Twitter layoffs, meeting fatigue, Taylor Swift’s AI, Apple accessibility

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“Any of us could face what our colleagues at Twitter faced yesterday. Some of us already have, and some of us will in the future, especially if you stick around the profession long enough.

It’s a good reminder that, whether we realize it or not, we’re in this together. We might be working for seemingly unrelated companies or direct competitors, but we’re connected by this overriding desire to do right by the people we serve. And by “people we serve,” I don’t mean our employers.”

How Twitter’s layoffs affect us all
By Michael McWatters

Get design feedback without unnecessary meetings
Design critique doesn’t have to contribute to meeting fatigue. This week’s sponsor, Overflow, believes asynchronous communication is the way to go. Allow your audience to experience your work at their own pace in three different formats, switching freely between canvas view, prototype view, and step-by-step walkthrough.


  • Front End Web Designer/Developer @ Digital Scholar
    This opportunity allows the candidate to work with several dedicate open sources teams on established projects and to be part of the germination of new projects. The work is challenging, but we’re committed to building teams that honor individual expertise in the service of productive collaboration.

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Mona & Hubot Sans
Two open-source fonts from Github.

Make me think

  • On rejecting positive thinking
    “The virtue of negative thinking in terms of mental health is one which has been obfuscated by the sugary vogue for trite affirmations. Instead, perhaps practicing an art of responsible cynicism and an anti-capitalist spirit of critique might better suit a universe below ground zero.”
  • Feedback and design
    “You’ve likely heard a colleague open a conversation with this line. For many people, the word ‘feedback’ has negative connotations. They associate it with criticism of their work or — even worse — themselves.”
  • The diminishing returns of calendar culture
    “We live with these realities because they make the rest of our lives feel manageable. But time did not have to be arranged that way. We have imagined time, at least in Western countries, as subservient to commerce, and attempted to export or forcibly impose that understanding worldwide.”

Little gems this week

Floating in latent space with Taylor Swift
By Bill Tribble

My AI made 2,000 sketches while I took a nap
By Matthew Askari

Evolution of AR and VR: UX inspiration from history
By Olesia Vdovenko

Tools and resources

  • Classic UX
    A collection of HCI videos produced from 1983–2002.
  • Apple accessibility
    What designers can learn from Apple’s accessibility features.
  • Github blocks
    Reimagine repositories with custom, interactive blocks.

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