38 Best Photo Collage & Polaroid Mockups (Using an Online Photo Collage Maker)

If you love the distinct look of polaroids and want to use them either on their own or combined with other elements to create terrific photo collage designs, then you’re going to love this article. 

Photo Collage Maker App with Flowers
Find Out How to Make a Photo Collage Online Today

Today we’ll introduce you to the online photo collage maker from Placeit and show you how to make a photo collage quickly and easily. Then we will share the 38 best photo collage layouts and polaroid mockup templates you can find at Placeit. 

How to Make a Photo Collage Online

1. Go to Placeit.net > Mockups > Stationery > Polaroid Frames

Browse the polaroid collage photo templates on offer, and when you find one you like, click on it.

How to Make a Photo Collage Online

2. Start Your Customisation With the Controls on the Left

Upload your image.

Customise Your Polaroid Frames

Then add text as needed and select a font style and colour.

Customise Your Polaroid Frames

You can resize and move the text as needed, and if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can hit the Reset Layout button.

Customise Your Polaroid Frames

3. Continue Your Customisation With the Controls on the Right

Choose a background colour and a brush stroke colour.

Customise Your Polaroid Frames

4. Download Your Photo Collage Design

Once you’ve completed your customisations and are satisfied with your design, hit the Download button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the download page, where you have two options for purchasing your design. 

Customise Your Polaroid Frames

You can either pay a single fee for your design or sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription that offers you unlimited downloads of all Placeit’s designs, mockups, logos, videos, and gaming templates.

Now that you know how easy it is to use the best photo collage maker on the internet, let’s take a look at some of the awesome polaroid collage photo templates you can choose from.

38 Best Photo Collage & Polaroid Mockups

Polaroid Mockup Template With Geometric Background

Polaroid Mockup Template

Show off your special photo with this terrific polaroid photo template presented against a gorgeous tri-colour background. You can choose any colours you fancy for each of the thirds using the colour pickers.

Woman and Polaroid Film Template

Polaroid Film Template

You can almost hear the sound the camera makes as it first takes and then spits out its photo. What an eye-catching way to present a photo on your blog, website, or social media account.

Polaroid Photo Template With Vintage Travel Kit

Polaroid Photo Template

Are you a wanderer? Then why not display your best photos using a polaroid mockup template like this one? One of the great things about this template is that you can tint the polaroid with any colour you choose to create an aged vintage feeling. 

Polaroid Frame Template With Hearts Background

Polaroid Frame Template

And here’s another terrific template for the travellers among you. Don’t just upload your photos to your social media. Why not set your best images on a background like this one? A guaranteed way to call more attention to your already terrific image.

Polaroid Layout With Bi-Coloured Background

Polaroid Layout

What a great way to showcase four photos. This polaroid layout allows you to combine any of your photos in pairs and change the diagonal background colours to show off your pairs to their best advantage.

Polaroid Template at Beach

Polaroid Template

Want to show off your summer snaps on Instagram? Try this polaroid layout showing two polaroid frames lying on a towel and framed by the paraphernalia of beach life. 

Polaroid Mockup Template With Colourful Mat

Polaroid Mockup Template

Here’s another polaroid mockup template that says summer fun but in a slightly different way. This template is perfect for photos taken in the more traditional polaroid square format. 

Photo Collage Design With Taped Papers

Photo Collage Design

Create a photo collage quickly and easily when you use the online photo collage maker. Just add your photos, change the background colour, and your layout is ready to display. 

Polaroid Template Against Solid Surface

Polaroid Template

This is a more straightforward way of presenting your photo when you want nothing to distract from your subject matter. You can change the background colour to help focus your viewers’ attention even more. 

Mood Board Generator Featuring Plants and Other Elements

Mood Board Generator Featuring Plants and Other Elements

Now this is a photo collage template that no one will be able to take their eyes off. After you’ve uploaded your photo, you can add text and change the background colour and paint swatch colour to complement your photo. 

Photo Collage Generator With Polaroid Frames

Photo Collage Generator

Create a photo collage that combines your best images, and then change the background colour to help them pop. It’s easier than ever when you use the photo collage maker app from Placeit. 

Photo Collage Online Featuring Copper Ornaments

Photo Collage Online

Creating a photo collage isn’t just matter of throwing some images on a background. They need to be aesthetically arranged, with interesting objects and textures around them. Happily, you don’t have to worry about how to do this yourself, because the photo collage maker app will do it all for you with the click of a few buttons. 

Photo Collage Generator With Polaroids

Photo Collage Generator

Including shadows in your composition gives your photo collage layouts a more photo-realistic look. You can opt for more geometric shadows, as you see here, or the more organic shadows of the polaroid collage photo template below. 

Polaroid Collage Photo Template With Palm Shadow

Polaroid Collage Photo Template

This polaroid collage photo template offers you an interesting photorealistic mockup you can use to display your six best photos or tell a story with your photos. The palm shadow adds a lovely organic touch to your creation.

Photo Collage Maker With Palm Shadow

Photo Collage Maker

Just to show you how many variations on themes you can find at Placeit, here’s another photo collage layout with a slightly different palm shadow. Add your photos, inspirational text, and more to create your own unique look.

Photo Collage Template Featuring Pictures and Dry Leaves

Photo Collage Template Featuring Pictures and Dry Leaves

Create a photo collage that your audience won’t be able to take their eyes off, when you use this layout. Your image will hold centre stage, with all the elements surrounding it acting as a beautiful supporting cast. You can change the colour of the background and the paint swatch to complement your photo.

