10 Stunning Ionic Templates

Ionic is a popular framework for creating modern, hybrid, mobile applications, using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Ionic is powered by AngularJS and Apache Cordova. Because developers can use technologies they are already familiar with (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), the learning curve isn’t that steep.

CodeCanyon offers a wide range of application templates to kickstart your Ionic development. In this article, I show you ten templates that might inspire you for your next project.

As the name indicates, this templates is primarily aimed at restaurants. The application enables restaurant owners to list their menus and accept orders from customers. The template is nicely designed and powered by WordPress, Drupal, or any other backend that supports JSON.

Restaurant Ionic

This template fully embraces Google’s Material Design specification for web and mobile applications. The template is packed with features. It has support for SQLite and WordPress, and it integrates with various services, such as Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and Dropbox. The template receives regular updates, which is another big plus.

Ionic Material Design

Don’t be misled by the name of this template. It is more than a bare bones template. In fact, it is packed with features, such as Stripe integration, a shopping cart, SQLite, WordPress, and Drupal support, audio streaming, and various social integrations. The template is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

Barebone Ionic

Mobionic is a fully featured, multipurpose Ionic template that fits a range of application types. It integrates with WordPress and has support for push notifications, Google Maps, and YouTube. The template includes a modern design that is easy to customize to your project’s needs.


MobSocial integrates with WordPress and includes several templates, such as blog, chat, and news. It features an elegant user interface, integrates with Google’s AdMob platform, and provides support for push notifications. If you want to see the template in action, then visit the online demo.


Selig is an elegant, multipurpose template aimed at bloggers. It integrates with WordPress and uses Flickr for managing and displaying photo galleries. It is easy to customize and has support for Twitter and Facebook login. Push notifications are powered by Pushwoosh.


NewsMob offers an all-in-one solution. This item includes an Ionic template as well as a backend, feeding the mobile application with data. The backend enables you to create content, manage users, and send push notifications. Interested? Try out the demo available on CodeCanyon.


This template is focused on local businesses. The design is minimalist but easy to customize. The template includes several content categories, such as news, products, services, and catalogs. The template is pretty basic, but that is sometimes all you need.

Local Business Ionic

This template has an impressive feature list and, equally important, it is very well documented. It is powered by WordPress and uses a number of Ionic plugins to add support for push notifications, ads, audio and video integration, and location services. The template sports a beautiful design that is easy to customize to fit your project’s needs.


The goal of Ionizer is to get developers up to speed with Ionic development as fast as possible. As a result, the template is packed with features and integrates with several services, including WordPress, Firebase for realtime chat, YouTube, and Rotten Tomatoes. The template offers a range of user interface and navigation options, including infinite scroll, responsive cards, and pull-to-refresh.


Create an Ionic Template and Win $1000

If you’re already comfortable with the Ionic framework, then you may want to consider entering Envato’s Most Wanted contest for Ionic templates. How? Create a unique Ionic template and submit it to Envato Market by 27 April 2016.

The five best templates receive $1000. Interested? Read more on the contest’s website for details about the contest’s requirements and guidelines. If you need to refresh your Ionic skills, then check out the following Envato Tuts+ resources:

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