How to Create a Website to Compliment Your Logo

creating your website and logo design, nothing but the best will do. You need to consider your branding always when creating any STD or web property. You also should consider your logo design and how your website works with your logo to help your branding.

Remember that branding is a concerted effort where you pull all of your resources together to prevent your company ideals to the world. You should use all of your assets to do this including your video content, social media networks, logo, and website.

Your Logo Does Not Work in Isolation

First, it’s important to realize that your logo does not stand alone. Look at your website. Does it say everything you want to say to customers regarding your brand?

If not, maybe you should work on your website first. Your logo should simply be a reflection of your brand. Make sure that whatever you present within your website is reflected in your logo as well as all of your other assets that you use for branding.

Why is your logo so important?

Your logo is one of the most important things that your potential clients and visitors see when they enter your site. For that reason, it is important that your logo represents the same values that your website does. This is especially true with business logos, where the product branding and exposure is always going to be working 24/7 for the brand. Just take a look at names like McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nike and Target… all of them have such power logo designs and branding on place, that they don’t even need to include text to let people know who or what it is.

It’s not Just the Design

Remember that just like a logo is not just about the logo design, a website is not just about web design. It is always more about the quality of the content that you offer your customers and visitors that will keep them coming back. What you should strive to do is to create value that will improve your brand image, no matter where it is seen.

Some ways to increase the validity and credibility of your logo and your brand are;

  • Create a video or infographics with your brand prevalent in the video or infographic.
  • Put out literature that features your brand logo prominently.
  • Create real-world flyers and mail them out with your website and your logo on the mailers.
  • Do a podcast on the way up and display your logo throughout the podcast. Also be sure to include your logo on all of your molars that you send out to your customers and leads.

BOP Designs stated recently that any 9% of B2B manufacturing marketers side increase brand awareness as a goal for Content marketing compared to 85% for sales and 80% for leads generation.

This fact alone illustrates the importance in the minds of marketers and business owners to focus on your branding which includes your logo, website, YouTube accounts, and social media. Remember that branding is an integrated process that involves some different assets seamlessly working together in unison. It is not ever just one isolated thing working by itself.

Creating Brand Loyalty

Concerning brand loyalty, this is what a company should strive to achieve. It should be noted that the single most important element and factor in increasing brand loyalty is excellent customer service as well as a strong brand identity. In other words, if they are treated fairly, and they have a good impression of the values of a company, they are going to remember your brand.

This is why your logo should be memorable and should be integrated wisely into the branding of your website. This way people will not forget your brand identity and they will come back to you if they were pleased with their service and products that you offer them. If you are still at a loss for ideas, be sure to check out these content creation tips from 60 different content creators within the design and marketing industry. Each of these methods can be applied to your own site or brand, no matter the niche you are currently in.

Entrepreneur Magazine states on an article about branding that, “The foundation of your brand is your logo.”

This should serve to illustrate the importance that Entrepreneur magazine places on a logo and how it should work with your website to promote your brand. So how can you create a site that works with your logo?

  1. Think of your target audience.Remember you are not required to Market to the entire world even if you are a global company. All you have to do is appeal to your target audience, those little people who are looking to connect with a brand that Embraces their values and solve their problem.
  2. Create perceived value for your customers and visitors.Remember that there is a difference between real value and perceived value. The real value is nothing more than the street value of your product that you can sell it for on the open market. This just involves money. But branding involves much more. And creating perceived value with your customers is crucial to creating value for your brand. When you create a perceived value matching your ideals to that of your customer, you will win customers for life rather than make a sale for a day.
  3. Use branding assets such as graphic design in your website and your logo.Also, make sure the colors either match or complement each other nicely. They should seem to fit together.
  4. Ask for customer feedback regarding your logo and your website occasionally.Customers like to feel that they are involved with your brand, especially if it is one of their favorites. By asking the opinion of your loyal customers, you help relationships with current customers and give the impression that you care about what they want. And that is what this is about, isn’t it?
  5. Create brand equity in the minds of your customers.As we mentioned before, creating both perceived and real value in the minds of your customers is essential to succeeding as a business person. By creating brand equity, and raising the value in the minds of your customers, you can also charge more for your products or services. Remember as economics goes, the more they demand is, the more you can charge. Regardless of the economic affairs of the country or the world, one thing stays the same. When customers value your product in their minds, they will pay more for it. So creating brand equity in value through your logo and your website enables you to get more back for your investment and increase your ROI.


In the final analysis, when it comes to your logo for all practical purposes your logo is your brand. To those customers who never come across your site because your logo turns them off, you may have lost them forever.

A lost customer is a lost sale and lost revenue for your business. Granted, you will not get them all, but you certainly don’t want them to bounce off your page simply because your logo looks like a 1st grader did it.

According to Varun Aggarwal, founder of Designhill, it’s very important for any kind of business to invest in their logo design. “Logo defines any company’s brand identity and that is something one can not change very often, in my opinion, not for at least for 8-10 years. So its very important to invest in a logo design,” he says. Think about the value you wish to create for your brand and your company and build an association between your website, your logo, all of your video assets, and social media channels, and pull it all together for your brand.

Finally, over saturate. Write down your brand message and what the key messages are that you wish to communicate about your brand and integrate it into your website.

Pulling it All Together

Develop a good credo or tagline that you can associate with your brand and your logo. There are many more things that you can do to increase awareness of your brand and help customers realize that you are the company they wish to do business with.

By pulling it all together and putting your logo everywhere, you will increase awareness of your brand, keep your customers on your radar, and provide credibility for your business that all work seamlessly together.

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