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Your Facebook cover photo occupies one of the most noticeable areas on your Facebook page—the top third of the page. Whether you’re just using your page to connect to friends and family or you’re a business looking to raise brand awareness, generate leads, or close deals, it’s critical that you know how to use and optimise Facebook cover photos.

Facebook cover photos
Just one of the awesome Facebook Covers available at Placeit

Given the dimensions of Facebook cover photos—820 pixels wide by 312 pixels high—this is not always an easy task. That’s why we’re introducing you to a tool that’s designed to take all the stress and guesswork out of creating your cover photo: the Facebook cover photo maker from Placeit.

Not only does the Facebook Cover Photo Maker allow you to create stunning Facebook cover photos in the right dimensions in a matter of minutes, but it also offers an exceptionally large selection of premium Facebook cover photo templates that are easy to customise. Today we’ll share 33 of the best Facebook cover photos for a variety of business as well as personal use. 

How to Make Facebook Covers Using a Facebook Cover Photo Maker

1. Choose a Design

Navigate to Placeit’s Facebook Cover Photo Maker and select a Facebook cover photo template you like.

Placeits Facebook Cover Photo Maker

2. Change the Text

Starting on the left side of the Facebook cover photo template, you can add the title of your page and any additional text you care to. Here, you can also change the font style and colour. 

Placeits Facebook Cover Photo Maker

3. Customise the Graphics

When you’re done, move to the right side of the Facebook cover photo maker to choose a graphic for your Facebook banner or upload your own graphic, photo, or logo.

Placeits Facebook Cover Photo Maker

4. Customise the Background

When you’re done, move down to the background controls to change the colour of the background and add a background texture if you choose.

Placeits Facebook Cover Photo Maker

5. Download Your New Facebook Cover

When you’re happy with your image, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you can create cool cover photos for Facebook in a couple of minutes. Now let’s take a look at the 33 best Facebook cover photos at Placeit. 

Placeits Facebook Cover Photo Maker

33 Best Facebook Covers

1. Facebook Cover Maker With a Minimal-Chic Design

Facebook cover photos

Fashion brands will love this modern and minimal Facebook cover photo template. Make it your own by adding your photo and brand colours. 

2. Facebook Cover Creator for a Running Club

Facebook cover photos

Attract like minds to your running or sports club with this dynamic Facebook cover photo template. All you need to do is select the appropriate photo for the particular sport you offer, add your club’s colour scheme and icon, add your text, and you’re done. 

3. Facebook Cover Template With a Minimalist Design

Facebook cover photos

This Facebook cover photo template will appeal to musicians. The layout is simple but engaging, and you can customise as little or as much as you care to by uploading your own image and changing the font and colours to match your brand. 

4. Facebook Cover Template With a Fall Theme

Facebook cover photos

Need a fall Facebook cover? Check out this template, which offers all kinds of great illustrations that reflect the themes of fall, like various leaves, pumpkins, and pies popular in fall. 

5. Facebook Cover Maker for Flower Shops

Flower shops take notice, this beautiful Facebook cover photo template is designed with you in mind. It offers lovely images of different kinds of flowers for your background, a transparent and solid banner whose colour you can customise, and a huge variety of font options. 

6. Facebook Cover Template for a Skateboard Page

Facebook cover photos

Looking for the best Facebook cover photos for your skateboard page? Check out this template, which offers images for skateboarders and other sports. It’s fun and dynamic and allows a high degree of customisation to create your own unique Facebook covers.

7. Facebook Cover Maker for a Sound Technology Account

Facebook cover photos

How awesome is this Facebook cover? It offers all sorts of abstract and geometric wave forms that would be great for businesses involved in sound or music but that would also work for a number of other industries or for personal pages. 

8. Minimalist Facebook Cover Maker for an Urban Apparel Page

Facebook cover photos

Upload your own photo or use the photos provided with this template to create a Facebook cover photo. The template is designed specifically for those in the apparel industry, but really it can be customised to fit just about any need.

