I am still recoiling from the loads of information and knowledge sharing that happened during IxD14 last week. You guys should follow #1xd14 on twitter and catch up on the videos at Vimeo channel. During the conference, I conducted a workshop at the HKU on “Playful Thinking”. To give you a short introduction, ‘Playful Thinking’… Continue reading Rippplr

Free Online Conference with 20,000+ Registrants

By Jerry Cao on Oct 2 2017UX Scaling design is one of the greatest challenges faced by product teams today. That’s because design just doesn’t scale like engineering. As teams, products, and processes grow, things eventually break. Despite how daunting the challenge seems, plenty of companies have adapted their own best… Continue reading Free Online Conference with 20,000+ Registrants

Designing Anticipated User Experiences

Anticipatory Design is possibly the next big leap within the field of Experience Design. “Design that is one step ahead” as Shapiro refers to it. This sounds amazing, but where does it lead us? And how will it affect our relationship with technology? I’ve dedicated my Master thesis to this topic to identify both ethical… Continue reading Designing Anticipated User Experiences