How to Create Online Brand Consistency (for Email and Web)

In an economy that’s more digital than ever, one statement stands particularly strong:  “Brand consistency is the key to survival in today’s digital economy” – Marketing Week Brand consistency leads to brand recognition, and brand recognition leads to brand trust. Have you ever trusted a brand you didn’t recognise? The Challenge of Online Brand Consistency… Continue reading How to Create Online Brand Consistency (for Email and Web)

Building Effective Navigation Menus

Designing effective navigation menus should be a core competency of any decent web designer. A good navigation menu will be short, well-organized, sufficiently descriptive and effective at corralling user intent. There no secret recipe involved: it comes down to empathy for the user and understanding of their intentions. Address The User’s Need Before you build… Continue reading Building Effective Navigation Menus

Driving innovation [1/2]: a portfolio perspective

In every sector, it’s possible to notice growing efforts towards innovation. More and more organizations do not take their market and own relevance for granted, and realize that some [widely applied] strategies to maintain and grow their businesses [like plain price competition, and aggressive portfolio expansion, among others] may incubate serious near and long term… Continue reading Driving innovation [1/2]: a portfolio perspective