies in accordance with the latest WordPress Coding Standards. Fits all popular mobile devices and tablets.. These themes are suitable for corporate site, blog site, ecommerce site, portfolio and many more. Themes are looking good with it’s colors combination. All sub pages are customized and very nice with its clean and professional look.

Soffia - The WordPress and WooCommerce Theme

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Foundry – Multipurpose, Multi-Concept WP Theme

Foundry is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design offering the ideal solution for business, portfolio, blog and marketing pages. Foundry for WordPress comes packaged with Visual Composer and loads of flexible custom page builder elements.

Foundry - Multipurpose, Multi-Concept WP Theme

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Clymene – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Clymene is a Modern and Creative premium WordPress Theme . Design Theme is made in a beautiful style. It is suitable for Personal Portfolio, Creative Agency, Designer Portfolio, Illustrator Portfolio, Photographer Portfolio and more.Theme has a universal design, it thought every detail and animation effect. Its just as easy to customize to fit your needs, replace images and texts. The wordpress theme is responsive, you can view it also in the mobile/tablets devices and it looks very in thoose devices. Calliope is a perfect theme for a variety of uses from blogs to personal or business portfolios.

Clymene - Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

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DEXTER – Multipurpose One Page Slant WP Theme

DEXTER – Multipurpose One Page Slant WP Theme is a very clean and modern designed WordPress multipurpose theme for all creative people and agency / creative business.

DEXTER - Multipurpose One Page Slant WP Theme

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Unika | Responsive Material Design WP Theme

Unika is a smart and super flexible Material Design Onepage WP theme for all kind of business. It’s based on clean semantic Html5 and Css3 code. This template include awesome features, such as css animations, video background, unique navigation, parallax sections, etc. Unika can be used for any type of website: business, agency, corporate, portfolio, personal website, blog, landing page, etc. Unika is fully responsive and looks great on any mobile devices. This WP theme was built with the best UX practices in mind. Unika is bundled with visual composer and it is easy to modify and customize everything. Buy Unika wordpress theme today, let’s grow your business together!

Unika | Responsive Material Design WP Theme

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Mithiliya – Responsive Business WordPress Theme

Mithiliya is a modern business WordPress theme perfect for a variety of websites. With a sleek and modern look, Mithiliya is a theme designed for business, blogging, ecommerce and portfolio sites. It is fully responsive so it looks great on any device and is packed with features. Choose from a variety of colors as well as header and footer layouts. With multiple blog and portfolio layouts, an amazing slider (Revolution Slider), a powerful page builder (Visual Composer) and even WooCommerce e-commerce support you’ll have a great time building your new site with Mithiliya! Preview data is included for you to import so you can get setup quickly.

Mithiliya - Responsive Business WordPress Theme

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Boston – Urban Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Boston is creative urban theme created with passion for day to day writers. It is constructed for people who are good thinking, passionate and concise with their daily thoughts on various subjects. Clean and eye catching design will allow you to stand out from the sea of sameness and look alike blogs. Unique theme for unique people.

Boston - Urban Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

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Yunik – Ultimate Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

After tons of hours of work, we’re proud to present you YUNIK Responsive multipurpose WordPress theme suitable for almost any type of website, creative design agency, web development agency, corporate, fashion shop, startup company, app landing page, one page style and tons more. With great collection of elements to choose from and present your product it is ideal theme for your brand new website!

Yunik - Ultimate Multi-Concept WordPress Theme

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Eventr – One Page Event WordPress Theme

Eventr is a One page Event WordPress theme for conference, event, workshops, summit, meetup etc.

Eventr - One Page Event WordPress Theme

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Blink – Parallax One Page WordPress Theme

Blink is a modern and elegant One-Page WordPress Theme with a bold look, perfect for creative people, suitable for any type of business, built for any needs. Every single detail is carefully designed and crafted, in order to create a seamless and wonderful user experience.

Blink - Parallax One Page WordPress Theme

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Forman – Responsive News, Magazine and Blog Theme

Forman is a easy-to-use, bold and clean theme for magazines with user-friendly and fully responsive design. Forman is built for heavy-content websites, but it is suitable for all bloggers! Is designed for men’s magazines (like cars, DIY, hobby, sport, food, photography, lifestyle, women, travel, games, gadgets, reviews, …) but is suitable for anyone else who want to share their writing, articles and photos with the world.

Forman - Responsive News, Magazine and Blog Theme

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Flora – Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

Flora – High Performance WordPress Theme with Hardware-Accelerated CSS, comes with a smart theme options so you can easily customize every aspect of your site with just a few clicks. Easily create responsive pages and posts with the most popular Drag & Drop Page Builder, Visual Composer. You can build any page layout without coding!

Flora - Responsive Creative WordPress Theme

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Finanza – Business & Financial WordPress Theme

Finanza is a clean responsive WordPress theme. It is especially designed for Business, Financial Advisor, Accountant, Law Firm, Wealth Advisor, Investment and general corporate website. This theme comes with super powerful page builder which allow you to create your site using drag drop ability. It comes with necessary feature for your website such as blog, portfolio, testimonial, personnel, etc. You can also create parallax section in pages easily via our page builder. This theme is also compatible with the most popular ecommerce plugin ‘WooCommerce’ and also compatible with WPML.

Finanza - Business & Financial WordPress Theme

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Aloom – Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

Aloom is a Responsive Multipurpose WordPress (Desktop, tablet, mobile phone…) simple, clean and Professional theme. It comes with Unique Pages, Awesome Slideshows, Unique Color Variations. Easy-to-customize and fully featured design. This theme suitable for Company, Business, Blog and Portfolio and much more. Create Outstanding Website or Blog in Minutes!

Aloom - Responsive MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

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Sodiss – Modern Corporate WordPress Theme

Hello everyone, Opal WordPress Team is very proud to release a new Corporate WordPress Theme “Sodiss – Modern Corporate WordPress Theme” . It is clean & responsive WordPress Theme and Woocommerce theme. With the outstanding features it is great, professional and easy to use. You can use it for a variety of websites such as Corporate, Business, Photo Studio, Freelancers, Portfolio Theme, Masonry blog, Modern events, Creative Agency etc. And This is first theme built in our WPO WordPress Framework Theme With Bootstrap 3 that to make fully responsive theme that works perfect on all kind of resolutions as well for mobile, tablet, desktop having medium and large screen. If you are looking premium business WordPress theme for your next projects, Sodiss is really ideal for you. This theme comes with the powerful features and functions such as Awesome page builder, Wonderful revolution sliders, Megamenu, Awesome slider effects, Easy to use theme options panel and much more features.

Sodiss – Modern Corporate WordPress Theme

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Psychology Of Color To Improve Site Conversion

Studying the psychology of color is crucial for maximizing your site’s web design. Using the right colors can help put your customers in the frame of mind that compels them to take action. Color has the power to improve conversions by grabbing customers’ attention and triggering the right emotions for sales.

Colors often define the public’s perception about your brand and what you stand for. However, the ultimate question remains unanswered: Which color is right for my brand? What color should I choose for maximum impact?

It’s important to understand that the psychology of color plays a big role in persuasion. Keep in mind that persuasion is different from coercion, manipulation, or simply being pushy. Instead, it’s about bringing the change in attitude necessary to encourage customers to take action. In this case, the action would be a conversion or purchase.

Of course, an essential aspect of the psychology of color is value. If devoid of value, your products or services won’t sell regardless of the color scheme. For the psychology of color to work in your website’s favor, the content, design, loading speed, call for action, and other landing page factors must work in tandem.

Color and Conversions

There has been a proven scientific connection between the color of products and the urge to purchase. Every time you see a color, there’s a chain of reactions taking place within the hypothalamus in your brain. Hormones are released to your thyroid, thus triggering emotions that affect your behavior. In fact, 62% to 90% of purchasing decisions is based on colors! So, digging deeper into the psychology of color can significantly improve elusive conversions for your website.


Where Should I Use Colors?

The colors that you use might not be outright apparent sometimes, but they do make a difference. The key areas that you must be careful about are:

• Pop-ups
• Borders
• Headlines
• Background hues
• Primary web banners or hero graphics
• Buttons, especially call for action

The choice of colors in these prominent areas depends on the kind of audience that your website targets. Let’s discuss this further now.

Choosing the Color that Suits You Best

Each color generates different emotions that you can capitalize on. You simply have to know how colors can be put to good use. Take a look at L’Oreal’s successful brand image below. Notice how it uses different shades of pink on a purplish background. An image like this is inviting, especially for women. It gives a sense of beauty and fun combined with sophistication.


Here L’Oreal has found the colors to express precisely what their company and makeup products stand for. Just imagine any other color for the attire, flowers, or background. They would not give the same effect as the current one.

You’ve likely looked at the log-in page of Facebook and PayPal plenty of times. Ever wonder why both sport shades of blue? It’s not a mere coincidence. According to the psychology of color, blue inspires trustworthiness.

Contrast and Brightness

Brightness also plays a vital role in the success of your website. In general, it’s believed that women prefer soft colors while men prefer brighter colors. In the image by L’Oreal above, one can see that the colors are very soft. The same colors wouldn’t be smart for a website that deals with kids’ attire. Even though women mostly shop for their children, they still prefer bright colors. This is because kids are simply associated with vibrancy.

Contrast is another essential color factor that impacts the website’s readability. No one enjoys struggling to read what’s written on your call for action button or any other part of the website. Overlapping content with extremely bright or dull fonts is a strict NO. Imagine seeing a black “Buy Now” button on a light black background. It would likely go completely unnoticed.

Your website’s color scheme can impact accessibility and usability. If you create navigation tabs and dropdown menus using unnoticeable colors, it’s just as bad as not having them at all. Go through your website from the perspective of the user and you’ll know what we’re talking about. According to the psychology of color, orange, yellow, red, and blue would typically be the best bets.

Case Studies on the Psychology of Color

According to a study published on Moz, an online slot machine company simply changed the call to action button from green to yellow. This resulted in a whopping 187.4% rise in conversions! Trying different color schemes for your website is advised. You could use multivariate testing with several different colors. The colors with the maximum impact on your targeted audience will be the best options.


Here’s another study that proves the validity of the psychology of color. In academia, the color red is usually associated with error markings. Researchers at the University of Rochester put this to test through four different experiments. They found that use of the color red, such as wearing a red T-shirt, actually affects academic performance negatively.

10 Colors from the Internet Marketer’s Perception

We’ve compiled the list below of colors and the emotions they inspire based on the psychology of color. When used in the right manner, these colors can go a long way in giving your website the right personality for improving conversion rates.

1. Pink: Let’s start with pink. If your target market is made up mainly of women, then pink is a good color for you. The color is known to raise emotions of fun and romance. Choose the hue of pink that suits your brand.
2. Blue: Blue signifies trustworthiness and provides an air of coolness. Any website that caters to online prescriptions, monetary transactions, or any other niche that demands reliability would be best served by this color.
3. Red: Nothing holds people’s attention like red. It’s considered the most effective color for call to actions. If you’re designing that “act now” button, red is your color.
4. Green: Green is the color of peace, tranquility, and nature. So if your website is about a great environmental cause or selling organic products, green should be the predominant background.
5. Yellow: In the marketing world, yellow is said to describe the healthy mind without worries or depressing thoughts. It’s best suited for online stores that sell products like kids’ apparel and toys. This color is also associated with caution.
6. Purple: Purple oozes elegance and sophistication. This color is ideal for a website that features niche, luxury products.
7. Orange: Orange can also signify sophistication, but at the same time be attention-grabbing. This color is suitable as a background for tech companies or websites that deal with gadgets.
8. Gold: As a metallic color, gold signifies power and prestige. It works well with other colors that signify elegance, such as green and purple.
9. Black: Black is versatile and goes well with any other color. It’s best used to bring about a contrast with the rest of the colors used in the website.
10. Brown: Brown is a nondescript color that enthuses relaxation and calm. This color is perfect for websites that deal with health and wellness.

