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“Crypto-natives have been living and breathing Web 3 for years. They populate an enormous echo chamber of people speaking a language that most tech people can’t even understand, to say nothing of the general public.

The sense of wonder and empowerment that comes from knowing you are building the future is totally understandable. That feeling that you know things that only your fellow travelers truly understand. And that some of these things will not only spell doom for what came before but are going to change the world. Early Web 2 inventors felt this same way and for the same reasons.”

Why web3 UI will suck for a while
By Tamara Adlin

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Artsy is auctioning generative NFTs by women and nonbinary artists.

Make me think

  • Design systems aren’t cheap
    “Just like jQuery dominated the front end yesterday, React dominates it today. There will be something new that dominates it tomorrow. Your design system team will continue doing the same work and incurring more and more costs to keep up with framework churn. And let’s not forget the cost of updating tomorrow’s legacy apps, who are consumers of your soon to be legacy design system.”
  • The struggle of using native emoji on the web
    “If the OS can’t keep its emoji up-to-date, or if it doesn’t want to support certain characters (like country flags), then the browser should fill that gap. It’s not a huge technical hurdle to bundle a font, and it would help spare web developers a lot of headaches.”
  • It’s not prioritization until it hurts
    “Prioritization means cutting things that are valuable so I can double down on even bigger goals. If I’m not disappointed by a few items on my “cut” list, like a product I’m excited about but don’t have time to work on or an interesting discussion I can’t join, I’m not cutting hard enough.”

Little gems this week

First-hand experience in designing a design team
By Steffie Jessica

If design is so important, how do you know when a company invests in design?
By Christie Tang

Web3 UX: Would crypto royalty meet fans in the middle?
By Shan Shen

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