Flyer Templates

Welcome to this comprehensive guide to flyer templates. We’ll look at what flyers are, why to use them, and how to create them. And we’ll also look at plenty of flyer design inspiration. Let’s get started! What Is a Flyer? At its most basic level, a flyer is a small sheet of paper containing printed… Continue reading Flyer Templates

What comes after customer-centricity?

Read this and get ready for it. For many years now, I’ve been fascinated by the timeline shown below and pondering what lies beyond the Age of the Customer. These days, I’ve got a pretty good idea about what’s next. The Age of the Customer timeline. Source: Forrester Research First, let’s unpack this timeline and understand how… Continue reading What comes after customer-centricity?

12 Biggest UX Flaws Hijacking User Experience (and How to Fix Them)

Undeniably, website designing is a cut and dried chore these days. First off, you get a simple layout ready. Next, you paint it with combination simpler colors. Then you stuff it with simplest words possible. Get set go! However, in their eagerness to launch their site in a hurry, most website owners forget to address… Continue reading 12 Biggest UX Flaws Hijacking User Experience (and How to Fix Them)

Polaroid Stack to Grid Intro Animation

A tutorial on how to create an intro animation where a decorative Polaroid stack becomes a grid similar to the effect seen on the takeit website. View demo Download source Today we’d like to show you how to create a very simple intro effect similar to the one seen on the takeit website where a… Continue reading Polaroid Stack to Grid Intro Animation