Top 10 UX Design Agencies to Work With – July 2024

While in-house UX consultants, UI/UX designers, and user researchers continue to gain popularity, some businesses continue to opt for the expertise of specialized UX design firms. Here, we listed user experience consultancies and full-service UI UX design agencies from the US to Europe, with a brief description of each to help you decide.

If you want to shorten the research, our UX design agency has all the experience and knowledge you need regardless of your company size or industry. Let’s get in touch and discuss your current goals.

Further ado, let’s jump right in and look at the top UX agencies:

Top 10 UX Agencies 

1. UX studio

Award-winning European UX agency working with companies worldwide.

A picture of the home page of UX studio, which is an award-winning product design agency.

We, UX studio, are a global UX design agency with over 10 years of experience and became a world-class digital product designing agency in 2013. We’re one of the top UX design agencies worldwide based in Europe, among the fastest-growing. 

How we work with our partners:

  • Our UX experts work 100% only on your project.
  • With the agile method, we don’t waste time and money.
  • We build a product that serves your audience and business as well
  • Flexibility is key, we align our service to your needs.
  • We always take the extra mile to understand your company and the product/service you have.

As a world-class UX design agency, we manage remote collaboration effectively which allows us to work with startups and established companies from different countries. We’ve worked with many partners like Google, HBO, Netflix, and The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to list a few

If you’re looking for a UI UX designer agency, contact UX studio. We’re ready to help you with any website or app design and research challenges you might have. 

And it’s a real gift to work with different companies in various industries across the globe. We have experience in fintech, digital solutions, SaaS, traveling, education, and healthcare industries among others. If you’re interested, check out our previous works.

Providing seamless experience on your website guarantees an improved conversion rate.

If you’re in need of a UX design agency, we’d be happy to help. Reach out to us and let’s discuss your current obstacles and goals. We’ll be in touch with you to discuss your challenges further, and to come up with a custom solution for you!

2. Ideo

A global product design and innovation company established in 1991 in Palo Alto, California.

IDEO is listed among the top ux agencies worldwide.

A legendary innovation firm based in Palo Alto, California, Ideo started in industrial design in 1991. They have worked with most of the big brands around the world, based on their very strong presence in the tech world of Silicon Valley. I can’t write about top UX agencies without mentioning Ideo.

In their early days, Ideo famously designed the first-ever Apple Mouse. They also designed one of the Palm PDAs (if you remember PDAs at all).

Later, as software became more and more important, Ideo turned to interaction design. Founder David Kelley realized early that they had to convince their client companies’ managers to follow their design methods. To that end, they came up with the term “design thinking”.

They rebranded the designer’s mindset and methods as management practices. They then persistently pushed the idea for more than 15 years until it became part of the curriculum even in major business schools.

Most famous for their innovative work and the love of prototypes, Ideo provides diverse teams with designers, engineers, and researchers for a project. There they can think freely, build fast-and-loose prototypes, and present clients with their big ideas.

It’s not a coincidence, Ideo is a top UI UX design agency. They work on innovation projects for big enterprises that want to bring back the start-up spirit. Their projects rarely end up with tangible products.

Although they rank as one of the most expensive firms on the market, critics often mention how they usually present only a raw prototype in return for a large pile of cash. Despite these critics, Ideo has become one of the most popular design firms. They also invest heavily in design education.

Looking for a top ux agency for your design challenges?

3. MetaLab

MetaLab is a Canadian interface design firm. They offer product design, custom software development, and UX/UI Design.

You can turn to MetaLab with any kind of UI/UX design related tasks.

MetaLab was founded in 2006 by Andrew Wilkinson. First, he started the web design company out of his apartment. But now with more than 150 employees, they’re headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. They provide product design, software development, and research services.

The company is now part of the Tiny group of companies which includes Dribbble, Pixel Union, and Flow. MetaLab also founded Pixel Union, which is an independent company and theme supplier for platforms including Tumblr, Shopify, and WordPress.

MetaLab’s most famous clients include Slack, Coinbase, TED, Apple, Disney, and Google, to name a few. And they manage their work with those big names while nearly half of their employees are remote and have unlimited vacation and sick days.

