44 Best Procreate Fonts (Calligraphy, Tattoo, Comic, and More!)

Looking to download fonts for Procreate? In this article, we’ll take a look at some awesome font choices for Procreate, as well as how to add fonts to Procreate, if you’ve never done it before.

cute procreate fonts
Add fonts to Procreate and use them in your next design, illustration, or project.

If you love calligraphy fonts Procreate can be a great place to try them out. Prefer cute fonts for Procreate illustrations, designs, and more? Or how about the perfect Procreate graffiti font? Let’s take a look at a whole host of font ideas and inspiration for your next Procreate project.

How to Import Fonts Into Procreate

Never worked with fonts in Procreate before? We can show you how to import fonts into Procreate, right here on Envato Tuts+. Check out this free video walkthrough to learn how, right now.

Prefer a text walkthrough? You can also learn how to add fonts to Procreate, download fonts for Procreate, and import them in the written version of this tutorial.

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Now, let’s check out some awesome fonts that you can download and try out in Procreate today. We’ll look at a bunch of different aesthetics and genres. Enjoy the design inspiration, or consider downloading some of these designs today. 

Calligraphy Fonts for Procreate

Looking for beautiful calligraphy fonts for Procreate? This list has plenty of sweeping, elegant fonts to check out. Perfect for invitations, announcements, posters, and more, calligraphy fonts can be a fun addition to your Procreate work.

1. Elizabeth Modern Calligraphy Font

Procreate Calligraphy Font

This elegant calligraphy font has beautiful, sweeping strokes. Try working with it in Procreate; mix it up with texture, color, and more. 

2. Outeris Calligraphy Font

Outeris Calligraphy Font

Here is a different aesthetic when it comes to calligraphy fonts. It has a lot more quick, energetic movement to it. 

3. Candelya | Modern Calligraphy

Candelya | Modern Calligraphy

Looking for a romantic look and feel? Check out this modern calligraphy font. Aren’t those heart-shaped flourishes cute?

4. Dayland: Authentic Calligraphy

Dayland - Authentic Calligraphy

This calligraphy font has really organic texture to its strokes. Try pairing this one with textured brushes in Procreate. 

5. Safi: Unique Calligraphy

Safi - Unique Calligraphy

The way the strokes are angled in this calligraphy font gives it a unique aesthetic. It also includes four different variations for you to try out.

6. Grossley: Modern Calligraphy

Grossley - Modern Calligraphy

This calligraphy font has beautiful contrast and romantic, sweeping curls. Try pairing this one with a serif font or overlay it on textured artwork.

7. Lovelygirly: Romantic Calligraphy

Lovelygirly - Romantic Calligraphy

Calligraphy fonts can be such a romantic choice. Try a font like this one for headlines, titles, invitations, greeting card designs, and more.

8. Juliet Modern (Calligraphy Fonts Procreate)

Juliet Modern Calligraphy

This modern calligraphy font is PUA encoded, has extended Latin characters, and is an elegant choice for so many design and art projects.

9. Everline Modern Calligraphy

Everline - a Modern Calligraphy

Check out this beautiful, modern calligraphy font. The script here has visually interesting cutouts, which could be an eye-catching addition to your compositions.

Handwriting Procreate Text Fonts

But maybe you’re looking for the best Procreate fonts for other purposes, like a Procreate handwriting font. This can be a great choice if you’re looking to add lettering to your comics or a hand-drawn feel to the text in your artwork. Check out these designs.

1. Pen Story: Casual Handwriting

Pen Story - Casual Handwriting

If you like an informal, handwriting feel, then a handwriting font like this one could be a perfect choice. Use it for many different types of lettering.

2. Summer Handwriting Font (Comic Font Procreate)

Summer - Handwriting Font

If you’re looking to use a comic font, Procreate can be a great choice for both drawing and experimenting with type. Check out a Procreate handwriting font, like this one. 

3. Ainin’s Handwrite Font | Playful Fun Typeface

Ainin's Handwrite Font | Playfull Fun Typeface

This handwriting font is another great choice for an informal look and feel. Try pairing it with illustrations, textures, and even photographs.