The Final Word

Make use of the Adobe color wheel tool to see which colors match your brand. Experiment with how good each color looks. Remember the psychology of color to choose hues that persuade the best. Picking the right palette will surely help maximize your conversion rate.

Today’s globe is getting smaller and more diverse. Keep in mind that colors in cultures vary. What one culture considers positive might be considered negative by another. For instance, white is associated with death in China while the same color is worn by brides in Christian countries. Purple is considered feminine is most countries, but it’s also associated with death in Brazil. Therefore, you need to consider all aspects of your audience to zero down on a color combination that suits your prospective customers the best.

Have any questions or comments about the psychology of color? Please let us know in the comment section below.


Project Comet – first all-in-one solution for UX designers

Debuted today at their own MAX conference, Adobe have just unveiled a brand new design system that could revolutionize the way we work over the next few years.

Codenamed “Project Comet”, it’s an end-to-end UX design solution flagshipped by a dedicated desktop app, and a companion mobile app. Project Comet combines wireframing, design, prototyping, and live previews all packaged in a single application.

Sarah Hunt Demos Project Comet at Adobe MAX.

In recent years Adobe have struggled to maintain their market position with the rise of agile competitors like Sketch, and Affinity. Being the first to bring a comprehensive UX design application to market, is a big coup for Adobe, and feels like an attempt to lay down a marker for the web designers of the future.

Only a few of Project Comet’s abilities have been demoed so far, but those that we have seen are jaw-dropping. The Repeat Grids features looks as if it could be one of the most significant advancements in designers’ workflow in years.

Repeat Grids in Project Comet.

A core feature is non-destructive scaling and masking that enables easy import from your finder. Via Creative Sync, Project Comet’s desktop and mobile applications will also integrate seamlessly with other Creative Cloud apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Live preview in Project Comet.

As an end-to-end solution, Project Comet’s most impressive feat is its real-time updates to preview mode, that allow you to push updates to your devices for testing and demos.

Written from scratch over the past year, and without 25 years of source code to burden it, Project Comet’s workflow appears to be intuitive and its performance is staggering.

Project Comet’s incredible performance enables a huge number of artboards.

In addition to Project Comet, Adobe have announced two new mobile apps: Photoshop Fix intended for quick retouching, it includes Photoshop CC features like the Healing Brush and Liquify; and Capture CC intended for asset capture on the go, combining the capabilities of Adobe Brush, Adobe Shape, Adobe Color, and Adobe Hue, into a single package. Both apps are available for free in the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store from today.

New touch capabilities have been introduced across the desktop range, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Demos during the Max keynote featured both the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. Windows touch-screen users will be thrilled to discover that Adobe have been working with Microsoft to integrate touch interaction.

Several existing apps have also received updates: Illustrator CC has a new Shaper tool, Live Shapes, and enhanced Smart Guides; Muse CC now features freeform responsive design; Dreamweaver CC has enhanced responsive design capabilities powered by Bootstrap.

But the big news is Project Comet.

Project Comet won’t be available as a public preview release until early 2016, but from what we’ve seen so far, it will be one of the most hotly anticipated releases in years.


How To Create a Flat Style Vector Planet in Illustrator

The flat style has been immensely popular in the web design scene, but it’s also a fun illustration style that results in cool abstract artwork which is perfect for infographics, icons or even branding. In today’s tutorial I’ll show you how to create a vector space scene and planet in Adobe Illustrator, using its powerful shape building tools to easily create the trendy effects used by Illustrators.

How To Create a Flat Style Vector Planet in Illustrator

The artwork we’ll be creating in this tutorial features a simple space scene with planets, stars and a moon all illustrated in a flat style with bright colours. The rounded lines that produce the basic shading on the planets is a really popular effect used by Illustrators who have adopted this stylised flat vector look.

Begin by creating a new document in Adobe Illustrator. Draw a rectangle to cover the entire artboard to produce a background for the design. Give this rectangle a dark blue fill (#1e1e3a) by double clicking the fill box at the bottom of the toolbar.

Draw a long thin rectangle elsewhere on the artboard. Turn on Smart Guides (View > Smart Guides), then hold ALT and Shift while dragging a duplicate of the rectangle until it butts up next to the original. The Smart Guides make it easy to snap the shape exactly into place.

Press and hold CMD+T (shortcut for Object > Transform > Transform Again) to create a series of perfectly aligned rectangle shapes.

Grab the Selection tool, then adjust the width of each rectangle while holding the ALT key. Alternate between a wide and narrow shape as you go, scaling each one to a random size.

When all the shapes are different lengths, select them all and click the Unite option from the Pathfinder panel to merge them into one object.

Switch to the Direct Selection tool, which will bring up the Corner Widgets in version CS6+, click and drag the widget to round off the corners. Users with an older version of Illustrator can use the Effect > Stylize > Round Corners menu to find a suitable value to replicate this effect.

Go to Object > Transform > Rotate and enter a value such as 25°, then change the colour of the object to a mid blue (#313166) and scale the shape over the main artboard to creep in from the upper right area of the documemt.

Shift and click the background rectangle to add it to the selection, then activate the Shape Builder tool from the toolbar. Hold the ALT key and click the areas outside of the rectangle to clip the shape to the size of the artboard.

Reduce the opacity of this object to around 20% to create a subtle change of colour in the background.

Hold Shift while dragging with the Ellipse tool to create a perfect circle somewhere on the artboard. Give it a bright cyan fill such as #0ceef4.

Select the rectangle tool and use the same process as before to create a series of perfectly aligned shapes, then adjust the size of each one.

Unite the shapes with the Pathfinder tool, then round off the corners by dragging the corner widget handles (or the Round Corners effect).

Go to Object > Transform > Rotate and enter the same 25° value, then scale and position the shape over the circle, allowing the lines to creep in from the bottom left.

Change the fill colour of the lines object to a darker shade of blue (#34bfd6) so it produces a simple flat style shading effect.

Select both shapes, then use the Shape Builder tool to clip away the lines object where it extends beyond the outline of the circle.

Deselect the shapes, then select just the main planet circle. Go to Effect > Stylize > Outer Glow.

Change the colour to a bright cyan (#0ceef4), the Opacity to 100% and a size of around 20mm to form a soft glow.

Repeat the entire process to create a second planet or a moon. This time use a different colour such as magenta or yellow. I’m using #e517be and the darker shade of #af2b83. Remember to add an Outer Glow effect, but with a smaller size to match the scale of the moon/planet.

Draw a small white circle somewhere on the artboard, then go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Pucker & Bloat.

Drag the effect slider towards the Pucker end of the scale by around -85% to form a star shape.

Add an Outer Glow effect, but with white as the colour and a much smaller blur size of around 2mm.

Click the New icon at the bottom of the Symbols panel to create a new Symbol. There’s no need to alter the Movie Clip or Graphic setting.

Select the Symbol Sprayer tool from the toolbar, then click and drag to add multiple stars across the entire artboard.

Switch over to the Symbol Sizer tool from the Symbol Sprayer’s sub-menu, then hold the ALT key while dragging the tool over the shapes to shrink them in size. Quickly ‘scribbling’ over the artwork with the tool will allow the shapes to randomly change size as some are affected more than others.

Select the main background rectangle and press CMD+C to Copy, then CMD+F to Paste in Front. Select this shape along with the symbols element and click Make Clipping Mask from the right click menu.

The stars will currently appear over the top of the planet and moon, so alter the stacking order by selecting Arrange > Send to Back, followed by Bring Forward so they sit above the background rectangle.

How To Create a Flat Style Vector Planet in Illustrator

The final result is a cool flat style vector illustration of a simple space scene. The basic shapes do a great job of producing that trendy stylized look, while the vibrant colours give the design a bright, almost illuminated appearance.

Download the source file


Create Ancient City Under Siege By Dark Wizard Scene in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Create Ancient City Under Siege By Dark Wizard Scene in Photoshop. Have a go!

This is an intermediate level difficulty tutorial and some steps can be tricky.

Note: The Photoshop tutorial is done in Photoshop CC – therefore some screenshot may have slighting different layout as in the earlier version. Some brushes are exclusive to Photoshop CS6.

Here is a preview of the final effect I have for this tutorial: (click to enlarge)


PSD File Download

You can download the PSD File for this tutorial via the VIP Members Area for only $ 6.95/Month (or less)! You will not only get this PSD File, but also 100+ other PSD Files + Extra Goodies + Exclusive Photoshop tutorials there. Signup now and get exclusive :) Find out more about the VIP Members Areas

OK Let’s get started!

To complete this tutorial, you will need the following stocks:

Mountain by Momotte2stocks

City Image by CAStock

Tower by HBKerr

Wizard by AilinStock


Bird Brushes

Step 1

Create a new document sized 1500px * 794px with black background. Use a the cloud filter or a cloud brush, paint some subtle cloud effect around the canvas as shown below:

1 paint cloud

Step 2

Load the mountain stock into Photoshop. Select this portion of the image as shown in the below screenshot:

1 sel

Copy and paste the selection to our document, resize it to our canvas size. Use a soft eraser fade the edges as shown below, so the mountain blends into our background:

2 erase

Apply the following 3 adjustment layers as clipping masks to the mountain layer:

Black and White

2 bw


2 lvs


2 curves

and here is the effect so far:

2 effect


Step 3

We will work on creating a cityscape in this step. Load the city stock into Photoshop and select the following portion:

3 sel

Copy and paste the selection to our document, place it into the following position. Use a soft eraser to fade the top of the city:

3 paste and erase

Apply the following adjustment layers as clipping masks to the city layer:

Black and White

3 bw


3 lvs


3 curves

and here is the effect so far:

3 effect


Step 4

We will add a tower onto our city centre in this step. Load the tower stock into Photoshop and select the tower:

4 sel

Copy and paste the selection to our document, place it to the position shown below:

4 paste

Apply the following adjustment layers as clipping mask to this tower layer:

Black and White

4 bw


4 lvs

and here is the effect so far:

4 effect


Step 5

We will working on adding the wizard in this step. Load the wizard stock into Photoshop and select the following portion:

5 sel

Place it on top of the mountain overlooking the city as shown below:

5 paste

Select the wizard’s robe the use the Warp Tool to warp it slightly, so it looks like the wind is blowing it to the left:

5 warp

Apply the following adjustment layers as clipping masks to this wizard layer:

Black and White

5 bw


5 lvs


5 curves

and here is the effect so far:

5 effect

Step 6

We will add the fire effect to our design in this step. Load the fire stock image int Photoshop, use the Lasso Tool (with 40px feather) to select a portion of the fire:

6 sel

Copy and paste the selection over to our document, place it to the position shown below:

6 paste

Change the layer blending of the fire layer to “Color Dodge”:

6 color dodge

Repeat the process above, add more fire to the following areas as shown below, make sure you adjust and vary the size of the fire accordingly:

6 fire on wizard

6 fire on tower

6 more

Use the bird brush, paint some birds on top of the tower:

6 paint


Step 7

We’re almost done! For the final touches, I applied the following Selective Color adjustment layer on top of all previous layers to add some colours to our image:

7 reds

7 neu

7 blacks

and here is my final effect: (click to enlarge)


That’s it for this tutorial! Hope you enjoy it and find it useful! If you have any questions about the steps, please contact me or leave a comment below. I will try my best to answer them.