9. Facebook Cover Maker for a Rehab Center Page

Facebook cover photos

Running a social services business? Then this template may be a good fit for you. When you use this template, you say goodbye to having to figure out Facebook cover dimensions and spending hours designing a banner that will look good enough to represent your business. 

10. Vintage Facebook Cover Maker for Bazaars

Facebook cover photos

Have an upcoming event and looking for cool cover photos for Facebook that can be used to advertise it on your Facebook banner? This may be just the template for you. Use the centre text to bring attention to your event and the text banners over and under the text to add important details.

11. Facebook Cover Maker for a Blog Page

Facebook cover photos

If you have your own personal blog or are using Facebook as your blog, you need a cover that represents your style and image. Look no further than this template designed specifically to conform to the size of a photo for Facebook covers. Use one of the photos provided or upload your own photo for a more personal touch.

12. Facebook Cover Maker With Neon Lines for Black Friday

Facebook cover photos

Black Friday rolls around just once a year, and when it does, you’ll need an eye-catching image in the right Facebook cover dimensions to let your followers know that you too are offering a Black Friday sale. Luckily for you, Placeit offers just the right templates for the occasion. Customise, download, and upload it to your Facebook page in a couple of minutes.

13. Facebook Cover Maker With Fireworks Graphics

Facebook cover photos

Everyone loves a firework display—well, maybe not everyone, but many people do—so make sure that you get a full crowd to your next event by using this temporary Facebook cover on your page to let the world know the whens and wheres of your fireworks display.

14. Cool Facebook Cover Maker With a Quote

Facebook cover photos

Add your favourite quote to your Facebook cover with this awesome Facebook cover photo with quotes. Just select a photo you love, type in your text, change the font and colour if needed, and your job is done. 

15. Facebook Cover Maker Featuring Yoga Pictures

Facebook cover photos

Yoga aficionados will love this template, which offers cool cover photos for Facebook. This template allows you to combine your choice of two photos, then add your text and colour scheme to create a cover which truly reflects your taste and personality.

16. Pet Care Facebook Cover Maker With Turtle Illustrations

Facebook cover photos

Not to be left out, there’s also a cover for pet businesses. This one offers cool illustrations for the most popular pets, like cats, dogs, fish, turtles, etc. 

17. Facebook Cover Design Template for Quote Fan Page

Facebook cover photos

The beauty of this Facebook template for a cover photo with quotes is that it can be used for all sorts of pages. That’s because it offers loads of gorgeous illustrations which you can use to customise the background to capture just the right mood for your page. Then all you need to do is add your quotation and you’ve got a stunning Facebook cover photo template ready to use. 

18. Facebook Cover Maker for a Clothing Brand Page

Facebook cover photos

If you’re been looking for super cool cover photos for Facebook, check out this template for clothing brands. And don’t worry—although it’s designed specifically for clothing brands, it can be adapted for many other businesses or personal uses. 

19. Thanksgiving-Themed Facebook Cover Maker

Facebook cover photos

Facebook Thanksgiving covers may not be relevant for most of us, but for businesses and individuals in North America, this is a holiday that may warrant a temporary change of Facebook cover photos. For those occasions, this Facebook Thanksgiving cover is perfect. Choose your background illustration from one of the many themes on offer, add your text, and you’re good to go.

20. Tech Review Facebook Page Cover Template

Facebook cover photos

Use this psychedelic Facebook cover photo template to create a cover that’s guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone who comes across your page. The template offers many different colour combinations and styles, so choose the one that complements your taste and styles and customise as needed. 

21. Minimalist Facebook Cover Template for a Stylish Page

Facebook cover photos

Looking for just the right Facebook cover photo size to fit on your beauty page? Check out this stylish Facebook cover, designed to fit seamlessly into your Facebook page. Just select any of the images offered with the template or upload your own. Then add your text and select your colour scheme, and you’ll have the perfect Facebook cover dimensions ready to use. 