4. Nightjump Handwriting Font

Nightjump Handwriting Font

Here’s a different take on a hand-drawn look and feel. The height gives this font a whimsical and memorable aesthetic.

5. Dawnie: The Beauty Handwriting Font

Dawnie - The Beauty Handwriting Font

Isn’t this handwriting font pretty? This one is likely best for display purposes. Use it to write out names, titles, key words, and more. 

6. Imani Serif Cute Handwriting Font (Handwritten)

Imani Serif Cute Handwriting Font (Handwritten)

This handwriting font uses serifs, like we might see in other fonts. It has a bookish aesthetic, while still capturing an informal, hand-drawn vibe. 

7. Milson: The Handwriting Sans Font

Milson - The Handwriting Sans Font

Looking for a uniform handwriting font? This one could be the perfect choice. It also includes an italic version for you to use and experiment with. 

8. Flowerista: Girly Handwriting Floral Style

Flowerista - girly handwriting floral style

This bubbly handwriting font has a lot of personality. The varying baseline gives it a playful character. Try this one out in your next design, illustration, or children’s book.

9. Lupines: Cute Skinny Handwriting Font

LUPINES - Cute Skinny Handwriting Font

This handwriting font has a lot of organic variety. This font download also includes some illustration bonuses, like florals, for you to try in your next Procreate project.

Procreate Brush Fonts

When looking for a Procreate font, brushes can be a great inspiration. Visible strokes and textures often fit right in with illustrative styles. Check out these cool fonts for Procreate that all have a brush font look and feel.

1. Regular Brush-Elegant Brush Font

Regular Brush-Elegant Brush Font

This brush font has really visible texture. The strokes are long and have a lot of movement to them too. Try them out with textured brushes in Procreate.

2. Granite Brush Font

Granite Brush Font

If you’re looking for a font that’s bursting with energy, a brush font like this one might be right up your alley. Every stroke has so much intensity.

3. Wasatsh Textured Brush Font

Wasatsh Textured Brush Font

The texture in this brush font really adds to the overall aesthetic. If you love a textured brush look but you’re also looking for a script, give a font like this a try.

4. Martha Brush Typeface

Martha Brush Typeface

But brush fonts don’t necessarily have to be scripts, and they don’t necessarily have to have intense texture. Here we have visible brush strokes, but they’re more solid.

5. Blackball Brush Font

Blackball Brush Font

Aren’t these letters fun and memorable? Try them out in Procreate to create logos, add type to your drawings, and much more. 

6. Pinkei Brush: Handwritten Brush Font

Pinkei Brush - Handwritten Brush Font

Here is a much cleaner brush font. Notice, however, that we still see the brush aesthetic in each letter’s stroke. This one works well at smaller sizes too.

7. The Cosmig Brush Font (Procreate Font Brushes)

The Cosmig - Brush Font

Check out this energetic font against all these shapes, colors, and textures. The right font can really help push your aesthetic in the right direction.

8. Prion Brush Font

Prion Brush Font

Looking for an unusual and memorable aesthetic? Try out a brush font like this one. It’s simple, but textured and unusual in some of its letter treatments.

9. Hai Brush Font

Hai Brush Font

Here is a thick, dramatic brush font with really visible strokes. There’s so much texture on the outer contours. This font really commands attention. 

Cute Fonts for Procreate

Now, let’s take a look at some cute fonts for Procreate designs, illustrations, and more. From bubbly fun fonts to eccentric different fonts with an unexpected look, take a look at these cute font designs.

1. Momotako: Cute Playful Font

Momotako - Cute Playful

This endearing font has a chunky, cut-out look and feel. Play with color in the counters here to create a similar aesthetic to the one you can see in this preview.

2. Shaly Cute Font

Shaly Cute Font

This font has a brush font look, but pushes it in a fun, curly direction. If you’re looking for bouncy personality, this font has it. 