Till next time, have a great day!


Free Download : Clean One Page Website Template (PSD)

This is a one page PSD template designed by Mike Taylor.The template is clean and elegant and perfectly suits for business companies, corporate agencies, building company, restaurant, medicine, real-estate, freelancers, mobile app, organizations, online shop, personal portfolio, creative minds, blogging and for landing pages as well.


one-page psd-template



UX Tips for Mastering Your Next Website Redesign

Businesses can change a lot in just a couple of years. 24 months ago, mobile represented about 10% of all internet traffic. Today, it’s jumped to 25%, and Google has rolled out ranking changes that prioritize mobile optimized websites on search engine result pages. Buyers have changed, as well. Today’s website visitor expects a different experience than those of the past.

There’s a risk in frequent redesign, however. They become willy-nilly and lack strategic end-goals. Whether you work with an agency or revamp the site in-house, it’s crucial to make your website a revenue-driving channel and not just another pretty, shiny homepage.

Do Your Research

Before investing time and resources into revamping your website, map out what you want to change and ask yourself why these need to be made. Be careful with redesigns that happen because “I just want it to look more modern” or “I just felt like a change.”


A website should not only look better, but work better as well. Before doing anything, open up your analytics and record your starting position (also known as benchmark) for visits, search rank, conversion rate and other key website metrics. Create a goal and a strategy for how each of these metrics should change as a result of the redesign.

Having clear growth goals will give you an objective framework to measure the effectiveness of the redesign and process for future improvements moving forward.

Get Personal

Another change in buyer behavior over the last two years is the growing expectation of a personalized experience. 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content that has nothing to do with their interest appears.

Groomed by websites such as Netflix, Amazon, and other adaptive websites, visitors seek out content that is specific and relevant to them. Even YouTube can recommend videos that it thinks you may enjoy. A 2013 Monetate/Econsultancy Study found that in-house marketers who personalize Web experiences see on the average, a 19% rise in sales.


Adding a personalization engine and strategy to your next redesign can help address weak conversion rates. Say you run a clothing business and a visitor recently purchased a shirt on your website.

If they visit your website again and see a promotion for the same shirt design, there’s a chance they’ll just ignore it. To attract and keep their attention, you could display related products, like pants or a bag that matches the shirt, to that specific visitor.

The companies that cut through marketing clutter today aren’t the ones with the flashiest ads, but the ones creating a unique and personalized experience.

Be Responsive

As noted above, buyers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to find information online, and companies that don’t optimize their website from screen to screen are losing out.

According to a study conducted by Google, 79% of users who don’t like what they find on a mobile site will go and look for the information they need on another site. This shouldn’t be a surprise; if you walked into a store that was messy, unorganized, and had unhelpful salespeople, you’d probably leave immediately to shop somewhere else that was easier to navigate.

Use responsive design to create a site that adapts to fit a variety of screen sizes and be sure to incorporate behavior patterns of mobile users into your redesign strategy.


As part of your redesign, look to lighten the load on your site and ensure it appears properly on a variety of devices and browsers. In addition to load time, look at the structure of your website. Is it easy to navigate? Is there a clear route from research to purchase?

Mobile visitors in particular are action-oriented and need a clear route between point A and B. Use this redesign as a chance to make your site easier for visitors to move around throughout the sales cycle, instead of making them jump through hoops to become a customer.

Visual design choices are often the first to cross your mind (or your boss’s mind) when it comes to website redesigns, and for good reason: the visual experience of a website is significant.

In addition to that, however, make sure that your next website redesign incorporates functional improvements that reflect the way today’s viewers use your website. The improvements may not be as flashy or noticeable as new images or banding, but they can signify the difference between a good-looking website, versus a high-impact one.

Whether it’s the result of new SEO requirements or shifting brand values, you may have to redesign your site sooner rather than later. But how do you approach this monumental change? Well, it takes a mixture of caution and creativity.

Unleash Your Creativity

Once you’ve verified that you’re pursuing a website redesign for the right reasons, feel free to unleash your creativity and try something new. However, it’s also important that you take a calculated approach to your creativity.


Don’t be afraid to consult with other people and accept constructive criticism. By combining creativity and caution, you can increase your chances of redesigning an effective, high-converting website that attracts and converts leads.

Tips and Tricks for an Effective, High-Returning Redesign

If after reading through these points you believe a redesign is the right solution for your website, you’ll want to proceed with a careful strategy. Here are some specific tips to help you maximize your efforts.

  • Gather Lots of Feedback: Next, you need to work on gathering feedback. This includes insights from those within and outside your company. Those within will the company will give you a good idea of what is and isn’t working below the surface, while customers and focus groups can provide feedback regarding visual appearance and functionality.
  • Develop a Budget From the Start: You don’t want to get too far along in the process without developing a budget. This allows you to realistically see which issues you’ll be able to tackle, as well as which ones aren’t feasible.

Focus on UX and Functionality

Approximately 40% of all visitors will abandon your website if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. That’s why it’s crucial to put user experience (UX) and functionality as your top priority.

If it doesn’t work to enhance the average user’s interaction with your company, then it shouldn’t exist. Use Google’s PageSpeed tool so you can analyze the site speed and optimize for best results. It’s not to late to prevent people from leaving too soon.


A simple modal window with an animated SVG background

Today’s tutorial simple modal window comes from Codyhouse.It shows you how to animate at once multiple SVG paths to create a stylish background effect for a modal window.The inspiration is from UI8 Nav on Dribbble.


Demo    Source


Boost Your Projects with Premium Hand-Picked Resources

Every month there are plenty of new tools and services introduced but also new WordPress themes, that promise lots of things. Why is that? Because the Web is growing and is getting more and more complex, but also because our time is very limited and we need solutions.

So, we need to choose the perfect tools, services, themes and everything that can help us in our projects. This set of trendy tools will lift the weight from your shoulders and will introduce you to the perfect ones to use.

Hand-Picked Premium Resources
Ultimatum Theme

Ultimatum gives you the chance to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. It has a special layout builder where you can add any plugin in the desired position. In addition, the layout editor saves you the chaotic number of sidebars in widgets screen. Regarding the layout making, its best feature is a list of plenty of available design elements. Their names are very easy and clear and they include custom loops, social icons, sidebars, menus, logos, images, included pages, recent post lists, and even slideshows. Also, when designing a layout, you have the possibility of using multiple pages.

Ultimatum Theme

Furthermore, Ultimatum has various features, including: Front End CSS Editor, with changes displayed immediately, Image Slider Integration, so that you are free to use which sliders you wish in order to display slideshows on your site, Navigation Menus, providing you with seven different menus and, at last but not least, it is Mobile Friendly, meaning that it lets you create your own web apps for your site, in an easy way.


I am sure that all of you web developers and web designers want to make sure that your website works correctly in all the browsers but you can’t really find a good way to do that. You either have to install virtual machines or buy multiple computers and devices. It gets time consuming and expensive quickly. Well here comes Browserling!


Browserling is an awesome online service that provides effortless cross-browser testing with quick access to all the most popular browsers on the most popular operating systems.

This resource lets you interact with browsers live as if they were installed on your computer. You can quickly find and report bugs with Bug Hunter. You can capture, save and edit screenshots of your web pages and you can send and share them in order to keep track of web design issues. And the icing on the cake – you don’t need to install any plugins, as Browserling is powered entirely by HTML5 and JavaScript.


Instapage gives you the ability of creating awesome landing pages in such an easy way that anyone, regardless of their technical skills, can make one using the range of pre-built, customizable templates and the drag & drop editor. It is great for beginners, but aslo for experts, and focuses its attention on small businesses and individuals who are only just setting out into the marketplace.


With Instapage you can move elements, images, text, option boxes, etc. anywhere on the page and all with great ease. Furthemore, you can layer elements so it’s pretty similar to working with Photoshop. In conclusion, if you are bothered by the constraints imposed by WordPress landing pages, give Instapage a try and it will let you freely create your desired design.

Jumpstart Themes

MVP Ready by Jumpstart Themes provides an extensive collection of templates which can be used to help you launch your project faster. It provides three themes: Admin Theme (which contains stats, pie charts and many others), Front-end Theme (on which a new project or service can be displayed ) and Coming Soon Theme (with which you can collect e-mail addresses and inform users during development).

Jumpstart Themes

It also provides unlimited portfolios and blogs and many page combinations. Reduce the time spent on your project by using the basic essentials offered by MVP Ready.

Shrink the Web

Shrink the Web lets you capture screenshots of different websites as well as shrink or crop them. It is easy to use and has really great reviews from other users.

Shrink the Web

You can have your own profile choosing from 4 different types of accounts: free, basic, plus or enterprise and has a lot of exclusive features for its members like URL-to-PDF conversion or custom size captures, it is a very reliable service.


PowerMockup is a toolkit for PowerPoint which adds elements and icons made entirely out of PowerPoint shapes. You can use the elements to create screen prototypes for mobile, web and also for desktop applications right inside your PowerPoint app.


You have a lot of models from which you can choose and it is very easy to use: you just have to drag and drop it on your PowerPoint slide.

Themify Ultra

Themify Ultra is a WordPress theme with a drag & drop builder, which makes it so much easier for users to design any kind of layout with stunning visual effects such as video background, parallax scrolling, Google fonts, animation, and more.

Themify Ultra

It includes over 32 pre-designed Builder layouts that are waiting for you to give them a try!

Tesla Themes

Tesla Themes offers its users 43 high quality WordPress unique themes, with the purpose of being used for blogs, businesses, portfolios, eCommerce, creative agencies, design studio etc.

Tesla Themes

Most of them are powered by their own framework, Tesla framework, allowing you to have total control over your layout. Combining these functions, features, and design – their themes are remarkably affordable at just $ 48 per theme or $ 79 all themes and PSD files per year.


Create, which is one of the best-known themes by ThemeTrust, uses a Builder plugin as the main source to build custom page templates and back-end options that will help you customize some areas of your website, designing it with your own preferences.



SnapPages is a website and blog builder which has the motto that “do-it-yourself” isn’t “go-it-alone”. They have been featured in many publications like Mashable, Entrepreneur, Tech Crunch and Fox Business and they have special accounts (pro or dev) but you can also take advantage of a 14 day free trial.


They also have a really good section of frequently asked questions in case you need any help while building your own website.

MH Themes

MH Themes is a provider of high-quality premium magazine themes for WordPress, having over 500,000 downloads among the most popular magazine and news themes for WordPress, which are made especially for modern online magazines, dynamic news websites and professional blogs.

