Dropbox revamp, Figma plugins, scary Deepfakes — and more UX this week

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10 memorable non-design films that have inspired me
Movies I have watched or re-watched recently, and key learnings from each. Sometimes the best design inspiration comes from unexpected places.

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Stories from the community

Nobody loves your product
The kind of love that businesses need to grow fast.
By Abel Maningas

How to crush design usability test for enterprise product?
User testing best practices for complicated systems.
By Oleksii Masliiev

10 usability heuristics with examples
Nielsen’s usability heuristics with modern-day examples.
By Akshay Devazya

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News & ideas

  • Highlights this week:
    Firefox has a new branding
    Plugins are coming to Figma
    Dropbox is getting a massive overhaul →
  • Deepfake Frenzy
    AI deepfakes are now as simple as typing whatever you want your subject to say.
  • Web Sarcasm
    7 ways to convey sarcasm in web content through formatting and code.
  • 4-Day Weeks
    It’s time to switch to a four-day working week, say these two Davos experts.
  • Listen Together
    Listen Together is a concept for collaborative listening in Spotify by Mike Battaglia.

Tools & resources

  • Versus
    Find alternatives to the services you love to hate.
  • Shape Space
    IDEO’s tool to build, test, and refine your ideas.
  • Unapp
    A directory of minimal single-purpose apps.
  • Beautiful Type
    An in-depth guide to open-source typefaces.
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