What’s New in Ecommerce, January 2021

Ecommerce design may seem fairly straight-forward; you build an online store that showcases a company’s products or services and gives customers a quick and pain-free way to purchase them. While that formula will always hold true, ecommerce is undergoing some big changes, and web designers need to be prepared to keep up with them. This… Continue reading What’s New in Ecommerce, January 2021

Best Practices for Better Mobile commerce UX

With the share of mobile users advancing exponentially, the number of users who shop via mobile phones is also increasing drastically. According to eMarketer, online sales through mobile devices would amount to $3.5 trillion by the end of 2021. It is a huge segment of total revenue and the total number of eCommerce shoppers. Mobile… Continue reading Best Practices for Better Mobile commerce UX

Logo Trends For 2019

Having a logo for your business is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s synonymous to your brand’s identity, a visual representation that people will recognize immediately even without the company or product name. Knowing, understanding and applying wisely chosen trends in logo design to your emblem shows that your brand is contemporary and relevant to the… Continue reading Logo Trends For 2019