As their work became well known a lot of big tech companies wanted to acquire them. Just as it happened to a lot of their competitors and friends. But Tim and Andres Wilkinson realized that the buyer would ruin their culture, give the employees a hard time, and probably wreck the brand.

So they founded their holding company Meta which is focusing on acquiring the world’s best digital agencies

4. Fantasy Co.

A global UI/UX design agency with offices in the US (New York, San Francisco, Miami) and London.

Fantasy offers you UX consulting services as well.

David Martin founded Fantasy in 1999 but no longer serves as CEO. The company gained fame for the beautiful UI design and website design they always presents. Their own brand has a very strong visual presence as well, with an almost too-professional taste.

Fantasy gained notoriety with their “What if?” videos when they reimagined the digital products of certain industries in a new, modern way. These early videos showcased their high-end graphic design skills and contained animated UI designs, rather common back then.

Since their early days, Fantasy has grown into a much bigger digital agency. They now work with big corporates like Porsche, USA Today, and Mitsubishi.

Fantasy currently employs about 50 people, down from a few years ago when they enjoyed even greater popularity. 

5. Frog

One of the oldest industrial design firms that have been working with clients for over 50 years. 

Frog design offers branding services and strategy to their UX design services.

One of the old players in the design world, Frog turned 50 last year. Originally more of an industrial design and branding firm, they turned to the digital world and became better there as well as technology evolved.

Frog does everything, from designing furniture and hardware to branding and website design. To compete with Ideo, Frog also got on the innovation bandwagon. Now you can read the terms “digital transformation” and “digital strategy” on many pages of their website.

Should anyone declare a single multinational design company, Frog would earn that title. They currently operate from 10 offices around the world.

Still strong in industrial design today, Frog shines best with projects where digital interfaces, hardware, and branding all get involved together.

Frog employs more than 500 people.

6. Designit

A global UX design agency with over 10 studios worldwide.

Designit is a global UX design agency with over 16 studios worldwide.

Alan Cooper and his wife Sue Cooper founded their eponymous company in 1992. Although a professional manager now runs it, the founders remain involved in certain areas, earning them a place on our top UX agencies list.

One of the great veterans of the software industry, Alan Cooper fathered the Visual Basic programming environment and became a real hero in the Microsoft ecosystem. One of the few who realized the importance of design during these early days, he has written a famous book about software design, About Face.

Today, Designit (formerly Cooper) works with companies like Google and Starbucks on interaction design and service design projects. They also take an active part in design education with different courses, boot camps, and trainings.

In 2017, the Indian IT giant Wipro Digital bought Cooper. They now work together with the firm’s international design conglomerate Designit.

7. Halo Lab

A UI UX design and development agency based in Ukraine with branding services as well. 

The main page of Halo Lab, a ux design agency, with a CTA of 'Let's build the next smart thing'.

Founded in 2013, Halo Lab operates from three offices across different time zones, boasting a team of 130+ professionals. Specializing in full-stack design and development, they focus on delivering tangible results in complex web apps, marketing websites, eCommerce, and mobile apps. Their services includes wireframing, UX/UI design, branding, and product development, utilizing a top tech stack including ReactJS and GraphQL.

Halo Lab has collaborated with startups, digital services, and e-commerce platforms, showcasing their proficiency in various domains. Their transparent design process involves mind mapping, user flow, interactive UX/UI design, and style guide provision. In development, they follow one-week sprints, QA sessions, continuous deployment, and weekly updates.

With an annual average of 60+ successfully completed projects, the UX agency emphasizes client-centricity, focusing on results rather than accolades or ambitions. Their commitment to clear communication and collaborative development backs their efficiency and success in the digital world.

hire ux experts banner

8. Ramotion

Branding and UX/UI design agency helping startups and Fortune 500 companies grow and succeed.

Taking digital experiences to the next level - Ramotion UX Design Agency's case study page.

Ramotion was founded in 2009 and soon they established a reputation among startups with their app and web design, branding, and development.

The UI UX agency is based in San Francisco with a team of more than 70 experts, also having offices in Los Angeles and New York. Although one could say it’s a big team, compared to other top ux agencies it’s relatively small and not by accident. This small team can ensure their work’s quality, working with a few clients at a time.

