21 Best CRM Software

The best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software solutions help sales teams streamline critical processes to improve productivity, track customer interactions and gain actionable insights to deliver a personalized experience to sell smarter, shorten the sales cycle and drive better retention rates. This article reviews the 21 best CRM software to help you streamline your searches.… Continue reading 21 Best CRM Software

Streamlining Web Development Workflow with Yeoman

There are many tools for building web-apps yet putting them all together and making them fit in our workflow could be real cumbersome. We also tend to do repetitive tasks when building web apps such as creating files, creating folders, installing a number of front-end libraries. Wouldn’t it better if we can streamline this task… Continue reading Streamlining Web Development Workflow with Yeoman

How to Improve Your Photoshop Workflow With CSSHat and PNGHat

What You’ll Be Creating During this tutorial I’m going to walk you through the process of creating sophisticated web element styling in Photoshop, but without employing a single image file in your finished website. When we’re done, you’ll have a single page layout with all the UI elements you see in the preview image above, using nothing… Continue reading How to Improve Your Photoshop Workflow With CSSHat and PNGHat

Sketching and Your Design Workflow

Once you’ve finished working with your content – great news! You get to start thinking about the actual design. But not so fast – don’t jump onto a computer straight away. If you talk to designers, most of them will tell you that it’s a massive part of their workflow to firstly sketch out any… Continue reading Sketching and Your Design Workflow

Better Workflow in PHP With Composer, Namespacing, and PHPUnit

In this video tutorial, we’ll again focus on workflow. Specifically, we’ll use Composer’s built-in autoloading capabilities, along with namespacing, to make for an elegant testing experience. We’ll also review a handful of PHPUnit best practices, as we get setup with these tools. Download – Source files Nettuts+