22. Facebook Cover Template for a New Year’s Party

Facebook cover photos

Celebrate the New Year in style and let your followers know where the party is going to be with these cool cover photos for Facebook. The template offers all sorts of gorgeous celebratory images to suit a wide variety of tastes and moods. 

23. Productivity Quotes Facebook Cover Maker

Facebook cover photos

More Facebook cover photos with quotes you’ll love. This one is for corporations looking for a more formal cover. The template is divided into three parts, each of which you can customise to reflect your brand. Start from the left third and add one brand colour, and then move to the right third to add the second brand colour. Next, you can use one of the images provided or upload your own. You can also upload your company logo if you like. Finally, just add your text, and your job is done. 

24. Marketing Facebook Cover Maker

Facebook cover photos

To show you the customisation possibilities with the Facebook cover photo template above, check out this variation on the template. Just by adding a different photo, colour scheme, text, and logo, you can change the mood and message of your Facebook cover in a couple of minutes. 

25. Facebook Cover Template for a Music Page

Facebook cover photos

Draw your fans to your next event with terrific Facebook cover photos. This template offers a number of beautiful and whimsical images that are great for creative events. Choose one and add your text. Creating a great Facebook banner is as easy as that with Placeit. 

26. Minimalistic Facebook Cover Maker for Cool Quotes

Facebook cover photos

Whether you’re looking for Facebook cover photos with quotes or just the best Facebook cover photos, this template will appeal to you because it does both exceptionally well. Browse the photos on offer with the template to find the best one for your needs, select an icon or upload your own icon or logo, and then add your page name or a great quote to top it off. 

27. Facebook Cover Template With Leaves in the Background

Facebook cover photos

This theme can be used to create both Facebook Thanksgiving covers and fall Facebook covers by choosing the background illustration that complements your purpose best. 

28. Beautiful Facebook Cover Maker for a Makeup Page

Facebook cover photos

If beauty is your business, you need a polished and alluring Facebook cover photo template in the right Facebook cover dimensions to attract your target audience. So don’t leave anything to chance: choose a professional template that you can easily customise and stay ahead of the competition.

29. Indie Concert Facebook Cover Maker

Facebook cover photos

Communicate the vibe of your next performance quickly and easily with this concert Facebook cover maker. Designed so that you can mix and match images, this template allows for a great degree of customisation so that you can add your unique spin to your cover.  

30. Facebook Cover Maker for Fashion Stores

Facebook cover photos

Fashionistas, here’s another template for you that alleviates the worry of figuring out the size of a photo for Facebook covers and how to design it. All you need to do is drop in your own image or choose an image from those on offer, add your text, choose your colour scheme, and voila! Your own Facebook cover is ready to download. 

31. Facebook Cover Maker for a Veterinary Page

Facebook cover photos

Facebook is a great place to build a clientele for your veterinary business, so make sure that you display the very best Facebook cover photos when you use this terrific template. When you use a Placeit template, you don’t need to worry about issues like Facebook cover size, how to create compelling graphics, or where to find a great font, because each Placeit template contains all the right Facebook cover dimensions and a range of premium elements to make the perfect Facebook cover for your business. 

32. Minimalist-Styled Facebook Cover Maker for a Chic Brand

Facebook cover photos

Another one of those cool cover photos for Facebook that you won’t be able to resist, this template will also be a favourite of fashion brands. It offers tons of gorgeous, ready-to-use images, or you can upload your own to show off specific items from your collection.

33. Facebook Cover Template for a Boxing School

Facebook cover photos

Really you don’t need loads of bells and whistles to create a memorable and effective Facebook Cover Template—just a cover that uses the correct Facebook cover dimensions, an engaging layout, a great image, and an attention-getting font. You can get all of those features in this Placeit template. 

Make Your Own Facebook Cover Today

That’s it for your list of the best Facebook cover photos available at Placeit. Now that you know how to make Facebook covers online, why not use the Placeit Facebook cover photo maker to create your own unique Facebook covers and share your design with us in the comments below. We’d love to see what you come up with. 

And if you’re interested in other designs, check out these handy roundups of the best resources in different categories that you can find at Placeit:

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