Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins for 2019

If you own a WordPress site, forms are indispensable for creating a satisfying user experience and increasing your conversion rates. You need forms for clients to get in touch with you easily, answer simple survey questions, leave feedback and testimonials, and so on. But you don’t need to have coding experience to create forms. You can use form builder plugins!

There are hundreds of form plugins available in the market today. They help you create a wide range of forms to suit your needs. In this article, we’ll guide you to the best plugins on the market today.   

In this article, I’ve classified form builder plugins into two categories: 

  1. multipurpose or all-in-one form builder plugins 
  2. specialized form builder plugins.

Let’s look at some of the best WordPress form plugins for 2019!

What Is a WordPress Form Builder Plugin?

A WordPress form builder plugin allows you to create forms for your website quickly and easily, without any specialized coding knowledge. 

Some form builders come with tools to build different kinds of forms that serve different purposes. These are the multipurpose or all-in-one plugins. 

Other form plugins build forms that serve a very specific purpose: for example, building a cost estimation and payment form. 

What to Look for in a Form Builder Plugin

  • Responsiveness: it’s 2019, and the ability to create websites that easily and efficiently scale to any devices—desktops, tablets, smartphones—should be a no-brainer. 
  • Drag-and-drop / ease of use: because time is money, whether or not you know how to code.
  • Customization & flexibility: your form builder has to be able to build the kinds of forms you need.
  • Shortcodes: so you can add forms anywhere on your website.
  • Integration: your forms might need to integrate with other services like marketing, payment, or monetization plugins. 
  • Regular updates: if a plugin is not up-to-date, it’s likely not secure, and it might have compatibility problems with current versions of WordPress.
  • Security: does the seller do regular audits to identify and fix security vulnerabilities that may arise from the use of the plugin?

Multipurpose Form Builder Plugins

Plugins in this category are like a one-stop shop where you can get different kinds of forms that serve different functions. 

1. Quform 

Quform is an advanced WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily build multiple forms. This drag-and-drop form builder is feature-rich, easy to use, and has a wide variety of templates that enable you to build all kinds of forms ranging from complex quotes to booking forms and simple contact forms, without ever writing any code. A few clicks and you have fully functional forms—it’s that simple. 

Quform - WordPress Form Builder

Some features available in Quform include:

  • responsive forms
  • drag-and-drop form elements
  • file uploads, sent as attachments or saved to the server (or both)
  • live preview while building
  • export directly to an .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .ods or .html file

User wandagranata1 has this to say about Quform: 

Flexible, very customizable, lots of features. They thought of every detail, awesome plugin!

2. FormCraft

FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder

A form doesn’t need to be boring. It can be aesthetically beautiful and technically excellent. With the FormCraft plugin, you get forms that are both. The forms are well-designed and appealing. You don’t get that stock template kind of feeling. With its drag-and-drop style editor, FormCraft is a breeze to use. You simply drag the item you need from the menu and drop it in place on the form you have chosen. Boom! Form built. 

FormCraft forms also have multiple layers for customizing. You can easily change your fonts and colors. You can even upload your own logo and add a background image—among other things—to create a form adapted to your brand and personality. 

FormCraft has been designed with responsiveness at its core, so your webforms will look sharp and beautiful on every device. 

It comes integrated with free and paid add-ons that extend the capabilities of what a form template can do. Available add-ons include MailChimp integration, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Signature Pad, and more.

3. eForm

eForm - WordPress Form Builder

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive form management system, you will find it in the eForm form builder plugin. With the quick and easy, drag-and-drop form builder, you can build the many forms your business needs in order function efficiently: quizzes, surveys, data collection, cost estimation with payment, and user feedback of all kinds. You can customize product names, numbers, and invoice IDs. The form builder also allows for custom coupon codes for discounts. 

All submissions are stored in your eForm database, so you can view, track, analyze and act on the data you have captured. A user portal also allows registered users to review and track their submissions.

eForm is fully integrated with the best e-mail marketing tools: Campaign Monitor, Get Response, AWeber, and MailChimp. E-mail addresses are saved in your eForm database, so it’s easy to send targeted marketing to particular groups of users.

For fast, secure, and easy payment, eForm form builder is integrated with PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce. And you can enable more payment systems.

Client debasti has this to say about eForm Builder: 

Best form solution I ever saw and used. very flexible and usable on the front-end and back-end! Full recommendation!

4. ARForms

ARForms - WordPress Form Builder

ARForms is a form builder plugin with a clean, easy-to-use interface, a solid design, and great functionality. It comes with a full-featured multi-column facility, including the option to resize any column by simply dragging the border between fields. Easy, fast, flexible. Also, you don’t need to pay extra for a popup form plugin. It’s already built in!