MH Themes


Using these tools you will see a generous improvement in your projects, especially because they are all brand new and have a lot of awesome features.

Do you use premium themes and resources, and if so, do you think they significantly improve workflow and/or save you time? Please share your thoughts with us in the section below.

Onextrapixel – Web Design and Development Online Magazine


25 Beautiful Card-Based WordPress Themes

Card-based designs got popular with the rise of Pinterest in the realm of social media. The image sharing website’s card-based website had led to a rising trend of cards in user interfaces of websites and mobile applications. It is an excellent solution for the specific demands of mobile devices (which are typically smaller) and interfaces, where screen estate is expensive and user interaction has to be simple. As a matter of fact, we can already see how largest companies and websites are moving towards this design shift: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn – they are all using card-based design.

So in this post i collected 25 beautiful card-based WordPress themes that will fit your content on different types and sizes of screen and display it across all platforms using same design style.


Artistas is fresh, modern and clean, easy-to-use portfolio WordPress theme with flexible and fully responsive layout.

Artistas WordPress Themes


BeatStone is an up-to-date WordPress Theme in awesome vintage style for Portfolio, Art Blog, Creative Magazine & so on.

beatstone WordPress Themes


This is a responsive and retina-ready WordPress Theme with grid system layout. Build you site simply with Visual Composer (Included) and beautiful theme options.

huntington WordPress Themes

Material Design WordPress Theme

Rare is an exceptionally clean, flexible and fully responsive WordPress theme created specifically as a blog or portfolio website solution. Coded by hand using only WordPress standards it’s lightweight, fast loading and beautiful to browse. Rare is a wonderful solution for travel or lifestyle bloggers, but can be used by bloggers of all types.

rare WordPress Themes


Compatible with bootstrap you can use this theme for corporate, portfolio, personal, agency, as one page site etc.

candy WordPress Themes


Charm is a modernistic portfolio-style theme with an emphasis on typography and attention to detail. Show off your latest photos and videos in all their glory with the responsive portfolio grid. Write blog posts with the beautiful, minimal blog.

charm WordPress Themes


Higgs is a minimal WordPress blog theme with in-built gallery slider, testimonials, and portfolio support.

Higgs WordPress Theme WordPress Themes


LaMadone is a WordPress theme for lifestyle bloggers, but can be used by bloggers of all types. It is powered by the highly flexible Live Composer page builder plugin which gives you the ability to alter the styling almost without any limitations. Everything from header to the footer can be changed without writing a single line of code.

LaMadone WordPress Themes


Neymar is a professional, clean and modern eCommerce theme. It is a perfect solution for those who are intending to launch online store.

neymar WordPress Themes


LineTime is modern time line theme which will realy stand out your blog and will give your visitors nice perspective of your blogging. It is designed with great care so you, your authors and your visitors can enjoy.

LineTime WordPress Themes


Piemont theme is one of the fastest, clean and aesthetic responsive WordPress Blogging themes with WooCommerce support on Themeforest. This theme can be used for any personal or business needs to easy create and launch your WordPress based blog or magazine in 2 minutes.

piemont WordPress Themes

The Famly

Thefamly is an expert blog WordPress theme, which is perfect option for you to express your individual blogstyle. Not only for personal blog, it is suitable for weblog, corporate blog, authority blog, marketing blog, or any type of creative blog as well.

thefamily WordPress Themes


Elliot is a clean, responsive, retina ready Blog WordPress theme suitable for personal blogs or small and medium sized magazine websites. It comes with a Theme Settings, Visual Composer, 48 different blog layouts and many other options.

elliot WordPress Themes


They know that your firms often need no more than a very professional website without all the feature overload and the same and boring default layout of todays templates. That doesn’t mean of course that they didn’t equip Bizly with the tools that you need to work properly.

bizly WordPress Themes


WPVoyager was created with the traveler in mind specifically, and features intelligent integration with the Google API to give you a flexible choice of map displays as you traverse the highlands of Scotland, or traipse the vast outback of Australia.

travel WordPress Themes


Decoblog is trendy, modern and easy-to-use blog WordPress theme with flexible and responsive layout. Theme is perfect for all blogging, lifestyle, design, art, styling, fashion, decoration, interior or personal websites.

decoblog WordPress Themes


Promote your latest design work, photography, artwork, and more with Designer. Featuring a minimal, responsive design, Designer gets your portfolio up and running effortlessly, zero coding required.

designer WordPress Themes


Crafted with bloggers in mind, impress your audience with Redwood’s classic, clean, and stately aesthetic. From its stunning slider and promo boxes to the plethora of color options, Redwood delights visually and functionally, giving you the power to customize your blog with just a click of the mouse.

redwood WordPress Themes


This Theme is elegant and simple, designed with cool home and navigation effect. It is very suitable to a small but creative angency and personal portfolio site.

creative WordPress Themes

eCommerce WordPress Theme

It is a clean, modern, user friendly, responsive and highly customizable WordPress Theme. This eCommerce WordPress Theme developed for the best eCommerce WordPress Plugin – WooCommerce that you can use to build a eCommerce shopping cart website for selling fashion items or any kind of non-digital products.

adot WordPress Themes


Create a beautiful site with carefully crafted WordPress themes from Select. Control each aspect of every page. Absolutely no coding knowledge required.

capri WordPress Themes


Huntt. is a beautiful minimalistic WordPress blog magazine theme, made to put visual oriented content in the first place, without any clutter and noise.

huntt WordPress Themes


Arabella is built on Bootstrap v3 and packed with great features. It makes use of modern jQuery and CSS3 techniques to create superb eye-catching animations and make your visitors love you and your work. It is simple, modern and responsive.

arabbella WordPress Themes


This theme will be perfect for anyone to create a stunning portfolio website.

otto WordPress Themes

Publisher WordPress Theme

Turn your site into a beautiful masonry-style magazine with photos, videos, audio and more with Publisher. Featuring a robust, responsive layout, Publisher looks great on mobile phones, laptops and every screen in between.


Responsive Design Websites: 25 Brand Examples

Responsive design websites examples for your inspiration. This website gallery only have fully responsive, Retina-Ready HTML and CSS3 coded websites. All web designs are very interactive with amazing UI and UX. that help to create a great-looking content, making your design looks classy, strong, attractive, mysterious and very striking.

This means you website will automatically adjust its layout and proportions to suit the device it is being viewed on. The Responsive website content will be easy to read and easy to navigate whether it is being viewed on a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile device.

Responsive Web Design – Inspiring Examples

In this article, we are compiled twenty six inspiring examples of Responsive Websites Design. Beautiful web design examples that featuring only responsive design websites, portfolio and corporate websites created by professional agencies and designers from all over the world.


Rokivo is a digital experience design company with roots in Italy and San Francisco.


Visit Website

Annual Report 2014

Who said annual reports were boring? Take a closer look at the interactive 2014 annual report of Crop Trust, an international organization working to ensure the conservation and availability of crop diversity for food security worldwide.

Annual Report 2014

Visit Website


Our new site continues to focus in on our two primary goals: acquiring new business and hiring new talent. We applied thoughtful reduction in both design and content, and finally brought the site to life with meaningful interaction animation.


Visit Website

Born Fighters

Each week a lifelong battle awaits 12 little Kiwis born with heart defects. Help support our little fighters.

Born Fighters

Visit Website

New Models and Trends in Fine Watchmaking

A considered and pertinent selection of the year’s new watches and trends.

New Models and Trends in Fine Watchmaking

Visit Website


MRAssociates provide specialist advice, representation and training around the housing benefit scheme in relation to UK supported accommodation.


Visit Website

Eye Heart World

Eye Heart World makes and sells handbags that raise funding to fight human trafficking. Each product impacts an initiative that tells you exactly what your purchase supports, so that when you carry a bag, you Carry the Cause.

Eye Heart World

Visit Website


In re-thinking and re-working a new website for Pal Zileri, a famous Italian men’s fashion house, we placed ourselves in the role of tailors crafting an elegant custom digital suit.


Visit Website

Soane Capital

Soane Capital is a small specialist team that provides bespoke development finance to the finest developers for the creation and construction of the finest residences.

Soane Capital

Visit Website

Dans mon sac

Dans mon sac (In My Bag) is a campaign created for Cocq-Sida, an organism who promotes the prevention of aids and STDs in Quebec. In this website, you will get to know four women with different lifestyles. We get to find out what lurks inside their bags to better understand their life and their strategies towards STD prevention.

Dans mon sac

Visit Website

Fubiz Media

The latest creative news from Fubiz about art, design and pop-culture.

Fubiz Media

Visit Website


Harbor Suites offer a contemporary and unique hospitality proposal, settled at the neighbourhood of Profitis Ilias, one of the most beautiful spots of Piraeus city. A collection of apartments that boast a special blend of urban aesthetics and contemporary design trends, while reflecting a holistic lifestyle approach through the well-being services provided. The main scope of this project was to present the new apartments online and fully inform the visitors for all the places of interest in the surrounding area,


Visit Website


Comment is a consulting firm specializing in the architectural integration of advanced audiovisual and computer technologies.


Visit Website


We overhauled JD&Co’s brand to portray them as the industry leaders they are, and to match up their online presence to how they are as people and as a company. We gave their brand a much needed human quality, while remaining professional and presenting them as experts in their field.


Visit Website

Digital Advertising Agency

We are a digital advertising agency based in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2010, we aspire to create digital experiences to communicate emotions and make the web come alive.

Digital Advertising Agency

Visit Website

History of Icons

A visual brief on icon history through different graphical user interfaces in different operating systems.

History of Icons

Visit Website

Y7K Digital Agency

Y7K is a digital agency creating online experiences for international clients. For our projects they collaborate with independent talents to create outstanding content.

Y7K Digital Agency

Visit Website

Karim Rashid

The most comprehensive portfolio of the prolific designer Karim Rashid.

Karim Rashid

Visit Website

Take Me To Tomorrowland

This immersive site was designed with a mobile-first mentality. Navigate 3D environments, explore exclusive content, play a game, and create a unique selfie from Tomorrowland.

Take Me To Tomorrowland

Visit Website

Cameo by Vimeo

Easily edit and share cinematic videos on your phone

Cameo by Vimeo

Visit Website

Nike – Geç Kendini

An interactive, playful video experience promoting Nike Women 2015 Summer Styles. Responsive website for desktops, mobile and big touch-screens where visitors can shop, share and get inspired.

Visit Website

Super Top Secret

STS has re-imagined our agency and launched our new site – showcasing new clients, new work and new capabilities.

Super Top Secret

Visit Website

ESPN Sports Programming

ESPN’s catalogue of amazing sports programming available for distribution on media platforms worldwide.

ESPN Sports Programming

Visit Website


Personal portfolio website of UX Designer & Creative Technologist Roland Lösslein


Visit Website

Edwin Europe

A new online store for Edwin jeans – a visual shopping experience for an innovative denim brand

Edwin Europe

Visit Website

Celebrating 10 Years

Relive some of YouTube’s best loved videos from the last decade with a game that tests your pop-culture knowledge. Do you know YouTube from A to Z?

Celebrating 10 Years

Visit Website

Graphic Design Junction


23 Ultra Modern Web Designs with Sleek Graphics

In this list we gathered some new, ultra modern web designs with sleek graphics, selected especially to inspire you!

