The age of Agile must end

30 years ago the technology industry attempted to import Lean practices — it failed. Instead of “continuous improvement,” progress halted. Agile is incompatible with UX research, design, and scalable development. It always will be. It’s time to create a new operational standard. Changing of the guards. Photo by Micah Kunkle on Unsplash As startups refocus on “operational efficiency,”… Continue reading The age of Agile must end

Webdesigner Depot

Live chat is one of the most powerful tools for customer experience in the current marketplace.  In a world where customers are constantly connected to the online world, online chat is a reliable way of getting quick solutions to common problems.  Today’s consumers prefer talking to an agent over chat to calling a contact center,… Continue reading Webdesigner Depot

17 Best Interactive Websites in 2020

November 11, 2020 by Sangalang Kristine Building interactive websites is one of the best ways to improve engagement and experience for audiences. These kinds of websites create content with which users could interact with. There is a multitude of interactive websites available on the internet. The more playful and controllable a website design is, the more interesting… Continue reading 17 Best Interactive Websites in 2020

Get Inspired by These Clever Social Media Ads

Let’s all admit it, the ads is one of the most important parts of a website. The addition of an advertisement in any website creates a chain of benefits. First, advertisements are helpful for consumers. It helps them make decisions regarding their purchases. Second, advertisements are helpful for the brand or product. An ad creates… Continue reading Get Inspired by These Clever Social Media Ads

9 Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

Digital skills are very important nowadays. As the internet and technology govern more aspects of our daily lives, learning a few digital skills could be helpful in the long run. Beginner Photoshop tutorials are everywhere and are available on almost any platform. Is Photoshop hard to learn? The answer could be both a yes and… Continue reading 9 Beginner Photoshop Tutorials

5 Tools You Need to Give Your Web Design Business a Boost

September 28, 2017 by Spyrestudios Blogger Part of the reason many young entrepreneurs are starting their own web design companies in today’s business climate is that there are so many cost-effective and easy-to-use support tools available. If you’re in the midst of launching or growing your own business, it can be helpful to know which… Continue reading 5 Tools You Need to Give Your Web Design Business a Boost