39 Best Futuristic Fonts

The future is now, and what better way to celebrate it in your designs than with futuristic fonts?

Futuristic fonts
Dreamland is one of the stunning futuristic fonts found at Envato Elements

If you’re looking for cool futuristic fonts to complement your designs, Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer some of the best futuristic font designs on the market today. Today we’ll take a look at 39 of the best futuristic fonts to be found on both sites. 

Unlimited Futuristic Font Designs at Envato Elements

Both Envato Elements and GraphicRiver offer high-quality futuristic fonts that capture the eye and imagination, but each service is a bit different from the other. 

Envato Elements offers thousands of cool futuristic fonts by the most talented designers in the field. And you can also download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee. 

One low monthly fee = unlimited access to the best fonts available on the internet today. What’s more, that monthly fee also allows you to access thousands of premium digital assets like logos, graphic templates, mockups, photos, business card templates and much more.

Let’s take a look at the best futuristic fonts on offer at Envato Elements, and you’ll see what I mean.

1. Nemesis

Futuristic fonts

If sci-fi futuristic fonts are your thing, then you’ll love Nemesis. This cool futuristic font combines industrial, grunge, and futuristic, all in one awesome package. The package includes four styles: regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge. 

2. Flare

Futuristic fonts

Another gorgeous sci-fi futuristic font, this time with that Alien movie vibe to it, Flare is a perfect choice for technological, sci-fi, and all kinds of futuristic projects you can come up with. 

3. Axeon

Futuristic fonts

How cool is Axeon, a futuristic font that incorporates a safety pin element to create a retro futuristic font look? Use this set that includes uppercase letters only to create your posters, album covers, T-shirts, product design, etc. 

4. Metro Uber Font

Futuristic fonts

Looking for a futuristic bold font? Look no further than Metro Uber Font, a wonderful display font for those projects where you need a font that will stand out from the pack. 


Futuristic fonts

Starblaster is another futuristic bold font that you can use when you need a font that will stand out well in big projects but still retain a bit of creative edginess. The set includes three styles: regular, italic, and parallel. 

6. Drupadi

Futuristic fonts

Drupadi is a gorgeous sci-fi futuristic font that would look equally great used in larger or smaller sizes. Great for titles, posters, T-shirts, branding, logos, and various media. 

7. LineTech

Futuristic fonts

The LineTech typeface contains three futuristic font designs: light, regular, and bold. Perfect for use in projects dealing with science, computers, gaming, and the internet, this typeface uses clean lines and soft curves to draw viewers in. 

8. Aveden

Futuristic fonts

One of the simpler futuristic fonts featured here, Aveden is nevertheless a powerhouse you can use in your posters, web design, branding, and more. This sans serif font includes uppercase letters, numerals, and a large range of punctuation. 

9. United Kingdom

Futuristic fonts

Check out this cool futuristic font! United Kingdom is an all-caps display font with characters that have corners where curves would be expected. Use this gorgeous font for T-shirts, movie titles, posters, and other print media. 

10. Porta

Futuristic fonts

Porta is another of those futuristic fonts that you can’t ignore. It offers a stunning combination of simplicity and style in balanced proportions. The all-caps sans serif includes numbers, punctuation, and accents for foreign languages.

11. Alpha

Futuristic fonts

This retro futuristic font is all you need when you want to create riveting logos, branding materials, and other stand-out media. The display font includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. Use it for gaming, album covers, movie titles, etc.

12. Codevein

Futuristic fonts

How’s this for eye-catching futuristic bold fonts? Codevein is a wonderfully innovative font that harnesses the language of technology to create a font that is both futuristic and distinctive. Codevein includes uppercase Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

13. Eva Typeface

Futuristic fonts

Eva has one of those futuristic font designs that whispers rather than shouts, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. This stylish sans serif typeface is great for titles and contains three styles: light, regular, and bold. They all include foreign language letters and symbols. 

14. Cyborg

Futuristic fonts

Nothing says sci-fi futuristic fonts like the aptly named Cyborg. This futuristic bold font is the ultimate display font for games, music, movie titles, brands, and many more. The set includes both upper and lower case Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

15. Ornacle

Futuristic fonts

Ornacle is a retro futuristic font for innovators and risk takers. Combining a futuristic style with ancient lettering, this cool futuristic font is the one to use when you want to turn heads. 

16. Metropolia

Futuristic fonts

Why not use this cool futuristic font in your next project to bring a bit of that sci-fi edge to your work? Metropolia is an extraordinary hand-written script that’s available in uppercase Latin letters and would work well for branding, logos, and other print-related projects.

17. Halcyon Typeface

Futuristic fonts

This tall, rounded sci-fi futuristic font would look great on movie titles, posters, T-shirts, and much more. The set comes in two weights, and the alternate letters can be toggled using the caps lock.

18. Atomic Blip

Futuristic fonts

Looking for a retro futuristic font with that back-in-the-day space-age look? Well, look no further: Atomic Blip is exactly what you need. The typeface offers four font styles—rounded, square, dashed, and outlined—so you have lots of choice when you’re creating your amazing designs.

19. Eternals

Futuristic fonts

If you’re looking for a sci-fi futuristic font for a book or movie title, Eternals is a great choice. This futuristic bold font is strong and solid and will stand out clearly to call attention where you most need it. The font includes uppercase Latin letters, numbers, and punctuation. 


