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A stream “starting soon” overlay is the perfect way to let your audience know that you’re getting ready to come online.

Stream Overlay Template
One of the terrific Stream Overlay Templates at

And the best way to make sure that your overlay is on point is with a stream overlay template from Placeit. Placeit offers a wide array of gorgeous templates which are easy to customise using their stream overlay maker.

Want to learn how to use the stream overlay maker? Check out this awesome video for simple, step-by-step instructions over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel

Now let’s take a look at the fabulous selection of Twitch starting soon screens you can find at Placeit. 

31 Best Twitch Stream “Starting Soon” Overlays

1. Twitch Overlay Maker for a Cool Stream Starting Soon Announcement

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Wanna grab attention? Use this stream “starting soon” overlay. It’s bold, colourful, and oh so easy to customise with the Twitch overlay creator.

2. Twitch Overlay Design for a Stream Starting Soon Announcement

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

There’s more than one way to stand out. If dazzling colours aren’t your thing, don’t worry. You can still make your mark. Go bold, go graphic with this minimalist Twitch “starting soon” screen overlay. 

3. Simple Twitch Overlay Maker for a Starting Soon Live Stream

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Here’s another bold but simple OBS overlay that’s perfect for alerting Twitchers to your upcoming channel. The clean, modern design lets you stick to the essential information. Type your details and change the colour scheme to reflect your taste.

4. Twitch Overlay Template for a Stream Screen

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Check out this gorgeous geometric background combined with the bold announcement holder bar. This Twitch “starting soon” screen is perfect for letting Twitch fans know when you’re getting ready to start a stream.

5. Starting Soon Twitch Stream Overlay Template

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Stream overlays for OBS are easy to create with the Placeit Twitch overlay creator. With a wide selection of stream backgrounds to choose from and loads of options for customising your text and colour scheme, you can’t go wrong with this custom overlay.

6. Twitch Overlay Template for an Upcoming Stream With a Wavy Design

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Make a wave with this awesome stream “starting soon” overlay. Not only can you alert your followers and fans that you’re getting ready to come online, but you can do so in a way that really suits your style and personality by customising your stream background and adding the coolest fonts. 

7. Twitch Overlay Maker for Livestreams With Scary Font

Twitch BRB screen

Looking for a dazzling stream background? How about this Twitch BRB screen? It’s super easy to create your own unique look when you customise the template with the stream overlay maker. Just choose your stream background, select your colour scheme, add your text and choose a font you like, and just like that, you’ve got a terrific Twitch BRB screen ready to upload. 

8. Twitch Stream Starting Soon Overlay Maker

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

You don’t have to dazzle to make a bold statement and keep all eyes on you. Simplicity has its own allure, and if your soul leans towards the minimal, then this is the stream overlay template for you. Use the stream overlay maker to customise your design. 

9. Stream Starting Soon Overlay Maker for a Twitch Account With Glitch Dots

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

How awesome is this Twitch “starting soon” screen? The template offers a wide selection of OBS backgrounds, gorgeous colours, and bold fonts. Use the stream overlay maker to create a background that reflects your personality.

10. Twitch Overlay Maker for a Stream Starting Soon Message

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

It’s super easy to create perfect stream overlays for OBS using a stream overlay template like this one. Simply choose an awesome stream background, add your text and colour scheme, and your job is done. 

11. Overlay Maker for a Twitch Starting Screen

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, done well, it can be commanding and eye-catching, like this OBS overlay template download. All you need to do to customise it is to choose your stream background colour, select the frame accent that appeals to you, add your text, and your custom overlay is ready to download.

12. Flashing Loop Animation Video Maker for a Starting Soon Twitch Screen

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Definitely not one of your run-of-the-mill stream overlays for OBS, this five-second animated template will ensure that all eyes are on you. And with tons of customisation options, you can make sure that your personality shines through loudly and clearly.

13. Twitch Stream Starting Soon Screen Loop Animation Video Maker

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Here’s another awesome animated OBS overlay that will knock your viewers’ socks off. Make this custom overlay your own using the Twitch overlay creator and set yourself apart from the crowd.

14. Twitch Overlay Template With Pink Hues

Stream Overlay Template

Who knew pink could be so mysterious and edgy? This custom overlay template is perfect for the bold and daring who aren’t afraid to ramp up the drama.  

15. Twitch Overlay Template With a Live Webcam Window

Twitch Webcam Overlay

This is a stream camera overlay for Twitch users who like colour and glamour. The template also offers a range of stunning stream backgrounds to choose from, and the template’s frames consist of wonderful, wavy illustrations in myriad styles that you can colour to reflect your taste. 

16. Twitch Stream Starting Soon Overlay With Chip Circuit Graphics

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

If you’re a techie or you love the whole chip circuit vibe, this OBS background is for you. Use the overlay maker to customise the template to suit your taste or style, and you can have a custom overlay ready to upload in a matter of minutes. 

