Weekly Inspiration for Designers #39

ToFind – Transition Test by Leo Leung BB-FAT by Tony Babel Fantasy Shopping by FΛNTΛSY Eido by Jona Dinges Swapper (4 of 4) by FΛNTΛSY Hex Sweepers by Dave Whyte Kolab UI Bitcoin app concept by Julien Renvoye Devil Planet Hulk – Full project Call KEROZEN if you need to… – Full project Oswald-2 – Full project Grupo Triple S – Full project ESPN NBA Ranks… Continue reading Weekly Inspiration for Designers #39

Jona Dinges Low Poly Designs

It never ceases to astonish me personally associated with level of design you are able to achieve with minimalism. Having less matter to utilize, forces one to maximize everything you got. Minimal poly design, in 3D, represents what I refer to. Wanting to produce a model because of the amount that is lowest of polygons… Continue reading Jona Dinges Low Poly Designs