How to Set Up WooCommerce Product Options

When it comes to online shopping, one size doesn’t always fit all.  Clothing stores are an obvious example. However, there are countless other eCommerce sites that sell variable products. The same laptop may be available in various screen sizes, or with different amounts of storage.  Even if you’re running a takeaway restaurant, a customer may… Continue reading How to Set Up WooCommerce Product Options

3 Essential Design Trends, April 2021

The best thing about writing about website design trends each month is looking at all the great sites that are being developed. Designers are stretching creatively and exploring new techniques and ways of doing things all the time. It’s refreshing and inspiring. This month, some of those trends include a style that nods to brutalism,… Continue reading 3 Essential Design Trends, April 2021

9 Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

Digital skills are very important nowadays. As the internet and technology govern more aspects of our daily lives, learning a few digital skills could be helpful in the long run. Beginner Photoshop tutorials are everywhere and are available on almost any platform. Is Photoshop hard to learn? The answer could be both a yes and… Continue reading 9 Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

Useful Tips For Designing Great User Interface for Apps

Today mobile applications are playing an essential role in helping businesses in catering a large customer base. Having a visually stunning mobile app isn’t good enough. For a truly successful mobile application, a user-friendly interface must be in mind. Implementing best practices for mobile design is key to getting your app in stores and used… Continue reading Useful Tips For Designing Great User Interface for Apps

College majors for UX design

I see this question a lot around the internet: “What should I major in if I want to pursue a career in UX design?” As a college student and incoming product design intern at Facebook, I’ve done a lot of research on this question. It’s important to recruit new people to the field of user experience,… Continue reading College majors for UX design

3D Particle Explorations | Codrops

An inspirational set of demos that explores particle animations in 3D space with three.js. This type of animations could be very suitable for page loaders. This set of demos explores 3D particle animations using three.js and easing. All of the particles and shapes in these demos are made from basic geometry/material/mesh sets in three.js, such… Continue reading 3D Particle Explorations | Codrops

Driving innovation [1/2]: a portfolio perspective

In every sector, it’s possible to notice growing efforts towards innovation. More and more organizations do not take their market and own relevance for granted, and realize that some [widely applied] strategies to maintain and grow their businesses [like plain price competition, and aggressive portfolio expansion, among others] may incubate serious near and long term… Continue reading Driving innovation [1/2]: a portfolio perspective