Chatbot User Experience 101: Vital Tips to Improve Chatbot UX

Use Simple Language & Diction in Your Chatbot Design Process

It can’t be overstated how important personality is for a chatbot; personality makes a bot fun to talk to. When you’ve developed a bot personality, ensure your bot’s voice remains consistent throughout the conversation. Moments where a bot speaks “out of character” can be immersion breaking for a user.

When writing the bot’s responses, it’s generally advised to stick to concise language and a simple vocabulary. Never use jargon that can confuse the user! Instead, stick to language that anyone can understand easily. This is among the most important of chatbot UX tips because ease and brevity are key for conversational UI. When testing your bot and its responses, try different devices to ensure the user doesn’t need to scroll to read a response. If it’s too long, they might just walk away.

Finally, be sure to provide multiple responses per query, then randomize them. Providing the same response over and over again makes your chatbot sound, well, robotic. It’s easy to imagine how boring repeat conversations can become in this situation, so improve chatbot UX by shuffling responses.

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