They can boast numerous clients such as Adobe, Tessian, salesforce, CrunchBase, and Bitmoji. As you can see, they work with SMEs and enterprises, they’re a great choice not only for startups.

Startups usually reach out to Ramotion for branding and in the last decade, the UX design agency developed a collaborative approach. They can help with strategy, identity, and communication strategy, either from scratch or reimagining what the startup already has. According to their website, their startup clients raised more than $750m with their help.

Besides their startup focus, the design company can lend a helping hand in UX and UI design, including audit, discovery, and prototypes. They can also help with web app development, app design, web design, and create tailored design systems.

9. Method

A global design and engineering consultancy, passionate about delivering quality craftsmanship and business value. 

Method is a UI design company founded in 1999.

Method was founded in 1999 on the belief that design and technology could create more value for businesses. Over 20 years later, they’re still dedicated to using their craft to make lives and businesses better. Today as a UX / UI agency, Method provides digital strategy, software development, and UX/UI design services.

Method is also part of GlobalLogic, a product engineering company with over 25,000 employees in 12 countries. The UX design agency does the design and GlobalLogic does web development, mostly building products for enterprise companies. Method’s own brand uses a strong blue color popular in the corporate world.

Method has headquarters in San Jose, New York, and London, but together with GlobalLogic, they have 30 offices in 12 countries around the globe.

The Method UX agency employs around 350 people.

10. Beyond Agency

A digital product agency helping brands make progress by improving customer experiences through design.

Beyond is a digital product agency working in 4 time zones.

Founded in 2010, Beyond Agency is a globally recognized design and innovation company that operates across London, Lisbon, New York, San Francisco, and Mexico City. They’re dedicated to helping brands enhance their user experiences and solve complex challenges through design thinking and creative solutions.

As a forward-thinking UI/UX design company, they opened their offices strategically to be able to provide 16+ hours of coverage in multiple time zones to meet their clients’ needs promptly. 

Beyond Agency demonstrates excellence in customer experience by continually auditing and improving user interactions, nurturing connections among employees, and consistently crafting enriching customer learning experiences. In the realm of design and development, the company offers a range of services, including design sprints, prototyping, solution architecture, and cloud platform transformation. When it comes to product-related services, Beyond Agency delivers vital offerings, such as ongoing product health assessments, continuous evaluations of product-market fit, the development of innovative strategies, and the ongoing refinement of vision and strategy.

Over the years, as one of the top ux agencies, they’ve built an impressive portfolio, working with renowned companies such as Google, Mont Blanc, Apple, MailChimp, PayPal, WarnerBros, and Snapchat. The company’s approach is built on a foundation of culture, design craft, and technical excellence, ensuring they meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.

With a team of over 400 professionals, including designers, engineers, and researchers, they collaborate seamlessly to create transformative solutions. The user experience firm’s service offerings include customer experience improvement, design and development services, and product strategy. Their unique work environment is further enriched by the presence of 17 office dogs, fostering a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Comparing Top UX Agencies

Although these companies are experts in UX design, each of them has its own field, where it shines on the market. This section will examine the most important attributes of the best UX consultancies according to the following criteria:

Full disclosure: These charts represent my opinion based on personal experience and industry insights. As I said earlier, I also have personal involvement in the UX design profession, so don’t take my blog post as independent research material. I have done my best to give a realistic view of the top UX companies.

How to compare top UX agencies?

Usability vs Visual Design

Each agency has a slightly different philosophy of design. Some focus more on visual design and branding, while others obsess over usability and making everything easy to understand.

By now, all UX professionals agree a good-looking digital interface is not sufficient. Usability is one of the most important factors of success. For this reason, almost every big brand builds super user-friendly apps that follow the design principle of clarity and simplicity.

Nevertheless, the best designers don’t give up on visual design. They still acknowledge that the aesthetics of a product can contribute to its success.

The user experiencebest designers take care of the the aesthetics and usability of a product at the same time.

No single best answer decides the aesthetics/usability dilemma. Everyone should evaluate their own products and services, and decide what to focus on next. Some industries see usability as king (millions use Wikipedia even though no one finds it the most beautiful website on Earth). Other scenarios make it worth spending more time with aesthetics.

