Surfshark VPN – Essential App for Android Phones

Surfshark is a new VPN app for Android, but it protects your phone and gives a sense of control like no other. Bearing in mind how vulnerable Android phones are for hacking you should invest a few dollars in your mobile safety and privacy.

VPN stands for a virtual private network, your data travels through a virtual encrypted tunnel, and makes it extremely difficult for anyone to eavesdrop on your internet activities.

Usually, trustworthy VPN providers offer traditional features package: no logs policy, IP masking, protection over public WiFi networks, bypassing geo-blocking and internet censorship, zero-knowledge DNS, etc.

These ‘techy’ terms might be confusing for an average user, but they increase your internet security to a maximum level. So if you’re looking for a VPN, make sure it has all of these features.

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the World. Hence it comes as no surprise that it’s a primary target for scammers too. Experts announce Android security breaches or hacks almost every month, so if you wish to feel safe while using your phone, you should install a VPN app for Android.

I recently discovered Surfshark VPN for Android and would recommend it to anyone looking for a simple, but powerful VPN app.

Surfshark has all of the crucial features, and on top of that, the speed is outstanding. I couldn’t feel any difference in speed after I connected to it.

Besides, its minimal design gives the feeling of control – you don’t have to press different buttons desperately – everything is self-explanatory and one-click away.

Surfshark VPN is one of the rare providers to allow unlimited simultaneous connections. If your family or your housemates need protection, you should absolutely go for Surfshark.

Also if you decide Surfshark is not for you, there’s a solid 30-day money back guarantee.

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