Best WordPress Quiz Plugins of 2019

A great way to improve website visitor engagement and get potential business is with quizzes. A quiz does not necessarily need to have academic questions. You can use them to help visitors figure out which product they should buy or books they should read, for example. Quizzes can also be created just for fun or to learn more about your visitors.

We have already created a post which provides a list of the best free WordPress quiz plugins

However, free plugins are generally lacking in features and don’t offer support in case you get stuck. Sometimes, you might also have to be content with the plugin branding that is added to all your quizzes with free plugins. If you are looking for the best premium WordPress plugins, offering a lot of features and free support, this post will help you out.

1. Advisor Quiz

Advisor Quiz is a great plugin which comes with plenty of features like multiple layouts, full customization and support for Ads integration.

Advisor Quiz

You can create regular trivia quizzes where the visitors can test their knowledge by answering some questions. Two other types of quizzes called content filter and personality quizzes can also be created in a similar manner. They will allow you to provide users with some additional insight or product recommendation based on their answers.

There is one more quiz type that you can create and it is called the count quiz. It can be incredibly helpful in certain situations. Lets say, you run a travel related website where users can find information about vacation destinations. A visitor arrives on the website looking for some recommendations. Now, you can show them a simple quiz where they are shown some famous tourist spots. They can then select all the places that they have already visited. After answering a couple more questions, you will be able to suggest some new places that they can visit based on places they have already visited. The same concept can be applied to recommendations related to anything from food to movies or more.

The plugin comes with powerful analytics that let you track all quiz related data. For example, you can see how many people started a quiz, successfully submitted their answers, clicked on the products and services you recommended and so on.

The quizzes can be easily embedded in your posts using simple shortcodes. Don’t forget to check out the live preview of the plugin where you can test out all the features.

2. WordPress Viral Quiz

The WordPress Viral Quiz plugin is currently the top selling WordPress quiz plugin on Code Canyon. You can use it to create personality or trivia quizzes which have a tendency to go viral. If your quizzes do get shared around by a lot of people, you will get more views and in turn more revenue.

WordPress Viral Quiz

For example, let say you create a quiz where people answer some trivia questions about a popular movie star or TV show. In the end, the quiz displays their scores and shows them buttons that they can click on to directly share their results as well as the quiz itself with people on social media. You can also create quizzes where you give people explanation for the answer of each quiz question after they submit their choice.

To increase the chances of more people seeing your quizzes, you can also set up the plugin in such a way that the result is only shown to the users once they share the quiz on social media. Similarly, you can build your email lists by asking users for their email address where you will mail them the results of the quiz.

The plugin can be used to create the quizzes with either a Buzzfeed theme or a modern flat theme. The questions in the quizzes can be randomized for different people. The quizzes you create are fully responsive and can be extended to multiple pages. The appearance of the quiz itself can be easily customized with your own CSS.

You should definitely check out the demo page of the plugin to see the kind of quizzes that you can create with it.

3. Modal Survey Quiz Plugin

The Modal Survey Quiz plugin allows you to create quizzes in forms of a poll or survey. These quizzes can be embedded directly into the posts or shown as a pop-up in a modal.

Modal Survey Quiz Plugin

You can either show the aggregate results of any poll or survey on the front-end of the website to visitors or you can see the results yourself on the back-end. This should help you make constant improvements to your website and help improve engagements or revenue.

The results of a survey are represented visually in order to make them easier to analyze. This is done with the help of a variety of charts.

The plugin can also be used to create other kinds of quizzes like a trivia or personality test. The trivia quizzes are created in a way that encourages visitors to share them on social media. You can also put a time limit on the quizzes that you create.

There are a lot of settings to customize almost every aspect of the quizzes. This includes font, padding, border, and background color. The plugin also gives you the option to trigger a quiz based on certain events like a user clicking on some link or scrolling to the bottom of the webpage. You then have the option to give users the ability to close the quiz pop-up or force them to answer the questions in order to get back to the content.

Quizzes can also consist of star ratings or images as part of the answer. For example, when asking users how satisfied are they with the delivery time of their orders, you can create the quiz with answers ranging from a one star rating to a five star rating. Using images and other graphic elements instead of plain text can help keep things more interesting and increase engagement.

The feature list does not end here. You should definitely check out the plugin description page in order to read about the rest of the features. Also take a look the the demo where polls and surveys are embedded seamlessly into the webpage.

4. ARI Stream Quiz

The ARI Stream Quiz plugin also aims to increase your website traffic by helping you create viral quizzes easily.

ARI Stream Quiz Plugin

Many features of this plugin are similar to the WordPress Viral Quiz plugin. For instance, it also comes with a Buzzfeed style theme and a standard theme. It gives users the option to share their result with on a variety of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Some other features of the plugin that you might find interesting include that ability to show the questions in a random order as well as shuffle the answers. The content on the final result page can also be customized based on the score of the user.

You can embed the quizzes into any post or page using shortcodes. The statistics for each quiz are available in the admin dashboard. You can also export the results to a CSV file.

Give the demos of ARI Stream Quiz a try and see if you like the plugin.

5. Quizmaker

The Quizmaker plugin is specifically designed to help you create tests and exams for academic purpose. You can use these quizzes to evaluate how much the students who have taken a particular course learned from all the lessons.


You can create many types of questions using the plugin where users can select the right option from a drop down menu or mark multiple correct answers using checkboxes. Similarly, the users can input the answer in a simple text input field or write essay type answers.

You can create unlimited tests and each test can have as many questions as you want. The questions in each quiz can be ordered randomly. The plugin also gives you the option to either show the exact same questions to everyone or select questions randomly from a large set. These two features by themselves can bring a lot of variation to the test.

If users solve a question incorrectly, you have the option of showing them the correct answers and its explanation either at the end of the quiz or as soon as they answer the question.

A single quiz can be assigned to either individual users or to a group of users.

The plugin also comes with a certificate composer which can be used to easily create some simple certificates to be given to users upon successful submission of a quiz. Different certificates can be assigned to different test scores for the same quiz.

The plugin offers multi-language support and you can easily import questions from a CSV file. Similarly, you can also export the test results to a CSV file.

You can test all the features of the plugin yourself by taking some quizzes in the demo.

Final Thoughts

This article briefly summarized the features of some of the most popular and best WordPress quiz plugins available on Code Canyon. Make sure you check out the demos of these plugins and you will notice that they offer a lot of features compared to the free alternatives. These plugins focus on the features as well as appearance of the quiz so that the end result looks very premium and polished. You also get free lifetime updates and free support for six months to resolve your problems quickly.

Which of these plugins is most suited for your needs? Let us know in the comments.

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