All the design agencies on the list can do outstanding work both in visual design and usability. But on this chart, I tried to rank them based on their primary focus.

Concepts vs Implementation

You can find the fancy word word “strategic design company” on the websites of many UX design firms. But what does it mean?

A few decades ago, when you said the word “design”, everyone thought about the visual appearance of a product only. Later, usability became one of the most important factors. Today, designers spend most of their time creating products that make our lives easier.

In the meantime, design professionals have got a lot of useful skills and methods. These include prototyping, researching what people need, workshop facilitation, ideation sessions, and strategy creation.

Data analysis also came into the picture with the digital world. Later, we realized that these skills don’t just come in useful in design projects, these methods can help define a company’s business strategy as well.

Large UX consulting firms love to work on projects where they can experiment.

Many designers today don’t work on designing products, but on defining strategies or exploring new concepts for companies. Large corporations love to run innovation projects where they can experiment with new ideas.

They don’t aim to create a functioning end product, but to research, the market, come up with many concepts, and test the viability and feasibility of these ideas. Critics always mention how they rarely end up in actual products and new businesses.

Some companies like Ideoentirely focus on innovation projects. Others take pride in the fact they do hands-on work and focus solely on implementation, like Work & co.

Many others try to keep a healthy mix. Both of these focus on strategy when needed, but they can also turn ideas into real, working products.

Advertising vs Product

Businesses use digital interfaces in two main areas: marketing/advertising and products.

When you visit a company’s website, you are probably looking at a marketing side intended to provide information about the firm and promote its offerings with effective messaging.

Many UX designers work on these advertising-related interfaces, which focus on pushing the marketing message through. They try to ensure people can find the information needed to make a purchase decision.

Products make up the other big area of UX. In this case, UXers work on tools that people will use for a certain purpose. Most mobile applications fall into this category. Desktop software provides a good example as do web applications like Gmail and many other SaaS products you can sign up for.

Some design agencies offer advertising and marketing services.

Sometimes, no strict boundaries separate promotions and products. We can consider a webshop a promotional interface, but also as a purchasing tool that has a lot of usability aspects to consider. One company can have both advertising sites and products. Nike has a promotional site for its shoes and a tracking app for runners.

Some agencies specialize more in advertising and marketing interfaces, while others focus on products only. The best UX design agencies on this list have vast experience in working on both types of interfaces, but some do better in one category or the other.

The chart below shows who has more experience in advertising-related and product-related work based on my opinion.

hire ux experts banner

Digital vs Physical

By default, most people think UX agencies work on digital interfaces like software, websites, and apps. While this holds true, many agencies have skills in other mediums as well.

Many teams got together originally as industrial design firms. They come to excel at designing physical objects and hardware devices. These companies work on many connected goods and IoT products nowadays, where they can use both types of design skills.

There are full-service UX agencies who cover both physical touchpoints (stores, installations) and digital experiences.

Other teams start using UX methodology in non-digital projects. We call this “service design” when we broaden the scope of design from digital-only products and start designing omnichannel services that have physical aspects as well. 

Big telecoms love service design as their services cover both physical touchpoints (stores, installations) and digital experiences.

And of course, other UX agencies specialize in digital products only. They usually hire people born in the digital age—real digital natives who have mastered the art and science of creating great digital experiences. They focus on this area only, and they do best in digital design services.

Culture and Atmosphere

Although measuring and categorizing may come quite difficult, team culture makes up one of the most important factors when choosing a UX agency. Teams with the right culture and mindset can generate much more value than those with bad habits or who get overwhelmed with internal issues.

At UX studio, we like to work with like-minded people.

Usually, like-minded easy-going people, UX designers have great communication skills. Still, each agency has its own preferred way of working and collaborating. Some have a real startup-style internal culture, with all the flexibility, agile practices, and so much enthusiasm!

Others play it cool, with a more professional atmosphere. They like to communicate through well-designed presentations. Loose Slack messages annoy them!

I tried to put the teams on a scale from the startup-style atmosphere to the corporate culture.

The top ux agencies usually have developed processes.

UX research capabilities

As mentioned earlier, the designer’s role has gone through major changes over the last 20 years. Today, creative design companies don’t design beautiful screens only. They decide which products to build (concepts and strategy) and how to make them easy to use and understandable (usability).

