How to Use Firebase Firestore in an iOS App

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manage data in a Firebase Firestore database. For some background on Firebase and instructions on how to get your Firestore database set up, please read my earlier Introduction to Firebase post. Data, Documents, and Collections Working with Firestore, data, documents and collections are the key concepts which we need… Continue reading How to Use Firebase Firestore in an iOS App

Introduction to Firebase

We are in an era of rapid prototyping. We may get bright ideas, but sometimes they don’t get implemented if they take too much work. Often, the back-end is the limiting factor—many ideas never get implemented due to lack of knowledge or time for server-side coding. As a mobile developer, using a back-end as a service (BaaS) platform can… Continue reading Introduction to Firebase

10 Explanations Why Web Projects Fail

Nowadays every task utilizes some form of CMS. In place of painting a canvas in the old days of HTML, the necessity is always to build applications that require to follow more traditional development approaches. If the project is coded improperly, then quite often you have to throw it away and start over. The cost… Continue reading 10 Explanations Why Web Projects Fail

Designing an iOS App in Sketch

In this 3 part tutorial (I wanted to break it into more digestible chunks) we’ll be creating screens for a fictional, ‘Pay It Forward’ iOS App called ‘Piece’. Before we start the tutorial, there’s a few things you’ll need: Once you have the items installed, let’s go ahead and create some awesome… Welcome Screen Let’s… Continue reading Designing an iOS App in Sketch