5 Common Problems Faced by Python Beginners

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Framerjs: Innovative prototyping and design with interaction

Constant updates for free! Includes prototyping for Virtual Reality! Join more than 1400 students and learn how to use Framer JS with your Sketch 3 or Photoshop designs to create innovative prototypes, design animation and add interaction to your mobile and web designs and prototypes. This course will teach you step by step how to… Continue reading Framerjs: Innovative prototyping and design with interaction

Code Clinic: Java

Code Clinic: Java 1h 34m Intermediate Jul 15, 2014 Updated Dec 16, 2014 Viewers: 11,167 Many successful programmers know more than just a computer language. They also know how to think about solving problems. They use “computational thinking”: breaking a problem down into segments that lend themselves to technical solutions. Code Clinic is a series… Continue reading Code Clinic: Java

Swift 2.0 Essential Training

Swift 2.0 Essential Training 6h 0m Beginner Apple introduced Swift in June 2014, describing it as Objective-C without the C. Yet with version 2, announced in June 2015, Swift is pulling away from its Objective-C origins and breaking new ground as a modern language that is safe, fast, and expressive. In this training course, Scott… Continue reading Swift 2.0 Essential Training

Advanced Command Line Techniques

Want to learn some more advanced command line tips that will help you with Bash and Zsh shells? That’s what this course is all about, and we’ll even write shell scripts along the way. Lessons: 32 Length: 2.6 hours Categories: Command-LineWorkflow https://youtu.be/R74xYp9N6Sw https://youtu.be/VzkamWRTdmw https://youtu.be/cB9sgOEEPjg https://youtu.be/mHQqWCqktDM https://youtu.be/SY-TtHkYmxA

Free Swift Tutorials for Apple’s New Programming Language

Unveiled only a month ago, the new programming language Swift that was created by Apple for iOS developers shook up Xcode lovers a bit. It aims to provide programmers with an alternative that slowly should replace Objective-C, which is not so resilient against erroneous code. Swift includes slightly revised basic Objective-C features and new advanced… Continue reading Free Swift Tutorials for Apple’s New Programming Language