17. Cool Twitch Overlay Maker for Twitch Accounts

Stream Overlay Template

Looking for stream overlays for OBS? This template is a terrific choice. It offers a number of cool backgrounds and a great selection of frames, and it makes it easy for you to add your own text and customise the fonts and colours. 

18. Design Template for a Twitch Stream Overlay

Stream Overlay Template

A template for gamers that captures the days of yore, use this stream background as is or, if this doesn’t quite catch your fancy, there are plenty of others to choose from—and lots of terrific frames as well to complement your design.

19. Cool Twitch Overlay Maker With Neon Banners

Stream Overlay Template

This electric gaming room shot with its pops of colour will add vibrancy and excitement to your OBS stream overlay. Use the Twitch overlay creator to add your text, change the frame, and add your preferred colours and fonts.

20. Cool Twitch Be Right Back Overlay Template

Twitch BRB screen

You’re going to need a Twitch BRB screen for those times when you need to take a short break. And we’ve got just the right thing for you with this fab template featuring a super-cool icon and illustration against a black background and white text which stands out and catches the eye. Any and all elements of this OBS background can be modified to suit your taste.

21. OBS Webcam Frame Maker for a Professional Streamer

Stream Overlay Template

This is a great OBS overlay template download specifically designed to encourage donations and subscribers. Use the stream overlay maker to customise it. You can use one of the gorgeous images provided with the template or add your own image for the background, then select a frame that reflects your style, add your text and brand colours, and your overlay is ready for download. 

22. Minimalistic Twitch Overlay Maker for a BRB Screen

Twitch BRB screen

This terrific Twitch BRB screen alerts viewers who have just logged on to your stream that you are taking a quick break so that they know to hang around or check back in a few minutes. 

23. Twitch Overlay Template for a Coming Soon Screen

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Looking for a “coming soon” OBS background with a touch of the macabre? This could be the stream overlay template for you. Of course, not all the images that are offered with the template are disturbing, so if you like the template but not the image, just change the background to one you prefer. 

24. Twitch Overlay Maker for a Starting Soon Stream Announcement

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Ready, set, go! Let your fans know that you’re getting ready to enter the stream with this minimalist OBS overlay featuring a subtle stream background, eye-catching icon, and bold lettering.

25. Twitch Overlay Maker With Dripping Paint Effect Panels

Twitch Webcam Overlay

A fancy Twitch webcam overlay for users who love colour and drama. The stream camera overlay template offers a range of great backgrounds and loads of wonderful frames that you can choose from to really make the theme your own.

26. Twitch Overlay Creator With Webcam Frame

Twitch Webcam Overlay

An awesome street image forms the backdrop for this Twitch webcam overlay, featuring a simple frame with rounded corners and solid bars for your account name and social media accounts. You can use this template as is or customise it in a matter of minutes. 

27. Twitch Overlay Maker for a Coming Real Soon Screen

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Get everyone excited about your upcoming stream with this riveting Twitch “starting soon” screen. Use the image provided, choose from any of the range of images on offer, or upload your own. Then, all you need to do is add your text, change the fonts and colours as needed, and your custom overlay is ready for download. 

28. Futuristic Starting Soon Overlay Template for a Twitch Live Stream

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

This eye-catching OBS overlay is perfect for alerting Twitchers to your upcoming channel. The clean, modern design just uses the essential information. Upload your details and change the colour scheme to one that suits your style.

29. Twitch Overlay Creator With a Webcam Window at the Corner

Twitch webcam overlay

This Twitch webcam overlay features an awesome image of a sci-fi hero or femme fatale and provides you with a webcam window on the lower right-hand side of your screen. You can upload your own background image if this one doesn’t suit you and change all aspects of the template as needed. 

30. Twitch Overlay Template for a New Livestream

Stream Starting Soon Overlay

Let fans know you’re getting ready to enter the stream with this OBS overlay featuring a great frame and bold lettering. This is a stream “starting soon” overlay that’s easy to customise with the Twitch overlay creator: just choose your background and a frame that you like, add your text, and your job is done. 

31. Futuristic Twitch Overlay Template With a Stream Ended Announcement

Stream Ended Overlay Template

All good things must come to an end… a cliche, but nonetheless true. Go out with a bang when you choose this super-cool OBS overlay template download. Select one of the awesome stream backgrounds on offer, choose your banner colours, add your text, and you are done. 

Choose Your Favourite Twitch Overlay Template Today

Whether you need a stream starting soon overlay, a stream ending overlay, a Twitch BRB screen, or a Twitch webcam overlay, you can find exactly what you need at Placeit. 

These 31 OBS stream overlays are just a few of the custom Twitch overlay templates you can create at Placeit. I hope they have given you tons of inspiration and you now feel confident that you know how to make a custom OBS stream overlay for your Twitch channel. 

Use your favourite template to make your own overlay and share it with us here. We’d love to see what you come up with.

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