If you want to design an awesome website, these modern web designs may give you a huge dose of inspiration to get you started.

These modern web designs have some really interesting and innovative details. Their creative designs make them special and we are sure you’ll bookmark at least a couple of them for future inspiration!

Here they are!

Epicurrence landing page by Dann Petty


Dirtdays full concept by Green Chameleon




Billboard Arg – Web


Thule Re-Design Concept


Sennheiser Product Page by Budi Tanrim


MC Sport Website by Krzysztof Turek


Forbes Concept redesign

Forbes-Concept-redesign by Matthias Mentasti


Incase PCP Pages by Jon Vlasach


Watches Layout


Uniform Wares


Vladimir Babi?


Glasses Online by Thomas Pickering


Symphony by NRG Themes


C&C Mag




Big Hero 6 by Rolf A. Jensen & Watson


Bangarra Dance Theater


Ce Soir Restaurant on Behance


Adore by HEZY



Beoplay H6 Rapha Edition by Spring/Summer


Olav Weiken Website



33 High Quality Landing Page WordPress Themes

When people land on your mobile app,web app or any other product, there are some requirements the landing page should meet and there should be recognizable features in order to make sure people know they came to the right place.The landing page needs to offer value and it is not only for the advertising purposes of the product, but there are many more other things.

Anyway,today we have gathered premium landing page WordPress themes to showcase your mobile app, web application, new products, ebooks, extensions and modules.Each theme comes with multiple layout styles with many color schemes.

Here is the collection of handpicked landing page WordPress themes.

xLander – Startup Landing Page Bootstrap WP Theme

2.wordpress landing page theme

Bootstrap Responsive Landing WordPress Theme it’s an advanced, unique and powerful premium WordPress theme suited for personal onepage/singlepage websites/blogs, business websites, users who want a very nice portfolio website where they can showcase their work, or for any other purpose website. It’s fully responsive, flexible, clean, with a professional design, Search Engine Optimized and comes with an advanced framework with tons of powerful and flexible theme options in order to make your life easier and build your site very quickly.
Demo | Source

Xmobile – Landing Page WordPress Theme

3.wordpress landing page themexMobile is a modern and clean landing page WordPress Theme for Mobile App, designed for many kind marketing website. Built with twitter bootstrap 3.2.0, CSS3 and HTML5 code. It has different homepage styles and color variations. It has clean structure, professional design and SEO friendly code, Well Documented so it’s very easy to use in your project according to your needs – all these make this template to be the best suited for your mobile apps.
Demo | Source

LandX – Multipurpose WordPress Landing Page

4.wordpress landing page themeLandX is a multipurpose responsive wordpress Landing Page Template. 5 homepage styles, unlimited color schemes, mailchimp, pricing table and more features available. Well commented and Advanced theme option and Pagebulder will help to customize the template very easily.
Demo | Source

SmartMvp – Startup Landing Page WordPress Theme

5.wordpress landing page themeSmartMvp is a Clean and Modern Startup Landing Page WordPress Theme. It can be used to promote saas, web apps, mobile apps and all kind of marketing websites. It is built upon Twitter Bootstrap 3.2 framework and is fully responsive. It adapts to window resolution and works nicely on all devices: smartphones, tablet, PCs and desktops.
Demo | Source

Hype – WordPress App Landing Page

6.wordpress landing page themeModern, responsive, retina ready, landing page for mobile apps. Compatible with latest WP 4.0
Demo | Source

CrossWay – Startup Landing Page Bootstrap WP Theme

7.wordpress landing page themeStartup Landing Page Booststap WP Theme it’s an advanced, unique and powerful premium WordPress 2 in 1 – onepage and multipage theme suited for personal onepage/singlepage websites/blogs, business websites, users who want a very nice portfolio website where they can showcase their work, or for any other purpose website. It’s fully responsive, flexible, clean with a professional design.
Demo | Source

Cian – App Landing Page WordPress

8.wordpress landing page themeA Mobile App Landing Responsive WordPress Theme with clean and modern style. This theme design includes features, newsletter with Mailchimp, a great gallery, prices section, psd mockups included, support contact and more. Perfect mobile app showcase for iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Choose from 4 background options: image slider, video (from your server, Youtube or Vimeo), and Parallax.
Demo | Source

Bivio – Bootstrap 3 App Landing Page WordPress

9.wordpress landing page themeBootstrap 3 App Landing Page WordPress Theme it’s an advanced and powerful premium WordPress theme suited for startup / landing page websites, personal, blogs or business websites. Using it, you can create the web site of your dreams in a few minutes for example it can be used to promote web services or launching startups. This is a WordPress theme with unique features and well-structured code.
Demo | Source

Landy – Clean & Sleek Landing Page Theme

10.wordpress landing page themeLandy is the perfect way to show off your amazing application for any mobile device. Thanks to it’s straight forward and easy to use controls you’ll modify it within minutes after your purchase. It comes loaded with a demo file for you to use to get it up even faster!
Demo | Source

Sync – WordPress App Landing Page

11.wordpress landing page themeSync is a responsive WordPress theme for app landing Page with clean and modern design.
Demo | Source

Landy – Responsive Landing Page WordPress Theme

12.wordpress landing page themeLandy is the Ultimate Bootstrap 3 Landing Page Template for Your App with different homepage styles and color variations it fit your needs and your brand , it was designed to rise your conversions and downloads .
Demo | Source

Event – WordPress Landing Page Theme

13.wordpress landing page themeEvent is a simple, modern and responsive WordPress landing theme that is perfectly designed for any events, conferences, concerts and exhibitions. It is based on Bootstrap 3 Framework which means that it will look great at any screen size.
This theme comes with working register, subscribe form, paypal integrated and stripe compatibility and unlimited color schemes.
Demo | Source

Cayse – Clean Product Landing Page

14.wordpress landing page themeCayse is the perfect way to show off your amazing application for any mobile device. Thanks to it’s straight forward and easy to use controls you’ll modify it within minutes after your purchase. It comes loaded with a demo file for you to use to get it up even faster!
Demo | Source

Petrichor – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

15.wordpress landing page themeYou can expand the landing page into a full site; all standard WP objects are designed and available:full width page,page with left sidebar,page with right sidebar,post with comments,blog.
Demo | Source

Nostalgia – Responsive WordPress Landing Page

16.wordpress landing page themeNostalgia is a responsive WordPress Landing Page – personal or corporate, based on full-screen slider. The Theme is maintained in a minimalist, contrasting style. Background images kept in retro tones contrast with modern minimalist content.
Demo | Source

Kourse – Video Course Landing Page Theme

17.wordpress landing page themeKourse is a responsive content driven landing page WordPress theme created for authorities who wants to boast their internet presence. It is designed to increase your conversion rate and look professional behind the knowledge you’re about to share.
Demo | Source

Kodax – Full Screen Landing Page

18.wordpress landing page themeA beautifully designed multi-purpose WordPress theme, perfect for blogs, portfolios, company and personal websites. Kodax is clean minimal and sharp, putting critical focus on your content and photography.
Demo | Source

Lotek — Modern App Landing Page WordPress Theme

19.wordpress landing page themeLotek is modern app landing page with unique design, designed for many kind app website. It is fully responsive and looks stunning on all types of screens and devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile), this template built with twitter bootstrap 3.1.1, css3 and HTML5 code. coming with 4 index variant, 20 color skin, 499 fontawesome v4.1.0, CSS animate, Woriking ajax contact form and many more.
Demo | Source

Appy – WordPress App Landing Page

20.wordpress landing page themeIt’s an awesome Clean, Minimal and Elegant HTML5 / CSS3 One Page with crisp features! This template has been designed for presenting a Application or would fit perfectly for a Future Website.
Demo | Source

Permatex – Leads Generating WordPress Landing Page

21.wordpress landing page themeFull theme with extremely versatile home/landing page and customizable leads generating form.
Demo | Source

Apley – A Mobile Application Landing Page

22.wordpress landing page themeApley is the perfect way to show off your amazing application for any mobile device. Thanks to it’s straight forward and easy to use controls you’ll modify it within minutes after your purchase. It features a custom homepage with over 8 possible layout options for you to choose from.
Demo | Source

Meminz – Download Software Landing Page Theme

23.wordpress landing page themeMeminz is download software landing page with modern design, designed for many kind software download and app website. This template built with twitter bootstrap v3.2.0, css3 and HTML5 code. coming with 6 index variant, 170 sroke icons, unlimited color option, working contact form, css animate, video background, extra login and register page.
Demo | Source

Landlr – The All-in-One Landing Page

24.wordpress landing page themeLandlr is flat, modern, flexible and has a fully responsive design based on WordPress and Bootstrap 3. Built by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. With Bootstrap and responsive design it is easily usable with any device (Desktop, tablet, mobile phone…), without removing any content!
Demo | Source

Appster – Clean Minimal App Landing Page WordPress

25.wordpress landing page themeAppster is the ultimate clean and minimal one-page parallax app landing page wordpress theme for advertising and showcasing apps in a sleek elegant delivery.
Demo | Source

Ledgard WP – Clean Responsive Landing Page + Blog

26.wordpress landing page themeLedgard WP is clean one page and portfolio and blog page responsive and retina ready WordPress template. You can use it for Photo Studio, Freelancers, Portfolio Theme, Creative Agency etc.
Demo | Source

Exhibition WP – Photography/Art Landing page

27.wordpress landing page themeExhibition is a responsive WordPress powered landing page specially made for art galleries and museums which want to promote upcoming and ongoing exhibitions, it’s suitable for any kind of events though. Exhibition uses a minimal and swiss style with a focus on multi-device functionality and usability. Exhibition features HTML5 Geolocation with Google Maps integration, Touchable Carousels (ioSlider – worth 15$ ), Responsive Design and a stunning ·3D Gallery.
Demo | Source

Premi – Premium Business WordPress Landing Page

28.wordpress landing page themePremi is premium business wordpress landing page template that built with very cool responsive template with cool design, clean template, elegant color and a slew of features. This theme completed with 2 layouts and 6 colors option that you can choose your own.
Demo | Source

PixelPerfect – Responsive Landing Page WP Theme

29.wordpress landing page themePixelPerfect is a responsive, retina-ready landing page WordPress theme. It’s primarily intended for mobile apps, but with a little modification it can have many uses.
Demo | Source

Ethority – One Page eBook Landing

30.wordpress landing page themeEthority is a clean landing page perfect for selling your ebooks. It is designed to easily show off all of your ebook’s features in one page so that your customers don’t have to look for it.
Demo | Source

EOS – A Responsive App Landing Theme

landing page wordpress themeAn app landing page which comes with many accent color schemes and light , dark version . EOS has 4 layout styles , features representations with simple line and font awesome icons , parallax sections , pricing tables , testimonials , images Slider , newsletter and ajax based contact form.
Demo | Source

Driver – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

32.wordpress landing page themeDRIVER is the ultimate creative multi-purpose WordPress theme built for anyone who wants a creative website. With DRIVER you will be able to build a complete multi-pages website, onepager website or landing pages.
Demo | Source

Aire – App WordPress Theme

33.wordpress landing page themeAire is multipurpose landing page designed to showcase your mobile app, web application, new products, extensions, modules and other. It is fully responsive and looks stunning on all types of screens and devices (desktop, notebook, tablet and mobile).
Demo | Source

JustLanded – WordPress Landing Page

1.wordpress landing page themeJustLanded for WordPress is the ultimate responsive WordPress landing page theme, a lead generation and online marketing theme designed to provide you with all the building blocks required to sell a product online – within minutes.
Demo | Source


How to Spice Up Your Bootstrap Carousel

Carousel has been a great user element to present content. Though a carousel is not compliant with accessibility, it’s still a very popular way to catch user attention and organise content in an attractive way. 