To live up to these challenges, UX teams have to master what we call UX research. A new profession, UX research uses many qualitative and quantitative research methods.

The UX research methods include interviewing, usability tests, analytics, and A/B tests to gather data and insights about why and how people are using digital interfaces. Lacking this data makes it nearly impossible to build a successful digital product.

UX research is an important factor when choosing the best experience agency.

Most of the teams on the best UX design agencies list have UX research consultancy capabilities. Some of them offer UX research consultancy, UI research, and teach designers to do research, so one person can collect the required data to make design decisions.

Others have dedicated UX researchers and UX research consultants. On this chart, you can see which agencies do the most UX research work.

Speed to start a new project

Depending on the popularity and internal organization of each agency, a new project can be started in different time frames. In some cases, you have to wait months to start working with a UX agency. Others can start new projects in weeks.

Depeding on your scope, it can be important to select an agency who can start your project quickly.

Naturally, a great team merits a few weeks’ waits to work with, as the added value will bring back much more than the cost of a short delay. On the other hand, I understand the pressure many teams have on delivering products. In certain situations, you want to look for UX agencies that can jump on board quickly.

Leadership role in the design community

When you hire a design team, you want them to design an outstanding experience for your customers. Many people judge UX firms by their level of establishment within the design community.

This logic dictates that a studio must have earned its respect within the UX community.

The better the UX design company, the more it offers.

The top UX firms don’t just practice design but also teach what they do. Many best UX design agencies in the world run courses, boot camps, and trainings. Many run blogs where they share their learnings. Check out ours, where we post quite often.

The best designers often write books about their craft. And naturally, almost everyone on this top UX agencies list gives talks at meetups and conferences. Many also organize their own events or sponsor the local community.

On this chart, we have collected the most active agencies in the UX community.

How UI UX design agencies price their work

And finally, we hit the sensitive topic: pricing and budgets.

UX agencies have many different pricing models. The most commonly used is time-based pricing, when a company has hourly (daily, weekly) rates. You pay based on the time they spend working for you. Although this gives the collaboration flexibility, sometimes clients feel they can’t really control their budgets, so costs can blow up in a mismanaged project.

Many teams do projects for a fixed price. In this scenario, clients have total control over their budgets. In many cases, fixed projects end up with arguments about the scope.

You can rarely plan upfront. And when unforeseeable obstacles arise, you either have to cut the scope (so the team delivers less than planned) or raise the budget (so you pay more). For this reason, fixed-price projects often lead to conflicts.

Typical UX Agency Pricing

Even on the top UX companies list, huge differences can occur between UX agency prices. If we consider hourly rates, UX design prices can range anywhere between $60 and several hundred dollars.

Older and bigger companies usually charge more, as they have to cover more administrative and organizational overhead. Critics say that this extra price doesn’t necessarily mean better results. Big companies usually like to trust bigger firms, which means lower risks for them. In most cases, they also speak the same corporate language.

Location-Based Pricing

Price can also vary based on the UX agency location. In San Francisco or London, prices are much higher than in Portland or Berlin.

On this top UX consulting firms list, Ideo, Frog, Work & co, and Clay are the most expensive. You need a really big budget to work with them (and you can find huge differences between their prices as well).

You can’t find cheap companies on this top UX agencies list, even though hundreds of them lurking out there. As someone said, you can always find a cheaper agency, but do you really want to pay the price of working with them?

I think of UX studio as a boutique UI/UX design agency working with modest prices—not too low, but more affordable for most of the companies out there. You can hire a design team (usually with a full-time designer and a researcher) at a reasonable price. 

If you feel your product does not perform as it should and you are unsure regarding your next steps, send us your details and get a quote. We’ll help you define the right solution! 

What does a UX agency do?

When you create a new product or redesign an old one, you most likely seek to improve its performance.

A UI UX agency can offer different design services. UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) can help you create easy-to-understand interfaces that will make users interact with your product in a joyful way. UI and UX design includes website design obviously.

Full-service UX agencies offer app development and digital marketing as well, while boutique agencies are more specialized in usability.