Want to see how your forms will look when you publish them? Want to check mobile and tablet viewports? The preview button enables you to see how your forms will look without leaving the form editor. 

So if you’re looking for complete flexibility to create forms that suit your needs, you can’t go wrong with this WordPress form builder plugin.     

User bhoudek gave ARForms a glowing endorsement:

I’m a professional web developer and I believe this is the best form builder for WordPress. Additionally, the support I received when I had an issue was superb. I highly recommend ARForms.

5. NEX-Forms

NEXForms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms is a highly flexible and customizable form builder plugin that gives you the freedom to style your layouts and add your own background images. This drag-and-drop form creator has a layout grid system of five preset columns—including unlimited grid nesting—that can be dragged into any position on the form to create your own layouts. 

It also has math logic to perform cost calculations based on user selections and advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on your users’ input. On the back-end, the NEX-Forms admin panel will give you a real desktop application feel with no page refreshing. Everything is done with a single versatile admin tool. 

Other interesting features include:

  • GeoLocation stats so you can see where your form submissions came from!
  • Submission Reports and Exports: generate reports from your form submissions based on your own criteria. Your reports can also be exported to CSV and/or PDF!
  • Interactive Forms: interact in real time with your users.

Specialized Form Builder Plugins

Plugins in this category specialize in building only one kind of form. If you need to build a specific kind of form that is covered by one of these plugins, you might get better functionality than you would with a multipurpose form builder. 

6. WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder 

WP Cost Estimation  Payment Forms Builder

You want your customers to get an accurate estimate of their request, you want them to be able to easily make payments using PayPal or Stripe, and you also want to send and receive customer emails automatically via MailChimp or another mailing list service. 

You can do all that using WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder—a specialized plugin that is used to create cost estimation and payment forms. It also has a booking system to manage calendars, events and reminders directly from the back-end. 

This plugin’s amazing features allow you to focus on your clients’ needs. These features include:

  • powerful Form Designer tool to customize your forms
  • estimations and payments work with subscriptions
  • discount coupon code management
  • confirmation email can be sent to the customer too
  • complex custom calculations are defined with an intuitive visual interface
  • orders can be exported as .csv or emailed as .pdf

All this, and it works with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads too! 

Customer thesourcep says this about WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder:

Absolutely love this. Works exactly as advertised and my customers love it—thank you!

7. TotalPoll Pro: Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin 

TotalPoll Pro - Responsive WordPress Poll Plugin

Do you want to create attractive, engaging polls that integrate into your WordPress website easily? TotalPoll Pro has a relatable, user-friendly interface designed to make poll creation hassle-free. The templates can be customized to create visually compelling polls. 

  • Optimized for touchscreens: your polls will always look amazing whether on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • You can track votes daily, weekly, and monthly. You can also track custom field values with votes. 
  • Trace every vote with an informative log (showing status, IP, browser, and time) to identify any cheating attempts.
  • Integrate your polls everywhere with a shortcode, widget, or even a direct link.

TotalPoll Pro supports multiple languages including Arabic, English, German, French, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Swedish… And there are more languages coming.

Customer IgorW gives it 5 stars. He says this about TotalPoll Pro:

This is a really great plugin, and support was fast and precise when I needed some help. I can truly recommend this plugin to everyone who needs a good customizable poll on their website.

8. Modal Survey: WordPress Poll, Survey, and Quiz Plugin

The success of a website highly depends on the visitors, so a customer satisfaction survey is key to improving the content. 

Modal Survey gives you the power to create any customer satisfaction survey or customer feedback survey on your pages easily with the Visual Poll Builder.

It’s the most comprehensive survey plugin in the market.  

Customer iovate_digital_marketing has this to say:

Great plugin, I was able to customize it for our campaign easily. Also I’m really impressed by the support provided the author. Not only did they solve my issue but they were really fast with replies too.

9. Contact Form CF7

Contact Form Seven CF7 Multi-Step Pro

If you have a very long form with too many fields, people will get tired of filling it out and they will leave the website. You will lose customers!

Instead, you can increase your web submission rate by breaking up your form into multiple steps with the Contact Form CF7 plugin. This plugin provides a step-by-step UI for long forms with many fields. 

This is the most appealing way to display a long form to your visitors. You can also customize colors to suit your theme. 

Customer furtherbound has this to say:

This plugin does exactly what it says and can be styled brilliantly if you know CSS. Support has been first class and prompt.


There are many different kinds of WordPress form plugins available today.  Some form builder plugins allow you to create forms that serve a specific business function—for example, cost estimation and payments or surveys and polling. Others are multipurpose and give you the ability to create all the kinds of forms your business needs. 

You need to choose a plugin that fits your requirements. The plugins we’ve featured have a solid reputation and are all available on Envato Market

For more about WordPress forms and form builders, check out some of our other posts!

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