Twitter Bootstrap has a built-in basic Javascript carousel that does its job pretty well, but for those who want more than that, you’re in the right place. This time, we are going to list out 7 carousels that extends Twitter Bootstrap original carousel.

All these carousels are responsive and mobile friendly. Some of them are packed with stunning animations, and some even come as a downlodable standalone application which provides not only the carousel but a user interface to generate it without have to learn any HTML, CSS and Javascript code.

Here is the list. Enjoy!

Bootstrap Carousel Builder

Bootstrap Carousel Builder

Mobirise is a user friendly drag-and-drop Bootstrap Website Builder. It’s designed to build Twitter Bootstrap websites easily without have to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript codes. It has a built-in feature to create bootstrap carousel by dragging it from the sidebar and drop it into content area. Then, you will have options to customize the carousel such as add/remove new slide, hide text or buttons.

Mobirise is a standalone application, available for both Mac and Windows. You can design your website and carousel even though you don’t have Internet access. And most importantly, it’s a free application.

Bootstrap TouchCarousel

Bootstrap TouchCarousel

Bootstrap TouchCarousel’s main aim is to create a mobile friendly responsive carousel. It uses hammer.js to enable gesture on touch devices. It’s designed for Bootstrap 3 and the only bad about this is – the repo is no longer maintained, but it will still work alright.

Pure CSS Bootstrap Slider

Pure CSS Bootstrap Slider

As its name implied, this is 100% CSS3 slider. You don’t need jQuery or Javascript at all. The best thing is – it also comes as an application for both Mac and Windows. Therefore, no CSS, no HTML knowledge is required too, you will able to generate smooth, lightweight, responsive and retina ready CSS3 slider easily.

Bootstrap CSS Slider application allows you to customize the slider – you can choose different button designs, slider behaviors, animations and etc. You can create 30+ different sliders with the app alone.

Boostrap 3 Carousel – Collection

Boostrap 3 Carousel - Collection

SevenX has a great collection of different sliders and carousels that are built using Twitter Bootstrap. You can see all the familiar bootstrap components being converted in slider/carousel. It doesn’t have some sort of generator, you will need to get dirty and implement all the codes.

Boootstrap Carousel with CSS3 Animation

Boootstrap Carousel with CSS3 Animation

This is a tutorial to show you how to spice up your Bootstrap slider by using CSS3 animation library called Animate.css. This tutorial will guide you from the beginning until the end, you will get a nicely done CSS3 animation on each slide. Check out the demo in end of the tutorial.

Extend Twitter Bootstrap’s Carousel

Extend Twitter Bootstrap's Carousel

Here is another tutorial that demonstrates 3 different carousels created with Bootstrap. The first one is the standard carousel with crossfade animation transition. The second carousel will rotate through a group of items. And the last one is a full screen background slider. With all these 3 carousels, you can intergrate it easily into your Twitter Bootstrap powered website.

Bootstrap Carousel with 25 Transitions

This bootstrap skinned demo is packed with 25 stunning animation transitions and a dozen of features. It’s responsive, mobile-friendly, CSS3 fallback, video and background audio support and etc. With its desktop app, you can import slide media from flickr, Picasa, youtube, vimeo. You can also export your slider to Joomla and WordPress plugin. The application is designed to be user friendly, it’s easy to create your own slider by choosing different skins, effects and options without have to edit Javascript code.


iDevie Weekly News (w.38)

This is our popular weekly design news post where we share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies from the past week.

New Resources & Tools

HTML color codes, charts & color picker.
HTML color codes

Glitchtop, an interactive art generator inspired by glitch art and pixel art.

Dropify, override your input files with style.

CSS Animation Tools, Frameworks & Tutorials.
CSS Animation Tools

Use & Modify, a selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, open source typefaces.
selection of beautiful classy punk professional open source typefaces

FieldKit, real-time, text field formatting as users type.

Stylish and Customizable JavaScript Dialogs.
Stylish and customizable JavaScript dialogs

New Learning Resources

Free Ebook: Web Design Trends 2015-2016.
Web Design Trends 2015-2016

The State of Front-End Tooling by Ashley Nolan.
The State of Front-End Tooling

The Anatomy of Responsive Images by Jake Archibald.
The Anatomy of Responsive Images

A Guide To Building SVG Maps From Natural Earth Data by Chris Youderian.
A Guide To Building SVG Maps From Natural Earth Data

Prototyping Material Design Apps with a Few Lines of JavaScript by Benjamin den Boer.
Prototyping Material Design Apps with a Few Lines of JavaScript

Never Use The Confirm Dialog by Daniel Delaney.
Never Use The Confirm Dialog

Free GUI Resources

Lovely Free Font Pairings For Personal and Commercial Projects by Veronika Theodor.
Lovely Free Font Pairings For Personal and Commercial Projects

The Idea Generation Process of Scribbling on a Napkin by Addison Duvall.
Idea Generation Process of Scribbling on a Napkin

Designers: Adapt or Die by Mike Pell.
Adapt or Die

10 Reasons Your Business Card Sucks by Brian Morris.
Reasons Your Business Card Sucks

Freebie: 50 Flat Icons (Sketch & Illustrator) by Alexis Doreau.
50 Flat Icons

Freebie: Cormorant, an open-source display font family.
Cormorant open-source display font family

Freebie: Unique & Stylish Apple Watch Sport Mockups (PSD).
Apple Watch Sport Mockups

Freebie: iPad Pro Mockup (PSD).
iPad Pro Mockup

…and finally…

Really Super Mario vs Really Super Wario.
Really Super Mario vs Really Super Wario


Inspiring Sites of the Week No. 103

Inspiring Sites of the Week is the weekly series where we feature the latest and hottest websites targeting the design world from around the globe. If it’s creative, unusual, has great functionality and is built using cutting-edge technology we feature them here. Get inspired by the best designs in the industry in the hundred and third edition of the series.



Why it made to the list: Nice interactions, good typography usage and overall simplicity.

Gaspard & Bruno

Gaspard & Bruno

Why it made to the list: Overall parallax effect, nice usage of whitespace and overall simplicity.



Why it made to the list: Nice bold typography, nice imagery.

Spectral Line

Spectral Line

Why it made to the list: Simple and minimalistic design, big imagery beautiful typography.

Sylvain Raucherand

Sylvain Reucherand

Why it made to the list: Simple design, a lot of white space and good product presentation.

Sergey Makhno

Sergey Makhno

Why it made to the list: Nice typography animation, beautiful imagery. nice sidebar animation and overall interactivity.

Velika Gorica

Velika Gorica

Why it made to the list: Smooth parallax effect on content, nice background imagery with gradient effect.



Why it made to the list: Beautiful illustrations, flat design style and overall simplicity.

La Mezziane

La Mezziane

Why it made to the list: Catchy welcome screen, good typography combination and elegant look and feel.

Kikk Festival


Why it made to the list: Nice typography combination, smooth parallax scrolling effects and nice color palette.

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25 Beautiful and Useful Apps to Watch Out For

There are useful apps, then there are beautiful apps. But it’s a little rare to see the two qualities put together. This roundup is composed of beautiful and useful apps, some are for serious use, some for fun (like taking photos and making sharing moments easier between friends), and some could help you significantly with your life.

Beautiful and Useful Apps

Carbo is pretty straightforward but very useful as it basically captures and organizes handwritten notes and sketches without the fear of your writing or work being ruined by pixel artifacts to show all expressiveness and “personality” from your handwriting and drawings.


Color Splash

Want to add more drama to your photos? Then Color splash is for you! It lets you give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white and also giving you the option to keep a chosen detail/part in color for a more dramatic effect.

Color Splash


Fotograph is a photo app that brings out your creativity in taking photos! With a comprehensive set of 25 film-based filters as well as the power to take a photo under manual exposure and even save your basic everyday adjustments such as contrast as a filter for easy application.


iTranslate Voice

Want to hear your voice in a different language? Then iTranslate Voice is the app you need. Listen to your voice as the app translates and replies in one of it’s 42 languages which is perfect whether you’re on the go and need of a quick translation or just curious then iTranslate can help you.

iTranslate Voice

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

Houzz has everything you need for your home design ideas and needs with over 5 million high quality photos from all over the net like you were to clip design magazines to scrapbooks. Not only does it provide photos and ideas but you can also speak and get in touch by joinng discussions and comments with their community.



The power of a professional photo-editing software in your smartphone! The Snapseed 2.0 app allows you to retouch, edit, crop and adjust the perspective on your photos. Also includes other features such as filters, frames and even spot repair to make your photos “picture perfect”.



Pocket was designed for travelers and commuters in mind giving you the ability to save articles, videos and web content for later reading/viewing offline! It is also easy to organize and share to Facebook, twitter and to a friend as well.


Zombies, Run!

Get ready to run like you mean it with this interactive app that warps you, along with 1.5 million runners on the adventure for your life! Wear your headphones and after as little as 100 years, you will hear “them” closer they come and you have only one option and that option is to RUN!

Zombies, Run!

edjing PRO – Music DJ mixer

The world’s most popular DJ app is now released in it’s full professional version. A full featured DJ mixer designed by and for Deejays ! No ads to interrupt and no hidden charges, this app brings the same level of features as a Professional DJ controller with real time sound processing to achieve your best mixtapes!



This is for those who have opened or enrolled to a Santander debit or credit card. Gain insights and monitor your money in store or online to keep track of your money and how or where to spend it.


Word Swag

Turn your words into beautiful designs with Word Swag. Instant text designs as well as various filters, font color and 3 font styles can help you create art with a few clicks of your smartphone!

Word Swag

Expensify – Expense Reports

Losing yourself in expenses? Worry no more with Expensify! Capture receipts, tracking time, mileage, business travels and creates reports that are easy to understand. Never get lost in your expenses again!



Have you ever wondered if someone somewhere from any part of the globe is feeling the same way as you? The Tworlds can help you by comparing your life with what you post with that of a random stranger. Discover that you might not be alone in your emotions, in that we and someone out there are on the same wavelength.



A powerful photo editing software, Pixelmator separates itself from others by being a full-featured layer based image editor that not only lets you put fancy filters on your images but also allows you to touch up, and even sketch, paint and create complex compositions on the go.


Dark Sky

The perfect weather app, Dark Sky can help you tell when it will rain (or snow depending on your area) up to an hour in advance, basically giving you a head’s up in case you have plans to go out. As an added bonus, you can explore beautiful weather animations as well.

Dark Sky

TransferWise Money Transfer

Money transfers have never been as easy as they are with TransferWise which lets you transfer money abroad quickly and at the lowest possible cost that is 90% cheaper than your bank. They also use real currency exchange rates for Expats, exchange students and others for more convenience.


