10 Best AnglularJS Frameworks For Developers

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14 Best Resources For Learning CSS3

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Personas: Finding imaginary friends for web designers

One of the most common pieces of writing advice out there is “know your audience.” Choosing to appeal to either middle-aged lawyers or college freshmen will alter everything from approach, to tone, to structure, even if the subject matter is the same. Why treat web design any differently? It’s common sense that middle-aged lawyers and… Continue reading Personas: Finding imaginary friends for web designers

WP_Query Arguments: Taxonomies

So far in this series, you’ve learned how WP_Query is structured and what its properties and methods are. Now we’re looking at the various arguments you can use with WP_Query and how you code them. WP_Query has a large number of possible arguments, which makes it extremely flexible. As you can use it to query… Continue reading WP_Query Arguments: Taxonomies

Product Tags, Categories & Attributes

In previous articles of this series about WooCommerce I have discussed different settings and their configurations, including the addition of products. Then we explored the addition of four different kinds of products with featured images and product galleries. In the section of products, there were options for product tags, categories and attributes. This is what… Continue reading Product Tags, Categories & Attributes