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15 Responsive Free and Premium WordPress Theme

Modern day’s lifestyle has been changed. Every progressive person love to have their own website. For that you must not be a designer or coding specialist. So you must have a quick tour of this article 15 Responsive Free and Premium WordPress Theme to choose your Theme for your own…


Free Photoshop PSD Mockups for Designers (25 MockUps)

Amazing free Photoshop files included psd mockups templates that will help you to present your print work as beautiful, as never before. Best High Quality Free PSD Mockups Fresh collection of twenty free mockups PSD files. PSD mockups for designer include vector graphics, website templates, Sketch Books, Magazine Cover, Packaging free PSD mockup files and…


20 jQuery Plugins to Create Amazing Photo Galleries

Inspiring and creative webpage visual effects further enhance the charm of website, especially when we are talking about photo galleries and portfolio presentations. And when viewing is made more convenient with additional options and information with no loss of quality of presentation and performance of the website, it is one…


25 Fresh Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

When you are considering graphical editing or effects or visual enhancements, you go Photoshop. Photoshop is the most widely used software in any matter where graphical designing and refurnishing is concerned as it offers one of the most dynamic graphics editing practices ever. Anyone related to field of visual graphics…


Ten Useful jQuery Plugins For Fullscreen Images

On a recent project I needed to serve an image as a full size background on both a page and a block level element, the image had to be scaled correctly and also be responsive on small devices. Serving fullsized images onto backgrounds or block level elements can pretty much…


How I Built The One Page Scroll Plugin

Scrolling effects have been around in web design for years now, and while many plugins are available to choose from, only a few have the simplicity and light weight that most developers and designers are looking for. Most plugins I’ve seen try to do too many things, which makes it…


20 Finest Free Resources for Web Designers

Amazing resources are every designer’s dream come true. All designers keep storing resources so they can easily complete their projects ingeniously and impressively. Website designs include lots of elements which when expertly put together form an amazing and unique web layout which is as amazing to experience as it is…


Real Life Examples of the X Theme in Action

It’s never easy to decide on a specific theme when making a website for one of your clients. So, unless you’ve already heard about this by now, you may be pleased to know that there is no need to seek any further. A certain Theme.co release has gone viral over…


A Simple Responsive Email Design Tutorial

If you are looking to familiarize yourself with responsive emails this is a perfect place for you. In this quick tutorial I will be going over how to code a simple and minimal typography based responsive email. It will provide you a fundamental understanding how responsive emails work. Responsive Design…


38 Beautiful Icons In PSD For Web Designers

Are you looking for some good looking and appealing icons in PSD format? Or do you want to create a mockup design for which you need some ready-made icons that you can incorporate into your design? No matter what your need is, here it will be fulfilled. In this compilation,…


30 Web Designs Featuring Looping Video Backgrounds

Looping video backgrounds is one of the fastest growing trends in web design. Ever since designers were given the ability to render video content in HTML5 we’ve seen motion pictures quickly take the place of static images in website headers and backgrounds. Today’s web design showcase features 30 great examples…


Using AJAX In WordPress

In the following tutorial we are going to learn how you can use AJAX in WordPress to run your own functions. The way this works in WordPress is by allowing you to attach your own actions that you can access from an AJAX request to change the content on the…


CouchDB – Database Stores Data with JSON Documents

CouchDB is a database that completely embraces the web. Store your data with JSON documents. Access your documents and query your indexes with your web browser, via HTTP. Index, combine, and transform your documents with JavaScript. CouchDB works well with modern web and mobile apps. You can even serve web…


Typography Guidelines for Creating Balanced Website Layouts

Whether you design on paper, in graphics software, or in a web browser, typography is something that you’ll have to consider. No website or poster would be complete without some bits of text on the page. But text alone is not good enough – the symmetrical design and structure of…


WPHelpDesk plug in for WordPress

It’s no longer a secret that a kind attitude and genuine care for the people around you can only bring you benefits. You reap what you sow and if it’s recklessness and negligence you’re promoting, then that’s what you’ll get in return. Greeting people with a smile and making them…


20 Best Single Page Joomla Templates

Website designers keep developing different techniques and ways to infuse their designs with uniqueness and fill it with interest for the viewers. There are many ways in which this target can be achieved and one of them is single page website. Single page websites are spread over a span of…


25 Free Facebook Like Button PSD Designs

No matter you hate or love social networking sites like Facebook, whether you want to add only a service or dozens, they always bring you visitors to your site. Websites, specially blogs and community sites, normally use buttons to add social media links to their site. In this compilation below,…


Free PSD UI Kits and PSD UI Design Elements for Designers

Interface design PSD UI kits with vector shape Photoshop PSD files available for free download. Here are useful free PSD UI Kits for mobile app and website GUI. These user interface kits are completely free for download with fully customizable and well organized layered PSD files. GDJ is the best place to…


32 Simplistic Line Icons for UI Design Inspiration

The newer iOS software comes with a redesigned interface for iPhones and iPads. The familiar tab bar icons are now typically replaced by smaller line icons – often very thin yet easy to interpret based on the design style. Line icons have grown to encompass website layouts and other types…


Create A Beautiful Retro Text Effect In Photoshop CS6

Hello websoulz readers. First I would like to apologize for our absence from websoulz for so long. As you are well aware of our new venture Graphicsoulz, a place to serve the designer community with great resources. So being so young Graphicsoulz wanted our undivided attention in these last few…


Frame: Quality Mockups for Your Product, Website or App

Frame is a service that enables you to create quick, high quality mockup of your product, website or app. Your uploaded images will be wrapped with real device context. It’s a professional tool for creating promotional materials. Frame is completely free for personal and commercial use. Their aim is to…


Top 30 Free WordPress Themes 2014

A lot of themes are now floating through the Web, some are free and others premium. Of course, most WordPress experts recommend premium themes because of its security and design advantages but that doesn’t mean that you should trump the free ones. Sometimes, the free themes are even more beautiful…


Are You Making These 14 Common HTML5 Mistakes

HTML5, the latest standard for HTML and a candidate recommendation of the W3C, was definitely a blessing for web developers. It has not only allowed them to make their markup more search engine friendly, but also helped them get cut off on HTTP requests and create a better user experience….


Create a Photo Manipulation Of a Lonely child in Photoshop

Learn how to create this photo manipulation of a lonely child in an emotional dreamscape with Photoshop. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create your own atmospheric dark fantasy scene using stock images, retouching skin, enchanting original image with lightning and some more. Throughout the tutorial, you’ll learn techniques…


30 Refreshing Premium WordPress Themes for Landing Pages

There comes a time when we think of starting a new business and selling some products or maybe a service. Premium WordPress themes are also very popular because they are SEO-optimized. WordPress themes are popular because they are flexible, comfortable, and provide you with a powerful content management system (CMS)….

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