Nutshell Camera

Fun and easy, just take 3 pictures, add some effects, captions and animation and you have a mini movie clip that you can share for fun or to tell your story.

Nutshell Camera

Type Machine

This is for people who have ever lost what they have been typing for so long when either the app crashes or another unexplained reason. Type machine saves everything you type in the app, open it to back-read and find old entries so that you never lose any piece of text no matter how unimportant it may be.

Type Machine

GAIN Self-Guided Workout Apps

Train for the body you’ve dreamed for with GAIN! Recommended and featured in NYtimes, PCMag and Huffington post, GAIN Fitness helps you keep track of your workout routine by showing comprehensive workout info to help you achieve your dream body.


DSLR Camera Pro

Turn your ordinary camera phone into something that mimics a DSLR as good as possible with DSLR Camera Pro! With it’s an easy to use interface, you can fix your settings and shoot like you were using a DSLR with no fuss, fancy filters or any effects. Just pure photography for the photo enthusiast.

DSLR Camera Pro

Cameringo+ Effects Camera

With a simple interface, Cameringo+ effects camera shows how powerful it is with it’s large variety of live photo filters such as Lomo and Lo-Fi effects all in real time as well as deformation types such s fisheye, wide angle filters and a lot more.



If you’re tired of ready made filters that don’t hit your creative spots then Shift 2.0 is the app for you. This app allows you to create thousands of custom photo filters that suit your own taste to give you total control and achieve the unique and beautiful finish you’ve been aiming for for your shots.



The app that helps you organize and make your videos watchable, splice or even combine them to make your own story. No matter what the format maybe or the length, let Ferris make your story and share it for the world to see.



Organize and send personalized E-Gift cards from hundreds of popular retailers such as Amazon, iTunes and even Starbucks. Don’t forget to add a personalized message as well.



The ultimate organizing app, create a visual inventory of whatever you have on your phone from photos, notes and many more saving you hours and helping you be more productive and organized.



Do you use any of the featured apps? Are there any we have listed that are just what you have been looking for? Which do you think are really beautiful and useful, and which not quite so much?

Have an app to share that I failed to include in the list? Be sure to share beautiful and useful apps (and fun too)! Please leave your links and opinions in the section below.

Onextrapixel – Web Design and Development Online Magazine


Top 15 Free eBooks for Entrepreneurs

In this one, I put top 15 free eBooks for entrepreneurs. There is a wealth of information available online, composed by people who have generally learned the hard way and have come up with tips to help you shorten the learning curve. Many of these resources are available at no charge and you will be able to attain an incredible amount of business knowledge.

4 Steps to a Happy Startup

The Happy Startup School offers a free 40-page eBook that outlines the 4 steps to a happy startup: passion, purpose, people, profits. There is also a free toolkit to help you get your business off the ground.

Unleashing the Ideavirus

Seth Godin is well known as an industry business leader. In this eBook, he shares effective principles and strategies to let your customers do your best marketing for you.

279 Days to Overnight Success

In this eBook, Chris Guillebeau shares that anyone can create their own success with their own project. The principles outlined will help your online presence grow far beyond what it is now.

Creative Entrepreneurship

This eBook is a collection of articles from leading entrepreneurs that will stretch your entrepreneurial minds. It is much needed inspiration for creative entrepreneurs.

Breaking the Time Barrier

This short eBook shows business owners how to put a price tag on their services. You will learn how to you price your work in a way that is reasonable to you and your clients.

Get More Clarity: Straight-Up Startup Advice

This 41 page eBook has startup advice from 150 seasoned entrepreneurs. It contains valuable tips on how to be a great entrepreneur and grow your business.

Personal Branding for the Business Professional

In this 15-page eBook, Christ Brogan shares strategic advice and practical ideas on personal branding for your business.

The Smart Way

In this free eBook, Pat Flynn tells you all you need to know about writing your first eBook.

Viral Copy

If you write anything on the internet, the aim of the game is for it to go ‘viral’. Brian Clark of Copyblogger shares his top practical tips on how to write viral copy.

Time Management for Creative People

This eBook helps you achieve your artistic and professional goals, with subjects including finding the method in your creative madness, identifying and prioritising your most important work, and getting in the right state of mind for focused work.

Getting from Employee 5 to 50

Simple and stylish guide that will accompany you on the toughest journey in business: getting from employee 5 to 50. Digest of the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to structuring an interview process. Fresh ideas and pro tips.

50 Ways to Plan for Small Business Success

This collection of success secrets of today’s leading entrepreneurs will help you whether you’re just starting a business or have been a small business owner for several years. It provides an insightful and results-oriented approach to success planning.

The Bootstrapper’s Bible Manifesto

This free manifesto by Seth Godin is based on the popular full length book, The Bootstrapper’s Bible. It outlines how to start a successful business with little capital.

The Purpose Directed Business

This eBook is full of practical suggestions for applying the principles you value in your business. It will teach you to live out your God-given purpose through your business.

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

In this 100+ page manifesto, you will learn how to start and build a business that matters. There are also tips on how to evaluate the progress of your entrepreneurial journey.


Create Surreal Scene of Dark Energy in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, I will show you the process of Creating Surreal Scene of Dark Energy in Photoshop. Have a go!

This is an intermediate level difficulty tutorial and some steps can be tricky.

Note: The Photoshop tutorial is done in Photoshop CC – therefore some screenshot may have slighting different layout as in the earlier version. Some brushes are exclusive to Photoshop CS6.

Here is a preview of the final effect I have for this tutorial: (click to enlarge)


PSD File Download

You can download the PSD File for this tutorial via the VIP Members Area for only $ 6.95/Month (or less)! You will not only get this PSD File, but also 100+ other PSD Files + Extra Goodies + Exclusive Photoshop tutorials there. Signup now and get exclusive :) Find out more about the VIP Members Areas

OK Let’s get started!

To complete this tutorial, you will need the following stocks:

Stone Texture



Model by Falln-Stock

Step 1

Create a new document sized 720px * 1020px with black background. Load the Rock stock image into Photoshop and select a piece from it:

1 sel

Copy and paste the selection of rock texture over to our document, fill the entire canvas with it:

1 paste

Apply the following layer mask on this rock texture layer and hide the following red portion:

1 mask

Apply the following image adjustments on this stone layer:

Black and White

1 bw


1 lvs

and here is the effect so far:

1 effect

Step 2

We will add the nebula texture over to our canvas in this step. Load the nebula stock image into Photoshop and select a piece from it:

2 sel

Copy and paste your selection to our document, put it on top of the stone texture, and use a soft eraser to erase parts of it as shown below:

2 erase

Apply the following image adjustments to this nebula layer:


2 lvs

and here is the effect so far:

2 effect


Step 3

Use the Lasso Tool (set feather value to 30) and select the following area of the nebula stock image:

3 sel

Copy and paste the selection to our document, apply the following Hue/Saturation adjustment:

3 hue sa

Use the Free Transform tool to warp it until it forms the following shape:

3 warp


Step 4

Load the model stock image into Photoshop, copy and paste the model’s upper body to our document:

4 paste

Use a soft eraser to fade the edge of the body as shown below, also remove the middle part of the model’s body:

4 fade

Apply the following image adjustment layers as clipping mask to this model layer:

Black and White

4 bw


4 lvs


4 curves

Go the stone texture and select a small piece of it:

4 sel rock

Copy and paste the selection to the right face, use the eraser tool to clear up the edge:

4 paste rock

Copy and paste more stone textures and apply them around the model’s body:

4 more rock


Step 5

Load planet stock image into Photoshop and use the Elliptical Marquee Tool to select the planet:

5 sel

Copy and paste the selection to our document, re-size it to a small scale and place it to the middle of the body:

5 paste

Apply the following Hue/Saturation adjustment to this layer:

5 hue

Here is the effect so far:

5 effect

Step 6

We will work on the “Dark Energy” part of the image in this step, with the help of the nebula stock image.

Go to the nebula stock image and select the following area using the Lasso Tool:

6 sel

Copy and paste the selection to our document, apply the following image adjustments to it:


6 hue


6 lvs

Move this layer to the head area, change its blending mode to “Screen”:

6 screen

and here is the effect you will have:

6 effect

Repeat this above process, add more nebula effect around the model’s body:

6 effect 2

Step 7

For final touches, we can add more floating rock around the body by using the stone stock image:

7 rock 2

7 rock

Also try using a couple of custom brush sets to add cloud/smoke around the body:

7 fractal

Apply the following Color Balance adjustment layers on top to add colours:

7 col bal

7 col mid

7 highlights

Here is the my final result for this tutorial: (click to enlarge)


That’s it for this tutorial! Hope you enjoy it and find it useful! If you have any questions about the steps, please contact me or leave a comment below. I will try my best to answer them.

Till next time, have a great day!

Photoshop Tutorials, Digital Art Tutorials and Showcase – PSD Vault


Guide to Creating a Perfect Responsive WordPress Theme

00-featured-responsive-wpWordPress is remarkably popular, scalable, open-source and affordable CMS/blogging system. The vast majority of people are creating their websites on WordPress because it offers striking plugins and themes.  In fact, both big and small businesses are using WP sites to boost their productivity and increase their ROI.

But with time it becomes necessary to design a website that not only run smoothly on desktop but also on different mobile devices. Thus, the need is increasing for more sublimely well-coded WordPress themes that run fluently across all devices. And this can be achieved by creating an impeccable responsive theme.

Creating and developing a fully responsive mobile-friendly theme is not an easy task. Therefore we bring you some tips to help in developing perfect WP responsive theme.

Preparation & Planning

At first you should have a detailed design concept for a responsive WP theme than for a static-width theme. In this stage you can craft new ideas for creating an impeccable and practical layout that can run smoothly on multiple screens.

Scrutinize what you want with your WordPress theme and which type of user-groups you’re targeting. Deliberately understand their needs and requirements and then you can add a list of useful aspects for your layout.

With a list of features you can design your theme by roughly sketching the layout at several screen sizes.

responsive blog sketch paper ui

While drawing be aware that the layout widths you select are only rough reference used to display the screen sizes of the current desktop computer, smart phones and tablets.

Your objective is to create a top-notch responsive design that adjusts smoothly to assorted screen sizes. You can also consider layout options that you want to add into the theme, such as sidebar and header options or multiple widget areas.

Essential Tools Required for Concept Sketching

You can choose a tool for concept sketching that enables you to work efficiently and quickly, without any interruption.

You can also sketch the theme’s concept on the notebook, or on a piece of a paper.

If you want to try sketching on an iPad you can download popular applications like Paper or Bamboo Paper, along with a digital pen such as Bamboo Stylus.

bamboo paper homepage

Developing a good concept will save a lot of time and effort in the further development process.  If you have created an influential theme concept, then the layout will easily adapt to multiple screen sizes.

Theme-Specific Challenges

Creating a WordPress theme with very flexible content is a pretty different challenge than creating a static site. At this stage you should search out solutions to the following theme-specific issues:

1. Responsive Layout Options

Many WordPress themes offer several layout options such as header widgets, left or right sidebar and footer elements, etc. In order to provide these sort of options in the responsive theme you need to consider how all the layout aspects will behave on assorted screen sizes.

For example, if you want to provide a right sidebar option consider that this sidebar’s content would display the main content area on mobile phones.

