Does Diversity in Photos Affect UX?

Inclusive web design is more than just building a website that’s accessible for impaired individuals. Inclusivity means creating an environment (physical or digital) that’s welcoming of all people regardless of their: Age; Race; Ethnicity; Gender; Sexual orientation; Socioeconomic status; Body shape; Physical or mental impairment; And so on… But let’s be honest: it’s not always… Continue reading Does Diversity in Photos Affect UX?


I am still recoiling from the loads of information and knowledge sharing that happened during IxD14 last week. You guys should follow #1xd14 on twitter and catch up on the videos at Vimeo channel. During the conference, I conducted a workshop at the HKU on “Playful Thinking”. To give you a short introduction, ‘Playful Thinking’… Continue reading Rippplr