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Notifications: an Interview with John Saito, from Dropbox →

We dream of a future with connected and ubiquitous experiences, but we still feel overwhelmed with the notifications across all our devices. In this last piece of our series we interviewed John Saito, ‘designer of words’ at Dropbox, about how we can keep users sane and avoid the (+99) notifications on their devices.

Today’s ecosystems are built by multiple pieces and players. Who should manage the notifications: the service itself, like Uber and Spotify, or the hub, like Alexa and Google Home?

John: I think both the platform and the service should be responsible for serving people the right notifications at the right time. In my dream world, I’d love to go to a single screen on my phone, computer, or any other device, and then see all the notifications I’m currently getting. From there, I’d want a way to customize the content and frequency of each notification.

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