Zuko Form Builder: Build Forms with High Conversion Rates

80% of users have abandoned an online form after beginning to fill it out (source). Chances are you’re losing more users on your form than you know. The only way to turn this around is to build a form that delivers a smooth and easy user experience. That’s where Zuko Form Builder can help.

Data-Driven Form Builder

Building forms require designers to create a design and hand it off to a developer to implement. If the developer doesn’t code it according to the design, the designer has to go back and forth with them. Zuko’s form builder removes this hassle by allowing you to build forms without code, so you don’t need to involve developers.

Zuko has been optimizing forms for over ten years using its analytics software. Over this time, they have analyzed millions of form sessions and developed a deep, data-backed understanding of how users behave on forms. This means their form builder contains design patterns that are proven to be UX optimized, such as:

  • Live inline validation
  • Custom error messages
  • Multi-step progress indicators
  • Searchable dropdown menus
  • Mobile-optimized fields

Easily Embeddable Forms

Zuko lets you publish your form as a standalone page or embed it within your site. When you embed it on a page, it’ll have all the features a standalone form has. Best of all, they’re naturally responsive to mobile screens and devices.

Award-Winning Analytics

After you build and publish your form, built-in analytics will give you the insight you need to reduce friction. It displays an overview of every form field so you can track the abandon rate, return rate, time spent, and other interaction data. As you tweak and improve your form, you can see how much the abandon rate decreases over time.

Get 100 Form Submissions for Free

Try Zuko Form Builder and stop the form abandonment that’s happening under your nose. You’ll get 100 form submissions per month with unlimited forms and fields for free.

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