What comes after customer-centricity?

Read this and get ready for it. For many years now, I’ve been fascinated by the timeline shown below and pondering what lies beyond the Age of the Customer. These days, I’ve got a pretty good idea about what’s next. The Age of the Customer timeline. Source: Forrester Research First, let’s unpack this timeline and understand how… Continue reading What comes after customer-centricity?

10 Best PHP Chat Scripts on CodeCanyon

Do you want to provide real time, instant solution to your customers most pressing problems?  Live chat lets you have real-time conversations with customers and resolve their problems instantly. It allows you to provide faster service to your customers. Live chats also allow users in an online community to chat with each other in real… Continue reading 10 Best PHP Chat Scripts on CodeCanyon

Designing Websites Around Colorblind Users

Colorblind users are more common than you might realize. It’s not hard to design your website to make it easy for colorblind visitors to use. In fact, it will often make your designs more effective for all users, not just those with atypical sight conditions. Learn how to design your website around colorblind users to… Continue reading Designing Websites Around Colorblind Users

When Copy Loves Itself Too Much

One time, I nearly lost my mind while brainstorming copy for a holiday print ad. I was writing for Havenly, an interior design company, and we were advertising in a popular home decorating magazine. “Keep it simple,” I told myself, “this has been done hundreds of times before.” An ad that took way too long… Continue reading When Copy Loves Itself Too Much