What an iPhone notification dot told me last night

I am the red notification dot on your iPhone,

I make sure you keep seeing me.

I’ll create new tasks for you to finish,

Come on, just tap on me.

Why am I so irresistible?

How do I make your finger tap?

Do I provide you with the unconditional love you long for,

Or am I just a mental trap?

When you see me, you instantly touch,

You think you’ll get what you deeply desire.

You wish it will only take a moment,

To “feed” your mind some nice feelings and go haywire.

You think you’re getting the world upon seeing me,

And you are going to catch up everything that’s new.

You never think I am making you afraid of,

Not to miss out in the world outside you.

I am bright and red like your blood,

I am designed to create subconscious fear.

I keep making your monkey mind go off-task,

So I could sell your attention for some random guy’s beer.

“Don’t miss out on this important thing” I cry out,

And I’ll make sure you keep longing for me.

Or I’ll become evil and engage you,

As your user graphs go up on the computers of Silicon Valley.

I am just a tiny red dot humanity created,

You were actually born to fall in love with me.

Soon this is the only love you’ll be left with,

You know it deep down, when you randomly start feeling lonely.

I can feel you already miss me,

As I wait for you on the home screen behind.

Come on, come back and touch me,

And I’ll dance with your monkey mind.

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