InVision Studio is out—but are designers migrating to a new tool again?

Why would someone switch from Sketch to Invision Studio?

Well, to answer this question I decided to look at what the community is talking about online. Here are some of the answers I found on Quora. Opinions seem pretty divided.

1.“It depends on its performance — if it improves my workflow. Sketch is pretty simple and has many good plugins for extra functionality. However, sometimes this can be a drawback where you have to use several different software providers (and pay for several memberships). If InVision Studio can contain the most useful functionality as shown in its marketing (native prototyping, animation, code export, responsive design, etc), and be more stable than Sketch, which can crash often with large files, I might make the jump.” — Hans-Martin Erlandsen, UX Designer.

2. “Sketch costs a student $50 instead of $100 per year. Invision Studio will cost $0 instead of $22 per month and it doesn’t only include a Sketch alternative but also a prototyping tool making the workflow simpler and cheaper.” — amokrane tamine, Student at Université Paris X La Défense.

3. “I don’t think I would. In fact I’m not comfortable with any cloud tools at all. However elegant and feature rich the tool is, ultimately we end up working on browser like Firefox, chrome etc. Once your project grows beyond a limt, it would start showing up issues at which state we can’t revert back. InVision itself have such issues. I think to avoid software piracy, companies are moving towards cloud environment. But I still feel standalone tools are much more reliable. And you can always calculate how much time it would take to complete a task. If it is cloud? we can’t give a dame.” — Bala Murugan, UX Designer at Juniper Networks.

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