How to Create a Wanted Poster

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Would you like to see your face on one of these old wanted dead or alive posters? Of course, just for fun! In this tutorial I will show you how to do it using a very simple wanted poster generator. Use a fully customizable wanted poster template to create your own poster in minutes!

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How to Create a Wanted Poster

Step 1

Go to Type “wanted poster” in the search bar.

placeit homepage

Step 2

Click the blank wanted poster to open the wanted poster maker.

wanted poster maker

Step 3

Now you have a wanted poster template—a wanted poster example ready to be filled with your own information. Let’s start with the photo: go to the right and click Custom Image.

add custom image

Step 4

Pick your photo and give it a second to upload. I used this photo.

pick a photo

Step 5

To make the photo fit its space in the poster, you need to crop it properly. Use the slider to resize the photo, and then drag it for the best frame. When you’re done, click Crop.

crop your photo

Step 6

A special filter will be added to your photo to give it the style of a traditional wanted poster. Now, let’s add the text. To the left you have all the text fields currently used—you can remove them or add another one. You can also change the font and color, and you can resize or move the text.

Personally, I like the style of this wanted poster, so I’ve just replaced the text with something custom.

add custom text

Step 7

You also have control over the other colors in the poster—the background color and the color of the ornaments. Play with them to see what works best.

change colors

Step 8

Additionally, you can add a graphic to the poster. You can choose from a very extensive list of symbols, or upload your own image.

add graphic
add symbols to poster

Step 9

When you’re done, just scroll up and click Download. You can purchase this single design, or download it as a part of your unlimited subscription.

download the poster design

Want More Posters?

Placeit offers templates for every occasion—you can create every poster you want with the poster maker!

poster maker

You can also see how your poster will look in reality by using a poster mockup generator.

poster mockup template

That’s All!

Now you know how to create your own most wanted poster!

wanted poster template

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