Polaroid Frame Template

Polaroid Frame Template

There’s so much you can do with this simple template. You can add your favourite photo to the polaroid frame and a text quote to the other frame, or a complementary photo to each frame. Add text and a logo, change your background colour, and even alter the colour of the thumbtacks. A wonderful template for creating a unique tableau. 

Polaroid Template With Photos on Marble Table

Polaroid Template

If you’re looking for an elegant polaroid mockup template to display two special images, this is it. The marbled background adds a rich smooth texture to the mockup, while the monstera palms add a touch of the exotic. 

Polaroid Mockup Template With Coloured Background

Polaroid Mockup Template

This eye-catching polaroid layout will positively make your images pop. Use the Insert Image button to upload your images in a minute or two, and then change the background colours to match your brand of taste.

Polaroid Template With Colourful Background

Polaroid Template

If you love the previous polaroid layout but you need four polaroid frame templates instead of three, then this is perfect for you. Customisation is just a few clicks away. 

Mood Board Maker Featuring Beachy Souvenirs

Mood Board Maker Featuring Beachy Souvenirs

How lovely is this coral themed photo collage template? All you need to do is add your image, change the background colour and the paint swatch colour, and your job is done. 

Polaroid Photo Template

Polaroid Photo Template

Tell your story with this fabulous polaroid photo template. Upload images, text, and graphics, and then change your background colour to make your design pop.

Photo Collage Maker App With Flowers

Photo Collage Maker App

As you saw in the example at the beginning of this article, this beautiful template is a pleasure to work. Not only does it centre attention on a wonderful polaroid film template, but it also gives you beautiful pressed flowers and textures to make your photo collage design extra special.

Single Polaroid Photo Template

Polaroid Photo Template

What better way to call attention to that one special photograph than with this polaroid mockup template? All you need to do to customise is upload your own photo, and then change the background colours to suit your taste. 

Polaroid Mockup With Colourful Background and Plants

Polaroid Mockup

Imagine how your latest images would look against this beautiful pastel background framed but summer blooms. Of course, you can change the background colour to another if you prefer. 

Polaroid Mockup Template With Man Holding Photo

Polaroid Mockup Template

Here’s the proof, this image seems to say. With the photo held up to the foreground and the holder in soft focus in the background, all eyes will be on that image. 

Polaroid Frame Template With Notebook 

Polaroid Frame Template with Notebook

Create a photo collage of your own when you use this photorealistic photo collage design. As is the case with all the mockups here, customisation can be completed in a matter of minutes. 

Polaroid Film Template With Opened Notebook

Polaroid Film Template

Here’s a variation on the photo collage layout. While the one above is suitable for a junior demographic, this one is an excellent choice for a slightly older audience.

Polaroid Mockup Template With Arm Holding Vintage Camera

Polaroid Mockup Template

A different take on the selfie, this is a great way to simulate a self-portrait. Just upload your photo, change your background colour, add text if you want to, and your polaroid mockup template is ready to download.

Online Photo Collage Maker Featuring Lines and Textures

Online Photo Collage Maker

Artist will love this template, but they’re not the only ones. It’s a lovely photo collage layout for a myriad of purposes.

Polaroid Layout Against a Multicolour Background

Polaroid Layout

Less is more. If you want to put all the emphasis on your image, then why not put it in the centre of the frame? Notice how all the borders between the colours are pointing to the image—that will naturally draw the viewer’s eye towards it.

Photo Collage Layout With Bronze Accents

Photo Collage Layout

Polaroids are just one of many types of traditional photography that you can evoke in your photo collages. This template combines a polaroid with traditional square and rectangular photo frames, and tops it all off with some creative bronze accents. Give it a try!

Polaroid Frame Template With Colourful Notebook Cover

Polaroid Frame Template

You could use this mockup to illustrate the creative process. The pen and notebook with the polaroids scattered on top beg the question of what you want to say about the photos.

Polaroid Frame Template on a Flat Surface

Polaroid Frame Template

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. If you want to strip back all the details and just get a simple polaroid mockup on a plain background, this is ideal. The subtle shadow behind the edge of the polaroid is a nice realistic touch.

Polaroid Mockup With Photos on Clothesline

Polaroid Mockup

How do you edit your images and select the right ones for a cohesive portfolio? This is a challenge for most artists, so experiment with templates like this one to see what works for you.

Polaroid Layout With Headphones and Glasses

Polaroid Layout

Here’s another stylish flatlay arrangement, perfect for Instagram or other social media. The right arrangement can elevate any image, so why not use this one to give your next post a boost? 

Photo Collage Online With Rose and Leaves

Photo Collage Online with Rose and Leaves

The bronze rose and leaves and the background lend a richness to the layout, while the dimensions of the placeholders lend themselves to a variety of uploads, business cards, photos, flyers, and quotations. How would you use this template?

Polaroid Film Template With Map

Polaroid Film Template

Let’s end on another terrific polaroid mockup template for travellers. How great would this image look on your Instagram feed, website, or blog? All you need to do is upload your images and then download the completed design.

Choose Your Favourite Polaroid Collage Photo Template Today

Now that you know where to find the best photo collage maker and how to make a photo collage online, head on over to Placeit, choose your favourite polaroid collage photo templates, and make your own gorgeous photo collage design today. 

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