Top WordPress Audio and Video Plugins of 2019

WordPress audio and video plugins are essential if you are looking to add video and audio players to your website. In this post, I’ll share some of my favorites for 2019—I’ve picked plugins that have features that are missing from many of the other plugins available. 

WordPress Audio Player Plugins

1. MP3 Sticky Player

This MP3 player is incredibly powerful. The plugin contains a customizable and responsive MP3 player that can be added to any webpage and that runs on all major browsers. 

Most web players only allow you to listen to audio when you are on a specific page, but MP3 sticky player is a pop-up player that opens in a separate window, allowing you to browse the web while listening. 

And it’s not just for MP3s—this player can display images and YouTube videos. 

MP3 Sticky Player

Here are a few of this plugin’s great features:

  • uninterrupted audio playback
  • custom post types support
  • unlimited playlists and unlimited number of tracks per playlist
  • load playlists via XML, HTML, YouTube, and podcasts

User sely says:

“This is by far the most powerful MP3 player available on CodeCanyon or elsewhere. Great support too. Had multiple questions and was quickly helped. Highly recommended!”

View the video tutorial of this powerhouse video and audio player to see if it is a fit for your site.

2. Audio Player PRO

This audio player will make a great addition to your website if you need to present audio to your users. Not only does it play .mp3 files, but it plays .ogg files as well. With the customizable design, you will be able to fit this WordPress audio player into any theme.

Audio Player PRO

Here are some of the notable features of this plugin:

  • responsive design
  • customizable color scheme
  • integrates with Google Analytics
  • playlist search
  • compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices

Here is what user tampatechllc has to say about the Audio Player PRO:

Great support team! They checked on my issue very quickly. Also great music player plugin! After trying at least 4 or 5 others, this was the only one that had more features than the other plugin features combined. Keep up the great work!”

Check out this video of the WordPress audio player plugin in action:

3. WavePlayer

This HTML5 audio player is a must-have. The modern interface of this audio plugin is built around the audio waveform of the audio file, giving users a visually pleasing experience. Unlike many other cloud-based music player services, WavePlayer allows you to host your own tracks for free!


Here is what you can expect from this audio player plugin:

  • modern design
  • audio waveform display
  • HTML5 support
  • full integration with WooCommerce
  • free hosting of audio tracks

User herringla has this to say about the WavePlayer:

“There are just too many good things about this plugin. Basically, if you’re using anything else to play your music files on your WordPress website you’re missing out!”

View the audio waveform integration in the live demo.

WordPress Video Player Plugins

4. Responsive YouTube Playlist Video Player

If you are looking to add YouTube videos to your website, this WordPress video plugin must be taken into consideration. With a fully responsive and automatically resizing video player, viewers with any screen size or device type will be able to comfortably view the videos that you add. The plugin also allows you to replace the default user interface with a custom designed interface, and the entire player can be added to your website with a shortcode. 

Responsive Youtube Playlist Video Player

Here are the main features of this WordPress video player:

  • add a YouTube playlist, channel playlist, or single video
  • fullscreen support for major browsers
  • custom player controls
  • intuitive admin panel 
  • social sharing buttons

Satisfied customer ADWheeler has this to say about the video plugin:

“All the way around this is a perfect plugin. Rik is GREAT with support as well. Got back to me within the hour. The world needs more of this! Do yourself a favor, get this one. This IS the plugin you’ve been looking for!”

Try it for yourself with the live preview.

5. Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

Easy Video Player is the number one WordPress video player plugin on CodeCanyon. This player comes packed with features that are sure to enhance your website viewers’ video experience. One feature that adds a lot of value to this plugin is the configurable pop-up ads that you can place on each video to convey any message you want to your audience. 

Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

Here are a few of the most notable features of this plugin:

  • video quality selector
  • real-time spectrum visualizer
  • optional subtitles selector
  • playback speed options

Here is what user TheWebFix has to say about the plugin.

“Very customizable, and the author is always willing to assist with any issues or questions. Love the flexibility and work put into this plugin!”

To try the plugin for yourself, check out the live preview!

6. Universal Video Player

Whether you want to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted videos, Universal Video Player has the capability to display these videos by just dropping in the video ID. With all the standard customizable features of a video player, plus lightweight design, this video player is an all-in-one solution. 

Universal Video Player

Universal Video Player features include:

  • YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted support
  • customizable color scheme
  • playlist search
  • automatically generate video thumbnail, title, and description of YouTube video 

User Dohmtee has this to say about the plugin:

“Customer service was able to help me configure and provide me guidance to what I wanted the player to function. My clients are very satisfied!  Thumbs up to all at LambertGroup.”

View the Universal Video Player in action by trying the live demo.

7. YouTubeR

YouTubeR not only allows you to upload videos on YouTube from your website, but it also allows you to create video galleries. The modern interface of this plugin, playlist templates, and infinite scroll for playlists make this a plugin worth purchasing.


Here is what you can expect from YouTubeR:

  • upload and embed YouTube videos
  • create video galleries
  • lightbox included
  • optimized for WordPress caching
  • light and dark themes

Here is what user StudioPassionlab has to say about the plugin:

“I want to express my appreciation for the YouTubeR plugin by Maxiolab for the versatility of the plugin. Especially for the excellent support received from the author to help me solve problems with the themes used. Thanks Maxiolab!”

Find out what this WordPress video plugin can add to your website by trying out the live preview.


The WordPress plugins described above are some of the best-selling video and audio plugins on CodeCanyon. To know which plugins you should consider purchasing, take a look at all the live demos and features to see which ones will fit in with your site. 

If none of these video and audio WordPress plugins seem right for your website’s needs, be sure to check out some of the many others available on CodeCanyon

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