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Let’s all admit it, the ads is one of the most important parts of a website. The addition of an advertisement in any website creates a chain of benefits. First, advertisements are helpful for consumers. It helps them make decisions regarding their purchases. Second, advertisements are helpful for the brand or product. An ad creates an increased awareness for a product pushing for further success of a brand. Lastly, websites publish ads because it ads monetization and revenue for bloggers. The ads create a stream of income that pays for the time a blogger develops the website and create content.

For brand marketers, there are many creative advertising agencies to hire online that could meet varied ad design requirements. As a web designer, there is a multitude of products and brands available online that are in-line with the visions of a website or a blog. Collaborating with a creative advertising agency is also helpful in selecting brands to place on a website.

Here are a few tips on maximizing ads for web designers:

The Call to Action (CTA) text or button is very important

A website or blog will earn more once viewers interact more with ads. This is why the Call to Action text (or CTA) is essential in ads. The CTA text or button tells the consumer what to do with the ad. Good and basic examples of CTAs include ‘Buy Now’, ‘Click Here’, ‘Install Now’, or ‘Click to download’. It all depends on the desired output – information, promotion, shopping, or more.

Always include ads with value proposition (and a sense of urgency)

Adding a sense of urgency is a classic sales tactic and remains true even online. A value proposition should be one of the first things the viewers should see as it paints a clear picture of what benefits the customers will get from a product or service. It must be the element that takes the most space. Examples of these would be “50% off”, or “Limited Stocks Only”, “Promo runs until”, “High Quality..”, and the like. For instance, Apple’s old value proposition is “The Experience IS the Product” and it sells.

Above the fold or close to the main content – best ad placement

It is easier to target consumers when the ads are placed in the best place. Based on Google Adsense data, there are three sweet spots for ads:

The first is within the content. It is what the audience sees while reading through the content. It forces the reader to see the ad and interact with it. Not all readers are pleased with this, however, but the chances of engaging consumers are high.

The second is under the navigation toolbar. When a website loads, it is one of the first things that readers see. Also, it takes up a good amount of space. One tip for this, on the other hand, is to make sure that the ads or banners used are of good, eye-catching designs.

The last, and the most common, is in the white space. It is usually located on either the left-most or right-most horizontal blocks on a webpage. These are not as annoyingly placed but still does the job.

Animated ads perform better

Moving ads are fun to watch. This is why it is sure to get more engagement than static ads. However, make sure that the animation does not last more than 10 to 15 seconds. Also, make sure it does not loop for more than three or four times. Otherwise, it will defeat its purpose and make the ad irritating to consumers.

File formats and size matters

As a web developer, this should be one of the most crucial considerations when placing ads. The smaller the size of the ad, the better. If the file size of the ads is huge, it will affect the loading time of the ad. If ads load too slow, the visitors might scroll down and miss before it finishes loading. As for file formats, make sure that they are up-to-date. Safe to deliver ad formats are HTML5, JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Here are examples of absolutely cool ads that work:

Customer engagement is key

Social media contests are among the best hook, line, and sinkers in advertising. Take this Coors Light #CouldUseABeer ad for example. It appeals to customer experiences concerning the current global situation. It has the intention of trending the hashtag. Also, the instructions at the bottom were concise and clear. In just less than four sentences, the ad was such a success that Coors had to let go of 500,000 bottles of beer!

Don’t let customers forget you

The tourism industry has been reduced by more than 90% in the last year, and we all know why. Now, tourist agencies and companies are deeply affected by this. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. These agencies and companies just need to hold on until the light gets here. Customers, on the other hand, could be very forgetful at times. Explore BC has got that covered.

They have released a campaign called #ExploreBCLater highlighting the value of appreciating and preserving nature. Through this, travelers would get the urge to visit the place once travel becomes possible.

Witty and clever copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important jobs in advertising. The act itself could transform basic sentences to appealing ads. Take this #Slack ad for example. The ad highlights the expected performance of the ad and paints a clear (unicorn-like) picture of the benefits of using the product.

Humorous ads and memes

Memes are the new generation of advertising. It is funny, witty, and clever. It appeals to the silent sense of humor of consumers. DudeWithSign is a popular social media figure and Old Spice knew that. A clever sponsorship and use of influencer marketing.

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