Boarding Pass Design Inspiration

UI challenge — Boarding pass #024 by This Optimism Boarding Pass :: Daily UI — 024 by Kelly Harrop Daily UI #024- boarding pass #dailyui #024 by pramod kabadi Boarding pass by Goutham 7th Week (Wednesday) — Boarding Pass by Ron Evgeniy for Ron Design Daily UI #57 — Boarding Pass by Ranjith Alingal Day 24 — Boarding Pass by Carl Hauser Boarding Pass by Niclas… Continue reading Boarding Pass Design Inspiration

File Upload UI Inspiration

Daily UI challenge #031 — File Upload by Alexander Cafa Share Card by Dea_n File upload by Oleg Frolov Upload by Aaron Iker Day 31 — File Upload by Carl Hauser Day 24 — File upload widget by Hervé Rbna Daily UI — Day 31 — File Upload by irene georgiou File Upload by Noel Niñal Daily UI Day #04 — Upload by Jakub Kowalczyk for… Continue reading File Upload UI Inspiration

ToDo List Inspiration

Task manager application UI by Alexander Me Day042 Todo List by Catherine Wang 042 DailyUI — ToDo List by Adrien Gervaix Calendar App by Vadim Gromov Updated ToDay app v.1.5 by Guglielmo Daily UI #042 — To Do List by Kelsey Bowman Day 003-Work List by ZoeWang 042 — List App by Racine Davis day41-Todolist by JIE LIU To-Do List by… Continue reading ToDo List Inspiration

Pop-up Inspiration

Popup — Dailyui by Goutham What’s new by Pieter-Pleun Korevaar Pop-up by Oleg Frolov Daily Ui Day 16 Pop-Up by tomatree Day 016 — Subscribe by HEZY Pop-up by Patryk Zabielski Daily UI #14 — Infographic by Patryk Wąsik for Day 016 — Pop Up by Evgen Sale Pop-Up by David França Spotify Pop-Up / Overlay Premium. by Quentin Daily UI — Day 16… Continue reading Pop-up Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration for Designers Week 11

Trump by James Curran New illustrations – late 2015 – Full project Space by Yoga Perdana Wizard V2 by Nick Slater Lookout by Matt Carlson 311 Southern California Posters by DKNG Don Quixote Puzzle –  Full project Cima is Live – by Barthelemy Chalvet Hide Designer Page by Vivek Ravin Loyalty Comp by Nick Franchi Dashboard by Nick Franchi B&O Play App — FREEBIE Part I by… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers Week 11

Geniuses we love – Vic Bell – Illustrator and icon designer

“Hello, I’m Vic I’m an illustrator and designer from the North of England, I’m 27, I have a passion for good movies, a cup of tea and all things vector. I’ve been designing for around 8 years now but still find myself learning and growing on a daily basis. I spend most of my time… Continue reading Geniuses we love – Vic Bell – Illustrator and icon designer

Weekly Inspiration for Designers Week 07

Daily Routine Icons by Burnt Toast Creative BB-TRUMP by Tony Babel 6-inch Skatergramps by Markus Magnusson Bitcoin App Design by Julien Renvoye Senna. A legend. My Hero. by Studio–JQ Icons by Nick Kumbari for Leavingstone Library Widget by Sergey Valiukh for Tubik Studio Kids Fashion by Gleb Kuznetsov TaskManagerUI by Daniel Klopper Spacegramps by Markus Magnusson TOKYO  byChris LaBrooy – Full project BAFTA 2016 Best Film posters… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers Week 07

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #39

ToFind – Transition Test by Leo Leung BB-FAT by Tony Babel Fantasy Shopping by FΛNTΛSY Eido by Jona Dinges Swapper (4 of 4) by FΛNTΛSY Hex Sweepers by Dave Whyte Kolab UI Bitcoin app concept by Julien Renvoye Devil Planet Hulk – Full project Call KEROZEN if you need to… – Full project Oswald-2 – Full project Grupo Triple S – Full project ESPN NBA Ranks… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #39

Inspiring Web Designs #1 2016

 Tiffany & Co. Holiday Gift Guide Resn Dim Sum Chekhov Is Alive Zero Landfill The McWhopper Proposal Las Fantasticas Aventuras belVita Morning Win Way of the Desperados KFC: The Hall of Colonels 4NewsWall Wildflower The Self-Destructing Book Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 11:59 Moment

Redesign concepts for popular websites #1

Ebay Redesign by Tintin s. “I tried to redesign Ebay but I realised this is just make it cleaner, I expect to make it all new but I am not pro with ux. so this is quiet play safe. If you want to critic or share some idea how to redesign, don’t hesitate to comment,… Continue reading Redesign concepts for popular websites #1

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #38

Medical app UI design by Cuberto Day 69 – Trending by Carl Hauser Barni UI Kit – Case Studies by Barthelemy Chalvet for AgenceMe Logo Project by Yoga Perdana by MUTI Hex Sweepers by Dave Whyte Epicurrence Snowboard – Be Epic. by Studio–JQ Smoke Break (Process) by Burnt Toast Creative Flag app by Asger Vigen Skillshare #monthoflearning by DKNG Machine Type No. 5160 by Frank Rodriguez… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #38

Animated GIFs of the week

  Time flies by ARM Sattavorn Merry (late) Xmas and a Happy New Year by Andreas Running Dumbbell by EJ Hassenfratz Happy New Year 2016 by Pumika Hello Dribbble! Here’s a BB-8. by Justin Au POLLOS! by Aarón Martínez Bumpy Ride by Linn Fritz T70 X-Wing by Jérémy Paul $_$ by Joel Plosz Kylo Ren : dark woods by Dimz Another year has passed by Emanuele… Continue reading Animated GIFs of the week

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #4

  Lost in Space by Geoff Keough Event Alert by buatoom for Craft Fig. Cloud Apps Backup by Ghani Pradita Perfecto Stock Imagery // Portrait Category by Studio–JQ Logo Project by Yoga Perdana Social music app by Jakub Antalík Reelevant Homepage by Balkan Brothers Structure – Architecture Blog by Ernest Asanov for Tubik Studio The Dark Arts by EJ Hassenfratz Daily UI challenge #037… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #4

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #3

Book Store Website   Space onboarding   User Onboarding Screen Happy Holidays!   Weather App   Healthcare Mobile App   Dribbble Invite Giveaway – Christmas Gift   Judopay Cards   Task, Memo, Schedule, Weather & etc.   Pots App Daily UI Day 43 Food/Drink Menu   Banked App Map   Calendar   Camera Settings Flow… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #3

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #2

HomeBid — Live Furniture Auction Colicons Ziggy played guitar TailsLife: Advanced Search Smoothie Fika Stamped Legoscapes Social music app Bright Young Things Feeling Under the Weather MediaHub Home Nordic Process Space Oddity Usbek & Rica: Groovy Future Relax Time No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk mo_st_ | moholy_typophoto_book – Full project Clouds & Gradients Pt. 5… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #2