3 Essential Design Trends, May 2020

The state of the world around us can greatly impact website design. From emotional changes that correlate to the feel of a design to information and data to deliver, the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic is making its way into projects (intentionally or not). Here’s what’s trending in design this month. 1. “Unbalanced” Use… Continue reading 3 Essential Design Trends, May 2020

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #38

Medical app UI design by Cuberto Day 69 – Trending by Carl Hauser Barni UI Kit – Case Studies by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe Logo Project by Yoga Perdana by MUTI Hex Sweepers by Dave Whyte Epicurrence Snowboard – Be Epic. by Studio–JQ Smoke Break (Process) by Burnt Toast Creative Flag app by Asger Vigen Skillshare #monthoflearning by DKNG Machine Type No. 5160 by Frank Rodriguez… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #38