The art of unlearning

How letting go of the familiar can help product designers become more creative. The pursuit of knowledge — challenging the old & embracing the new (‘School of Athens’ by Raphael) Kids are more imaginative than adults. Not only is this pretty commonly observed, but it’s scientifically proven too. In 1968, George Land conducted a longitudinal study where he… Continue reading The art of unlearning

Templates, Icons, UI Kits, and More

Figma came out as a strong new player in 2016 allowing design and software development teams to collaborate on any platform. This browser-based application eliminated problems such as updating software, syncing screens, and waiting for a team member to upload the latest design. Real-time collaboration is where Figma shines most. It launched with features like… Continue reading Templates, Icons, UI Kits, and More

Free Online Conference with 20,000+ Registrants

By Jerry Cao on Oct 2 2017UX Scaling design is one of the greatest challenges faced by product teams today. That’s because design just doesn’t scale like engineering. As teams, products, and processes grow, things eventually break. Despite how daunting the challenge seems, plenty of companies have adapted their own best… Continue reading Free Online Conference with 20,000+ Registrants

Houzz: a UX case study

We are all looking for self-expression and inspiration. We express ourselves through fashion, music, art, and through furniture. Houzz is an interior design app that has thousands of furniture inspirations for users to express their styles. After talking to friends and interviewing users I found that out of the people I talked to there were… Continue reading Houzz: a UX case study