20 Best Face Mask Mockups (PSD, Mockup Generator)

With the battle to contain the spread of Covid-19, face masks have now become a necessary and unavoidable part of our daily lives, and designers across the globe are making sure that we protect ourselves in style. 

Face Mask Mockup
Check out the terrific face masks mockups available from Envato Elements, GraphicRiver, and Placeit

If you’re looking for a face mask mockup to showcase your latest designs, we’ve got a terrific collection of the very best mockups from Envato Elements, Placeit, and GraphicRiver. Have a look.

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Premium Face Mask Mockups (PSD) at Envato Elements

Face Mask Mockup

Envato Elements is a terrific resource for premium face mask mockups in PSD format. Not only does Elements offer a great selection of photo-realistic mockups, created by talented designers around the world, but you can also download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee

What’s more, that monthly fee also allows you to access thousands of other top-quality digital assets like logos, graphic templates, photos, business card templates, and much more. Here are just five of the awesome face mask mockups in PSD format found at Elements.

Mouth Mask Mockups (PSD)

Face Mask Mockup

This template will allow you to show off the many angles of your fabulous designs. Use the smart objects to customise every aspect of the mouth mask mockup. There is a useful help file included to help guide you if you get stuck.

Medical Face Mask Mockup Template (PSD)

Face Mask Mockup

Medical staff and general public alike will love this medical face mask mockup, which makes it super easy to add your latest designs. The high-res PSD files are well-organised in layers, and all aspects of the design can be customised using smart objects. 

Surgical Mask Mockups (PSD)

Face Mask Mockup

Why should surgeons have all the fun? Use these fabulous, photo-realistic surgical mask mockups to display your own mask design professionally. The template contains five face mask mockups in PSD file format, with smart-object features to help you replace the current designs with your own within seconds.

Anti Pollution Face Mask Mockups (PSD)

Face Mask Mockup

This collection offers three face mask mockups in PSD file format. They allow your potential customers to view your mask from every important angle so that your design is well displayed. These high-quality mouth mask mockups are easy to edit using smart objects. 

Fabric Mask Mockup (PSD)

Face Mask Mockup

This template offers seven different face mask mockups in PSD file format. The templates are well organised in layers and are easy to customise using smart objects. The fabric mask mockup includes a PDF help file in case you get stuck. 

Placeit Face Mask Mockup Generator

Face Mask Mockup

For those of you who don’t feel confident about your Photoshop skills or want an easier approach to customising a mockup, there’s Placeit. Placeit is an affordable online design generator that makes professional branding, promotion, and marketing tools accessible to everyone.

It does this by providing design novices as well as those with more experience with high-quality designs, logos, videos, and mockups that they can customise online and download in a matter of seconds.

This means that you can design all your branding and marketing materials directly from your browser, without needing complicated software. Let me show you how to create an awesome face mask mockup online in minutes.

How to Create a Face Mask Mockup in Minutes

1. Choose a Face Mask Mockup

Go to Placeit.net and type “face mask mockup” into the search bar. Scroll through the mockups and click on the one you like.

Face Mask Mockup

2. Add Your Design to the Mockup

This will open up the Face Mask Mockup Maker. To customise your template, start from the menu on the left and upload your design from your computer. 

Face Mask Mockup

3. Choose Your Colour Scheme

Next, move to the menu on the right and use the dropdown colour pickers to choose your mask lace colour and a colour for your background. 

Face Mask Mockup

4. Change the Text

Now let’s move back to the menu on the left and add some text to our mockup. Once you have written your text, you can change the font and the colour of the text and background. Resize your text and move it to your preferred location on your template.

Face Mask Mockup

5. Download Your New Face Mask Mockup

You can add a logo or graphic to your template if you want to, by using the Add Graphic button in the menu on the right. 

When you’re happy with your mockup, you can download it for a small fee. And your mockup is ready to use!

Face Mask Mockup

Now let’s take a look at some of the cool face and medical face mask mockups available at Placeit.

Mockup of Some Face Masks Featuring Sewing Tools

Face Mask Mockup

If you’re sewing your own masks and looking for a template which reflects that, this fabric mask mockup is for you. The gorgeous flatlay allows you to add up to three of your designs so your customers can get a real feel for your design aesthetic. 

Face Mask Mockup Featuring a Customizable Surface

Face Mask Mockup

This head-on photo of a medical face mask mockup allows your design to sit front and centre. Use the mockup generator to add your design, change the colour scheme, add text or your logo if you want, and download your logo for a small fee. 

