Why designers don’t use your design system

Improve the adoption of your design system through components flexibility Thumbnail of Cosmos Design System ❤ This is not a recipe for success or a know-it-all article. Here I’m focusing on the most constant and significant challenge when building design systems — reaching a balance and compromising between flexibility and rigidity of components standards. The components in the… Continue reading Why designers don’t use your design system

Product Tags, Categories & Attributes

In previous articles of this series about WooCommerce I have discussed different settings and their configurations, including the addition of products. Then we explored the addition of four different kinds of products with featured images and product galleries. In the section of products, there were options for product tags, categories and attributes. This is what… Continue reading Product Tags, Categories & Attributes

Thumbnail Grid with Expanding Preview

If you have searched images on Google recently, you might have noticed the interesting expanding preview for a larger image when you click on a thumbnail. It’s a really nice effect and it is very practical, making a search much easier. Today we want to show you how to create a similar effect on a… Continue reading Thumbnail Grid with Expanding Preview