Futuristic fonts

ALCATRAZ is a modified font specifically created for use in logos and branding. This futuristic font is bold enough to stand out in projects that require a large typeface, but flexible enough to retain legibility in smaller projects. 

21. Kusanagi

Futuristic fonts

Kusanagi is a terrific futuristic font that mixes sharp and round corners and uses narrow spacing between letters to accommodate the wide characters. This is a perfect font for titles, posters, and various covers.

22. Lauronos Typeface

Futuristic fonts

This quirky, retro, futuristic font is perfect for child-targeted projects. The sans serif offers bold lines and pleasing curves and includes upper-case Latin characters, numbers, over 20 alternate characters, and 25 glyphs. 

23. Digitalium Future Font

Futuristic fonts

Digitalium Future Font is a wonderfully angular font that captures the essence of a futuristic font design while preserving legibility. A great choice to add a cool edginess to your next project. 

24. Oniqer

Futuristic fonts

Another retro futuristic font that is stylish and interesting while being legible, Oniqer is a great choice for logos, poster design, T-shirts, album covers, and product designs. The display font offers upper-case Latin letters only. 

25. Mazeline Font

Futuristic fonts

Mazeline typeface offers three futuristic font designs for you to experiment with in your designs: regular, bold, and black. Use this cool futuristic font for hi-tech, virtual reality, space, and gaming projects. 

26. Lonika

Futuristic fonts

Looking for a unique font to impress a client? Lonika is a stylish futuristic font that will do the trick. Perfect for logos, branding, and titles of all kinds, this display font is one that is hard to forget. 

27. Noise

Futuristic fonts

Our list is filled with cool futuristic fonts, but none more so than NOISE. Readable, stylish, and catchy, this is the font that you need to save for special projects when only the best will do. 

28. UAV31

Futuristic fonts

UAV31 may not be the most legible of futuristic font designs, but it certainly is stylish and attention-getting. Use this decorative geometric font sparingly for logos, posters, and other short titles when impact is what matters. 

29. Modu

Futuristic fonts

Modu is an awesome futuristic font design that is guaranteed to turn heads whether you use it on T-shirts, posters, logos, or branding. The typeface includes uppercase Latin characters only, and it comes in two weights. 

30. Cellica

Futuristic fonts

Cellica is s futuristic font design that comes in six styles: regular, medium, old, and three grunge versions. Use this geometric display font for signs, titles, and logos.

More Premium Futuristic Font Designs From GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver is another service that offers thousands of premium futuristic fonts. But it works differently from Envato Elements. 

While Elements is the best source when you want to buy many fonts and other resources, GraphicRiver is better for those who are on a budget and only want to buy one font set at a time. 

So if you’re interested in purchasing just one font instead of experimenting with several, then GraphicRiver may be a better choice for you. You can download a single font for one-time use for a low fee. Let’s take a look at some of the top-quality offerings there. 


Futuristic fonts

Here’s another awesome futuristic font that you won’t be able to resist. Astrobia offers six fonts in three different weights. This simply elegant font is great for posters, branding, logos, and cover art. 

32. Short Circuit Futuristic Font

Futuristic fonts

Aptly called Short Circuit, this sci-fi futuristic font will lend a stylish edge to all your projects. The set includes upper-case Latin letters, numbers, and special characters. 

33. Invasible

Futuristic fonts

Futuristic font design doesn’t get better than this. Invasible is everything that’s great about futuristic fonts. It’s innovative, forward-looking, elegant, and most of all attention-getting. 

34. Steronite Font

Futuristic fonts

Steronite is a futuristic bold font that uses curves to stand out. The set includes uppercase characters, ligatures, and alternates that you can use to create text that is truly distinct. 


Futuristic fonts

HEIMDAL is a distinct typeface that offers eight futuristic font designs. Each set includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. 

36. Exarros

Futuristic fonts

Exarros is a stunning sci-fi futuristic font in the sans serif font family. With its winning combination of futuristic and geometric elements, this font is a great choice when you need to create a logo, brand, or distinct signage. Exarros consists of four font styles, each of which includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, alternates, and ligatures. 

37. Pixel Bit Display

Futuristic fonts

Here’s an awesome retro futuristic font for those who like to bring together the future and the past. Use Pixel Bit for any kind of project where you need a display font: logos, T-shirts, apparel, product packaging, etc. 

38. Anurati Pro

Futuristic fonts

Welcome to the future. Anurati Pro is a new and improved version of the popular Anurati font, and it comes with a brand new set of letters and glyphs in two weights: regular and outline. Use it for your next headline, poster, or logo design.

39. The Elementarity

Futuristic fonts

Looking for something a bit different? The Elementarity makes creative use of line and shape to create a unique geometric typeface with a futuristic look and feel. This would be a great choice for headlines, video game titles, or any project where you need your text to make a strong impact.

Choose Your Favourite Futuristic Font Design Today 

Envato Elements is an excellent resource for gorgeous futuristic font styles that are versatile and easy to use. If you also regularly need mockups, icons, and other design resources, Elements offers unlimited downloads for one low monthly fee. 

Alternatively, if you just want to buy a single futuristic font, GraphicRiver is an excellent source for high-quality fonts. Head over to either site today to choose your favourite and download it for use in your next project.

And finally, if you want more information on other terrific font styles, check out these really helpful articles below: 

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