Face Mask Mockup With a Customizable Background

Face Mask Mockup

Perhaps you like the front and centre layout of the previous template, but you prefer a more angled approach. In that case, this medical face mask mockup is an excellent alternative. It allows a full view of your design while offering a more dynamic angle.   

Mockup of a Ghosted Face Mask

Face Mask Mockup

Use this half-turn surgical mask mockup to display your designs. Use the transparent background to blend your mockup into an existing background on your website or print document, or you can add any background colour of your choice. 

Mockup of Three Face Masks Featuring Sewing Supplies

Face Mask Mockup

Display up to three original designs when you use this fabric mask mockup. You can also opt to use the same design in different colours or with subtle variations. 

Mockup of a Face Mask Over a Customizable Surface

Face Mask Mockup

This side view of a mouth mask mockup can be combined with other mockups here to show your designs from every angle. After you’ve added your design, select a colour for your background or leave it transparent in order to blend the mockup into an existing background. 

Mockup Featuring a Customizable Face Mask Against a Solid Color Background

Face Mask Mockup

This fabric mask mockup gives you another option for displaying your design from a side view. The template is fully customisable and can be ready for download in a matter of minutes.

Mockup of a Series of Face Masks Surrounded by Sewing Materials

Face Mask Mockup

Give your customer a bit of a peek into the background workings and materials that go into creating your masks when you use this terrific fabric mask mockup. Use the mockup generator to upload up to three versions of your design or three completely different designs.

Mockup of the Front View of a Ghosted Face Mask

Face Mask Mockup

Of course, masks come in all sizes and styles. This mockup offers a slightly broader surface, which means more space for your design, while the full frontal shot means all eyes will be focused on it.

Minimal Mockup of a Ghosted Face Mask Against a Colored Backdrop

Face Mask Mockup

This half-turn shot of a mask mockup benefits from being shot from above because it gives people a clear view of your design while adding some visual interest to the template. Upload your design, choose your colour scheme, and your mockup is ready for download. It’s as simple as that. 

More Premium Face Mask Mockups (PSD) From GraphicRiver

Face Mask Mockup

GraphicRiver is yet another service that offers loads of premium face mask mockups in PSD file format. But it works differently from Elements and Placeit. 

While Placeit is the best for those who are looking for an easy approach to mockups and Elements is the best source when you have Photoshop skills and want to buy many mockups and other resources, GraphicRiver is the best option for those with Photoshop skills who are on a budget and need only one face mask mockup. Here are some of the best options.

Face Mask Mockup (PSD)

Face Mask Mockup

When you need to wear a face mask day in and out, you want a design that shows your individuality or even your concerns. Use this high-quality face mask mockup in PSD file format to add your own twist to your masks. The template offers three views—front, half-turn, and side—and what’s more, it allows for a high degree of customisation using smart objects.

Medical Face Mask Mockup (PSD)

Medical Face Mask Mockup

Looking for a surgical mask mockup with value included? This is the template for you. Easy to use and fully customisable, the template includes three PSD files offering a front, half-turn, and side view.  Use the smart object for fast and easy editing.

Mouth Mask Mockup (PSD)

Mouth Mask Mockup

Display your stunning designs and messages with this mouth mask mockup from GraphicRiver. The template contains seven PSD files that you can customise extensively using smart objects. A PDF help file is included. 

Fabric Mask Mockup (PSD)

Fabric Mask Mockup PSD

Add your special design to this fabric mask mockup and create a mask that stands out. This PSD file is organised in layers for easy editing. You can change the text, edit the colours, move items, turn off/on layers, etc., to create different looks.

Surgical Mask Mockup (PSD)

Surgical Mask Mockup

This surgical mask mockup template offers four different styles of masks and 11 layered and well-organised PSD files. The high-quality files make it very easy for users to change the design using smart layers.

Choose Your Favourite Face Mask Mockup Today 

Envato Elements is an excellent resource for gorgeous face mask mockups in PSD file format. If you also regularly need fonts, icons, and other design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

Alternatively, if you just want to buy a single face mask mockup in PSD, GraphicRiver is an excellent source for high-quality mockups. 

If you don’t use Photoshop or are looking for an easier option for customising face mask mockups, then Placeit is the perfect choice for you. Its online face mask mockup generator is easy to use and will allow you to customise your own mockup in a matter of minutes. 

Finally, if you want more information on other terrific mockups, check out these really helpful resources below: 

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