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“One of the fundamental forces behind my journey is the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other designers. Building relationships is a crucial part of what we do.

I’ve always been a people person myself. That’s just part of my nature. I’m a strong believer that the best design work comes out of working with different types of people, with different backgrounds and points of view — so I will always look for that human connection in any project or role that I’m taking. Am I going to work with people who inspire me? Am I going to be able to learn something new?”

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Editors’ picks

Reflection point
The role of reflection in the design process.
Justin White

Typography traps
A thorough analysis of ink and light traps in type design.
Toshi Omagari

Ray & Charles Eames
The iconic couple of 20th-century design.
Michelle Chiu

Hope in NYC: illustrated series depicts creatures of hope walking through different parts of New York City.

Food for thought

Design-ish systems
“I hear a lot of design systems fatigue in the industry. Not that folks are tired of design systems, mind you. But rather, they built their system because something wasn’t working at their organization; and after shipping the system, things don’t necessarily feel better. But they definitely do feel different. Why is that?”

The talent race is also an ethical race
“As companies stretch their limbs in preparation for the looming talent race, execs must remember this is also an ethical race. Tech workers are demanding that Silicon Valley look beyond disruption and hypergrowth and instead prioritize social impact, justice, and equity.”

After working at Google, I’ll never let myself love a job again
“After I quit, I promised myself to never love a job again. Not in the way I loved Google. Not with the devotion businesses wish to inspire when they provide for employees’ most basic needs like food and health care and belonging. No publicly traded company is a family. I fell for the fantasy that it could be.”

Taking LEGO to the next level: Ekow Nimako envisions an Afrofuturistic world.

Little gems this week

Why having a multidisciplinary attitude is important
By Hans Leopold Helm

What are your design maxims?
By Matt Owens

The assumption of empathy: Are all designers psychotherapists now?
By Irene Inouye

Tools and resources

Figma’s newest tool for whiteboard collaboration.

The UI & UX tips collection
A collection of 18 tips to help improve your designs.

Web interface handbook
Some of the fundamentals of creating a good web interface.

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