Moderated research with dscout

Moderated research helps gather qualitative feedback directly from users. dscout, a research platform, simplifies this process with tools for participant recruitment, live video interviews, and automated data transcription and analysis. This article explores how dscout’s features support moderated user research and compares its effectiveness to other research tool. TABLE OF CONTENTS Does dscout… Continue reading Moderated research with dscout

Lessons from setting up an internal research participant panel at Atlassian

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Sign up page for the Atlassian Research Group My first UX Research role was at a small digital agency, where the discipline was still new. Sales teams would frequently sell clients research, without fully budgeting in participant recruitment. Shoestring budgets meant I often had to find my participants using creative, scrappy… Continue reading Lessons from setting up an internal research participant panel at Atlassian

Great Design is Built on Great Research

If there is any secret to a good design, then it is to conduct good research beforehand. Great design does not happen by chance, it is always based on the understanding of the user and empathy. Research is a fundamental part in understanding context and narrowing down to the “right” problem users face, which is… Continue reading Great Design is Built on Great Research

Bill Nye the UX Guy

Photo by chuttersnap It was a cold Thursday evening in February and I was less than stoked to be sitting in an 8th grade classroom at St. Catherine’s listening to Deacon Colin’s dry jokes and speech outlining the importance of this marriage preparation course. Trying to look engaged and interested in the conversation at hand,… Continue reading Bill Nye the UX Guy