From designed-for-women to design-by-women

[unable to retrieve full-text content] A reciprocal relationship between societal shift and innovative design. Lululemon retail store in Beijing. PHOTOGRAPHER: Eason Yang Design has evolved from a pragmatic methodology towards a strategic influence over the past decades; designers have engaged in complex social problems making significant contributions. Our observations convince us that the need has emerged… Continue reading From designed-for-women to design-by-women

The Best Watercolor Brushes You’d Download

Advertisement The watercolor brushes give you a chance to make a connection between traditional art and digital art. Designing with watercolor effects in one of the most popular concepts in recent years, and has ensured a place both in web design and out-of-the-box photo editing. Some people argue that replicating watercolor effects in the digital… Continue reading The Best Watercolor Brushes You’d Download