Choosing humanity over automation

Navigating the role of AI in design discipleship. Designers can learn AI skills and practice similar techniques as UX researchers. Pain is a part of the design process, and designers should choose which pain they are willing to endure to achieve their desired outcomes. And they can learn intangible values from their masters to become… Continue reading Choosing humanity over automation

Ways to Enhance Customer Experience with Web Design

How a website looks depends entirely on the individual or company doing its web design. However, having a website isn’t just all about making a website pretty. It can also impact a website’s SEO. Furthermore, web design and digital branding also plays a crucial role in giving a website’s visitors the best possible customer experience.… Continue reading Ways to Enhance Customer Experience with Web Design

Figma Project, Page & Artboard Tips

Welcome to the next in our series of Figma tips and tricks! This time we’ll be improving the way you work with Figma projects, pages, and artboards. Watch Tips 1. Customize Project Thumbnails It’s perfectly possible to create custom project thumbnails which will show up in your dashboard drafts area. Make sure that the first page… Continue reading Figma Project, Page & Artboard Tips