How to Draw a Pot Leaf

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What You’ll Be Creating

If you need a pot leaf design to create a marijuana leaf logo, or if you simply want to learn how to draw a weed leaf, in this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw a pot leaf step by step. But if you need a marijuana logo ASAP, scroll down to find a quick and easy marijuana logo maker!

What You Will Need

Any drawing tool will suffice! But here’s what I recommend:

  • HB pencil for sketching
  • Ink liner or a soft pencil for final lines

What You Will Learn in This Pot Leaf Tutorial

  • How to draw a marijuana leaf
  • What does a pot leaf look like?
  • How many leaves does a pot leaf have?
  • How to create a step-by-step pot leaf drawing to use for a marijuana logo

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

1. How to Draw a Pot Leaf Step by Step

Step 1

Draw a vertical line.

draw vertical line

Step 2

Cut it in half, and then cut the upper half again.

cut line in half

Step 3

Draw a horizontal line across the upper mark.

draw horizontal line

Step 4

Draw a line from the bottom tip of the first line towards the horizontal line, at a 30-degree angle.

draw a triangle

Step 5

Divide the lower half into thirds.

cut line in thirds

Step 6

Draw a horizontal line across the first mark.

add another horizontal line

Step 7

Add some length to the original line—slightly less than one third its half.

make the first line longer

Step 8

Then draw a horizontal line across it.

draw one more horizontal line

Step 9

Move to the uppermost horizontal line. Connect it with the one below, drawing lines at about 20-degree angles.

connect the lines

Step 10

Do the same with the second line, this time drawing your lines inward.

connect more lines

Step 11

Connect the original lower tip of the first line with the corners you’ve just sketched.

add more diagonal lines

Step 12

Draw a short horizontal line across the first half mark. Then draw similar lines across each of the “rays”, angling them towards the center. There should be seven of them—the usual number of leaves in a marijuana leaf.

cut each leaf in half

Step 13

Connect these lines, creating the basic outline of the leaves.

outline the leaves

Step 14

Round the upper half of each leaf.

rounden the outline

2. How to Finish a Simple Pot Leaf Drawing

Step 1

Draw curved rays on both sides of the stem of the central leaf. It should have a fishbone pattern.

add the fishbone rhythm

Step 2

Connect these rays in their upper part to finish the outline of the leaf.

add details to the outline

Step 3

Do the same with all the other leaves to create a pot leaf outline. When you’re done, outline the main stem as well.

outline all leaves

Step 4

Finally, accentuate the outer edge of the leaf to give a final look to the pot leaf image.

finish the drawing

Good Job!

Now you know how to draw a weed leaf! And if you want to create a marijuana leaf logo, scroll down for the promised marijuana logo maker.

step by step pot leaf drawing

Marijuana Logo Maker & Examples of Pot Leaf Design

Here you can learn how to use Placeit’s marijuana logo maker, and you’ll find plenty of useful resources here as well:

Classic Marijuana Logo [PNG]

Classic Marijuana Logo

If you need a marijuana logo with a classic pot leaf design, this one will be a good fit. Change the colors, font, and even the shape of the leaf to create the logo you need!

Funny Marijuana Logo [PNG]

Funny Marijuana Logo

If you want something more specific, with a less serious character, try this design. There are plenty of graphics you can use to present your cannabis-based product, like tea, oil, or cookies.

Artistic Marijuana Logo [PNG]

Artistic Marijuana Logo

Need something more artistic and unique? This design is not only clean and eye-catching, but it also comes with a whole list of graphics in the same style that you can use to customize your marijuana logo.

Modern Marijuana Logo [PNG]

Modern Marijuana Logo

This logo looks very modern—the leaf is simplified, and yet it’s instantly recognizable. It will fit a variety of products, especially ones that need this professional style of presentation.

Serious Marijuana Logo [PNG]

Serious Marijuana Logo

Here’s another option for a more serious logo. It’s clean, minimalistic, with a very appealing aesthetic. You can also replace the pot leaf graphic with something more abstract and related to medicine.

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