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50 Free Flat UI Kits For User Interface Designers

Here, you will find 50 useful and free to download flat user interface (UI) kits that can boost your designs. These UI kits will help you get started with your UI design project in no time. The time has gone when people used flashy illustrations, extraneous textures and drop down…


8 useful free psd for wireframes kits

Wireframe kits are a common way to prototype our design before commencing the actual design production.  Rather than starting everything from scratch, you can always use a psd wireframe kit to kickstart the whole brainstorming process. This not only saves times but can relieve some of the repetitive wire framing…


Design a Travel Startup Landing Page Using Photoshop

What You’ll Be Creating In this tutorial I’ll be using Photoshop CS6 to design a simple, clean, landing page for a fictional traveling startup. During this process we’ll look at creating custom grids with guidelines, styling typefaces, using lots of white space and composing our website’s content in a very…


7 free alternatives to Github

Github is a great resource for many developers. However, there are cases when it is not possible to use it due to certain constraints. For example, your employers or client might want the code to be hosted within their own servers. Alternatively, you might be trying some side projects and…


Freebies For Creatives: April/May 2014

This is the second instalment of the ongoing DesignWoop freebies series, a monthly design and development freebie collection. The free design goodies included in this months round-up feature some quality PSD templates, coded HTML templates, backgrounds and some super nice fonts. The free typeface called ‘Adam’ really caught my eye…


50 Funny Icons Out of The Ordinary

Oops, that shouldn’t have happened. Simply hold your breath for a minute and it will have faded. Yes, we find this hilarious. A few weeks ago, Nasty Icons created ripples, yet we found the set too drastic in some ways. So we contacted Freepik, our friends from Spain, and asked…


Build Ravishing Websites in 2014: Top 15 Platforms for Designers

The web design market is teeming with feature-rich platforms that promise to help creative professionals set up spectacular websites for their clients. The biggest problem is: how does a designer choose? Below you’ll find our take on the Top 15 website design platforms of 2014.   IM Creator IM Creator…


17 Free High Qualities Responsive HTML5 Web Template

Website designers should have known about the latest requirements of users. So they have to create quality design and absolutely new and attractive features which helps users to handle in an ease. Today we present 17 Free High Qualities Responsive HTML5 Web Template to help and inspire designers to match…


Appropriate Resources to Create Mobile Apps: Let’s Create it!

Enjoying apps fela really great, but designing an app is a difficult task. With coming up of new methods and modern technology, designing an app through app builders had been made very easier. There are plenty of resources to create mobile apps on internet. You can find the best one…


30 Powerful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers & Developers

When Google first released their web browser into the public it caught attention like overplayed news stories. Most web developers were previously using Firefox and although many still do prefer Mozilla, Google has offered up some big competition. Chrome includes many similar features along with powerful browser extensions like Firefox….


Top 15 Platforms for Designing Pixel Perfect Websites

Many small and medium-sized businesses still lack an online presence. This means that designers are in for a busy year. A huge number of proficient platforms testify that technical skills are no longer necessary, but optional. This level of creative freedom for designers was unimaginable a decade ago, when the…


22 Amazing Colorful Websites

Colors always attract people; they make anything look all the more interesting. When designing a website all designers have one ultimate goal which is to attract as much audience as possible and to make them stay on the website for as long as they can. All the elements are paid…


Create a Seamless Argyle Pattern With a Fabric Texture

What You’ll Be Creating Seamless patterns can be used for a number of purposes including packaging design, print design, web design, and even in textiles design. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a realistic-looking, seamless, argyle pattern in Photoshop with a fabric texture. Let’s get started!…


An Overview of Recent WordPress Theme Design Trends: 2013 to 2014

A common trait among most successful web designers – they’re very passionate about their work. If they don’t like something, they won’t spend another second on that train of thought. To keep their creative juices alive and afresh, they seek inspiration from various things, random things – a calendar picture,…


Morph-UI – Free UI Kit, Flat Design

Jeremie Tisseau has released Morph-UI – Free UI Kit, Flat Design. Morph-UI is based on a 12 columns grid and comes with a full app layout containing, a header, left sidebar, footer, tabs, etc. This UI kit contains a few chart and diagram examples that you might want to use…