This would not be the best solution because mobile visitors want to read the most important content first like the latest blog. So plan your ideas accordingly.

2. Navigation Menus

Most themes seem to depend on good traditional drop-down menus with an objective to give multi-level navigation to website users.

But drop-down menus won’t work on touch devices because they usually rely on mouse hovers. Therefore you need to introduce some excellent solutions for developing responsive navigation.

Each solution will be different based on your site so try different approaches.

3. Malleable Widget Areas

Another problem in responsive theme design is widget areas. Obviously it’s difficult to design the layout if you exactly don’t know what type of content will be added by the user. In that case you need to consider that your design works well no matter how many widgets will be used in the widget areas.

How to Work with Reference Points?

We know that the process of designing is executed to find out the visual appearance and feel of the theme. In this process you should also work more deeply on the problems or challenges that are mentioned above.

The design for further development will rely on the project’s nature and how closely you are working with the developer.

It’s good to showcase your design in the three layout versions i.e., desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Designing factors like white space, font sizes and button styles can be determined later directly in the browser. This is because browsers evaluate these factors differently.

Create a Design for Touch Devices

Your design will also run on touch devices so you have to figure out the special needs of such devices. There is a huge difference in using a finger to navigate a site than using a mouse cursor.

Form input fields and buttons need to be fixed in the right size. In fact, font sizes and white space should also be applied more deliberately. This can allow users to navigate the site easily.

It is important to stay connected with the developer during the designing and development process. When you create a responsive design it becomes more essential to incorporate the developer’s knowledge into your decisions.

Development Process

After completing the design process you need to decide whether to code the theme from scratch, or to use a starter or blank theme such as Toolbox.

If you want to work with the most robust and popular responsive theme like ZURB’s Foundation or Twitter’s Bootstrap then you could use a starter theme as it already includes the framework, such as BootstrapWP.

An intelligent decision is to design and develop for the smaller layout first like Smartphones. After that you can work on tablet and desktop screen sizes.

Consider Images in a Responsive Theme

High pixel density devices like the new iPad and Macbook Pro enable you to reconsider the images in your theme.

You can use CSS base64 or use icon fonts as alternatives to images. Very few images will also display in much more lightweight theme that will speed up performance even on slow mobile internet connections.

Support Media Queries in Old Browsers

With the Smartphone layout you need to depend on JavaScript solutions like Respond.js with an objective to support media queries in old browsers such as IE 7 and 8.

However you can insert CSS classes for old browsers through conditional comments, and then add CSS styles to define a maximum width for old IE browsers outside of media queries.

Time to Test your Work

After developing a responsive theme you’ll be required to test your work as quickly as possible. You can instantly correct styles during the development process.

You can also cross-check whether fonts are readable or not; whether images, videos and gallery sliders are working fine on multiple devices or not.

Certainly cross-checking your theme on different screen resolution testing tools can also be beneficial.

Testing the theme during development can be a big challenge for a developer. It is not always possible for you to test your theme on all devices. In that case you could ask friends or coworker to help you test on their devices if possible.

Many website owners are making their site compatible for all devices, and with the help of responsive web design you can make your site scalable for all devices be they desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.


Free Hand-Picked Resources for Designers and Developers – August Edition

Website designers and developers are always looking for new and inspiring content, that’s why in this monthly resources round up you’ll find all sorts of FREE design resources like templates, articles, development tools, code plugins, icons, design tools, and fonts.

Majesti Banner: Elegant Rounded-Edged Typeface for Titles

Majesti Banner is a very elegant typeface with 5 different weights and quite round edges, it has lowercase, uppercase, numerals and special characters it is available for personal use.

Majesti Banner: Elegant Rounded-Edged Typeface for Titles
Trianglify: Online Low Poly Background Generator

Trianglify is a Low-Poly styled online background generator in which you can choose the size and padding of cells and set any color and gradients you like. The image is generated in PNG.

Trianglify: Online Low Poly Background Generator
A Practical Guide to SVGs on the Web is a very practical guide for using SVG in different ways and web development languages on the internet. Some of the features explained are responsiveness, animation and interaction. This is an open source project by Jake Giltsoff.

A Practical Guide to SVGs on the Web
Workspace Mockup PSD Template

Here you have a high-quality workspace mockup template of 2500x2000px in PSD format that works with smart objects on CS4+. It weighs 92MB and you can use it for personal projects.

Workspace Mockup PSD Template

Mail Client Mockup PSD Template

A mockup template of a mail client in PSD format with a very appealing and minimal design made by Bojan Herceg.

Mail Client Mockup PSD Template
300 Kawaii-style Icons and Avatars for Kids

Here you have a collection of 300 icons and avatars completely scalable, combinable and customizable in AI format. They’re all quite suitable for kids and girls. Free for personal use.

300 Kawaii-style Icons and Avatars for Kids
50 AI, PSD and INDD Tri-fold Editable Templates

A pack of over 53 trifold print templates with quite a wide variety of fully customizable flat, minimal and textured styles for your company. Licensed for personal use.

50 AI, PSD and INDD Tri-fold Editable Templates
Things I’ve Learned About Building & Coding HTML Email Templates (Article)

Get to know the experience of a web designer from building and coding templates for emails in HTML. This article would guide you on many aspects about it, such as responsiveness, versatility, forms, etc.

Things I've Learned About Building & Coding HTML Email Templates (Article)
NYTimes Design Concept (Article)

NYTimes Design Concept is an article which tells you about all the different aspects that Artem Troinoi kept in mind when he made the concept design for the NY Times Digital Newspaper.

NYTimes Design Concept (Article)

MetaES Playground: An On-the-go Coding Aid for MetaES

MetaES Playground allows you to run JavaScript in MetaES interpreter while it shows you live results directly on its user interface featuring error notification, shortcut code completion, among others. It is covered by an MIT Licence.

MetaES Playground: An On-the-go Coding Aid for MetaES

Famous: JavaScript Library for Animations & Interfaces

Famous is a high-performance JavaScript library for animations and interfaces; it features cursor interaction and 3D Physics Engine. Licensed under MIT.

Famous: JavaScript Library for Animations & Interfaces

Sitecake: A Simple CMS for HTML Websites

Sitecake is a CMS that supports Bootstrap themes, Foundation templates, and HTML5 boilerplates. It works in plain HTML, features drag&drop from other browser windows and is open source. It is under an enclosed GPL2 License.

Sitecake: A Simple CMS for HTML Websites
JsGrid: Lightweight Grid JQuery Plugin

jsGris is a very light jQuery plugin which allows you to manage grids of data in an intuitive way, allowing sorting, filtering, editing, among others. It was created by Artem Tabalin under an MIT Licence.

ReGrid: Responsive Front-end Development JQuery Grid

reGrid is a useful tool for general front-end development made by Ray Stone; it is completely responsive and overlays the fluid grid you specify for each viewport width. It has an MIT and GPL licence.

ReGrid: Responsive Front-end Development JQuery Grid
ScrollMenu: A Creative Scrollbar CSS and JS Interface

ScrollMenu is a CSS and JavaScript plugin that allows you to change the appearance of your scroll bar in several different ways; it was created by Sudhanshu Yadav and licensed under MIT.

ScrollMenu: A Creative Scrollbar CSS and JS Interface
Iconica: Free Collection of Black & White Flat Icons

Iconica is a collection of 1000 icons indexed by categories. All of them are in black & white flat style. They’re licenced under CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.

Iconica: Free Collection of Black & White Flat Icons

Glyph: a Semantic and Versatile SVG Icon Set

Glyph is quite a versatile SVG icon set, this is because it can be used in CSS and customized in any way you want. It is licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Glyph: a Semantic and Versatile SVG Icon Set

Free Outdoor Editable Icon Set for Sketch

Here is a pack of 21 outdoor icons in outline design made by Vincent Tantardini and made with Sketch. It has a free for personal use licence.

Free Outdoor Editable Icon Set for Sketch
Huge Pack of Android Icons for Multiple Purposes

The biggest collection of icons for Android and mobile purposes, including more than 54K icons; they’re carefully designed, with pixel perfect design and editable vectors.

54K Android Icons for Multiple Purposes
Commodos: a Free Futuristic Numerals Font

Commodos is a numerals-only font with a minimum size is 300 pt, and a free download. The font includes 3 weights: semi, hard and soft and was created by Burak Özdelice.

Commodos: a Free Futuristic Numerals Font
Pier Sans: A Complete Typeface with 4 Styles

Pier Sans is quite a complete typeface which has all uppercase, lowercase, numerals, glyphs and accents. It comes in 4 different styles (Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic). Available for free for personal use only.

Pier Sans: A Complete Typeface with 4 Styles
60 Modern Fonts Curated Bundle

A list with over 60 modern and state-of-the-art fonts, fully curated, described and referenced. The bundle includes fonts in multiple styles, weights and variations, totally free to use.

60  Modern Fonts Curated Bundle


18 Best Weekly Web Design & Development Resources #22

Here’s the 18 Best Weekly Web Design & Development Resources #22 Collective that aims to introduce fresh new, trendy and easy-to-use web design & development resources (freebies, codes, graphics, tools, inspiration, etc) from the past week. Have fun with it and remember to share with your friends.


15+ free new pattern & texture packs for web & graphic designers.

Structure (Free Font)


Structure is a modern geometric Typeface. The idea was to create a thin and high font, that is suitable for titles, for using in brochures, posters, logos etc. It consists of uppercase and low case alphabet, numerals and basic punctuation.

Phantasm Font

Phantasm Font

Phantasm Font designed by Adil Siddiqui.

GEOM Display Typeface

GEOM Display Typeface

GEOM is a free display type inspired in basic geometric forms and grids, it’s just my daily study. Feel free to use (personal and commercial work) and adjust.



30+ Free elements UI KIT For personal and commercial use.

Shophia – Free PSD eCommerce Template


Apple Watch Icon Template

Apple Watch Icon Template

JavaScript Load Image


JavaScript Load Image is a library to load images provided as File or Blob objects or via URL. It returns an optionally scaled and/or cropped HTML img or canvas element. It also provides a method to parse image meta data to extract Exif tags and thumbnails and to restore the complete image header after resizing.



A simple library for using the JavaScript Full Screen API.

Interactive Apple Watch Lap Timer/Stopwatch

Interactive Apple Watch Lap Timer Stopwatch

Vertical Responsive Menu


A mobile first vertical responsive menu using HTML, CSS & JS.



Tiny vanilla JS plugin to display large data sets easily.


medium-style-confirm style confirm dialog.

Material Design Stopwatch, Alarm and Timer


It consists of three parts – an alarm clock, a stopwatch and a timer. The application is responsive and has a bunch of subtle animations that react to user input.



Betty (or Ben for the ones who prefer a male receptionist) is your own customizable receptionist, to forward call and messages to your team anywhere in the world. It’s particularly useful if your organization is operating in the US, but based in another countries.

CSS Element Queries


Element Queries is a polyfill adding support for element based media-queries to all new browsers (incl. IE7+). It allows not only to define media-queries based on window-size but also adds ‘media-queries’ functionality depending on element (any selector supported) size while not causing performance lags due to event based implementation.



A simple library to show your users a beautiful splash page while your application loads.



Morph DOM elements from one state to another with smooth transitions.

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