3. CHEESEBURGA: Chubby Cute Font

CHEESEBURGA - Chubby Cute Font

Isn’t this a funny font? It’s got so much personality. However, you don’t necessarily have to use “cheese holes” here. Try this font out in other colors too.

4. Silky Candy: Cute Sweet Font

Silky Candy - Cute Sweet Font

Love a swirly, cute look? This cute display font would be a great fit for a cookbook cover, children’s book, typographic poster, and so much more. 

5. Loverina: Lovely Cute Font

Loverina - Lovely Cute Font

Your Procreate fonts don’t necessarily have to use a hand-drawn aesthetic. This fun font has harder angles than some, but still has playful curves and shapes. 

6. Blink Rink Cute Typeface

Blink Rink Cute Typeface

This cute font takes a handwriting aesthetic in a different direction. It has fun cutouts that you could use in a number of ways. Try coloring them in or using them for contrast.

7. Squeezy | Cute Handwritten Font

Squeezy | Cute Handwritten Font

There are stylish alternates, swashes, ligatures, and more included with this bouncy, cute font. It’s a great choice if you’re working on a sugary, sweet design.

8. Magic Squad Cute and Quirky Font

Magic Squad Cute and Quirky

Here is a thinner, quirky, cute font that you can download and use in Procreate today. This fun handwriting font is great for eye-catching display type.

Tattoo Fonts, Graffiti Fonts, and Other Cool Fonts for Procreate

But there are plenty more aesthetics that could work great for Procreate projects. Designing a tattoo? Maybe you love the style of a Procreate graffiti font. Or maybe you’re just looking for the best fonts for Procreate that are unexpected, unusual, and artful.

1. American Traditional Tattoo-Inspired Font

American Traditional Tattoo Inspired Font

This tattoo font draws on a classic tattoo-inspired look and feel. It might also work well as a nautical font or for compositions with an ocean flair. 

2. Rumble Tattoos: Tattoo Font

Rumble Tattoos - Tattoos Typeface

This tattoo-inspired font goes all out with flourishes and swirls. Try it like this, with plenty of use of value, or try it with a different texture in your design.

3. Rhieknuza Graffiti Font

Rhieknuza - Graffiti Font

There is so much interesting linework in this font. It’s inspired by a graffiti look and feel, with energetic letters and sweeping strokes. 

4. Southsider Graffiti Typeface

Southsider - Graffiti Typeface

Graffiti is a very broad descriptor with plenty of possibilities. Here’s another take on that inspiration, with a more bubbled, retro feel. 

5. Garlic Salt Font Family

Garlic Salt Font Family

Choose from four different variations in this whimsical, memorable font. It’s got fun, quirky serifs, and also includes free extras you can use in your next design.

6. Truesketch Hand Drawn Sketch Font

Truesketch Hand Drawn Sketch Font

A sketch font feels like a no-brainer, when it comes to working in Procreate. Add this font to your sketches, drafts, and other Procreate doodles. 

7. Art Plot Bold Hand-Drawn Font

Art Plot Bold Hand Drawn Font

Speaking of doodles, check out this creative, bold font. It has such a fun, sketchy feel. Try pairing this one with other hand-drawn fonts to complement the aesthetic.

8. Bitbybit Font (Pixel Font Procreate Type)

Bitbybit Font

You can even dig into a pixel aesthetic in Procreate. This one could be the perfect pixel font Procreate addition for your next project.

9. Coodles Hand-Drawn Font Family

Coodles Hand Drawn Font Family

Procreate text fonts don’t have to be boring. This playful font download is actually a collection of 20 hand-drawn fonts you can mix and match together.

10. Strong West: Retro Tattoo Font

Strong West - Retro Tattoo Font

A retro tattoo font like this one can be such a fun choice for more than only tattoo designs. It can be a fun pick for a wide variety of artistic projects. 

Which Procreate Fonts Are Your Favorites?

Finding the best fonts for Procreate can really depend on your project. That’s why having an entire font library at your fingertips can be so handy. If you enjoyed these Procreate fonts, download them all for one low fee with Envato Elements. Remember, this also includes access to over a hundred Procreate add-ons, brushes, and more!

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