The challenge here is to ensure your product has the best UI and UX that meet your user’s needs and wants. However, If users can’t understand your product and its functionality, your chances of success will drop dramatically.

For this reason, UX designers and researchers are often part of the product team. They serve as a connection bridge between a user, the development team, and the key business stakeholders.

According to the Infragistics research report, general estimates of the value of an investment in UX design vary from a return of $2 to $100 for every $1 invested in user experience design. 

More and more companies understand the value of UX and consider UX strategy integration into their business.

In fact, according to our survey, more than 76% of respondents (PMs, Company Owners, CEOs) admitted they work with UX-ers in-house or hire external experts.

Our research who work with UX professionals previously.

In today’s age, user experience can’t and shouldn’t be neglected. UX agencies are the right partners that can help your business understand customer needs better. They also investigate and define the reasons behind poor product performance, conduct usability testing, and utilize insights to come up with a new, user-friendly design solution.

UI UX design agencies typically deal with the following:

  • Digital product strategy;
  • Product discovery;
  • User persona definition and analysis;
  • User testing;
  • Business idea validation;
  • Visual design backed up by research data;
  • Branding.

Not every business necessarily has the required UI UX expertise or enough capacity to create an in-house UX team. This is where a UX company comes in handy.

A UI UX design agency can be hired as a partner to share the expertise, provide in-house UX design thinking and strategy training, and help with research, graphic design, and development.

All in one to help your business progress faster and win your user’s love.

Interested in what you could achieve by working with design experts, share your project details with us. We’ll discuss your goals, and challenges and suggest the next steps.

How to choose a UI UX design agency?

Hiring a professional UX design agency is not as easy as it may seem. There are hundreds of UX firms that want to attract your attention and eventually sign a deal. It is a daily job for them, but for you, it might be either a win-win or a win-lose collaboration.

Use these 4 proven criteria to select the best UX agencies for future collaboration.

1. Check a portfolio with former works

A project portfolio is a must for every established UX design firm. It serves as proof of expertise, it shows industries a company worked in and it communicates the quality level you might expect if you decide to work with a particular UX agency.

I strongly recommend looking through a portfolio of former works as it might already give you an idea if a company is the right fit or not.

What should you look for in a portfolio?

  • Examples of visual design;
  • Client names and links to their websites/apps;
  • Project types specification (design, research, branding, audit, etc.);
  • Former client’s industries.
  • Evidence of project success.

You might not necessarily find all the information in a portfolio, but we strongly recommend checking these details to select the most suitable UX partner.

At UX studio, we also have our case studies collection page, where you can find all the details about our former projects. We aim to be transparent and show the whole collaboration process in a clear way for our potential clients.

Our experts thrive to deliver more than just a final design; they run strategic workshops, collaborate with the development team, support design release, assist with features prioritization, and help to define the next product development steps.

These tiny moments can be crucial in the decision-making process, thus it’s worth taking them into account.

2. Evaluate a UX agency’s credibility

Does a UX agency have a reputable blog? Do other expert websites mention this UX company? Can you find former client names and testimonials? Are there notable partnerships and awards? Does a user experience agency have a LinkedIn page after all? Is it an established expert in the UX industry with a massive follower base and loyal brand ambassadors? What services do they offer – app development, website design, UX research?

I mentioned multiple questions worth thinking of when you are in the process of a UX design firm selection.

Credibility is all about the company’s profile and reputation on the Internet. It cannot always be controlled; thus, a simple Google search will help you figure out to what extent a user experience design agency has an established online profile.

Besides, it is a great idea to check employees, get in touch with business representatives, and ask questions.

As a next step, get in touch with a few companies which you find the most promising. These will be your top priority companies that have a high potential to become your partner.

This way, you narrow down the search and save time.

Have an outstanding website with the help of a design agency.

3. Search for evidence of the former project’s success

I’ve already mentioned the importance of the former project’s success as one of the criteria to estimate the company’s expertise.

Even though it is not always easy to measure the value of UX design, this is how a lot of businesses will judge the return on the design investments.

Most likely, you redesign a website to achieve a better performance, increase conversion rate, decrease bounce rate, improve user flows, etc.

Appealing visual design is nothing without effective business performance.

To give you a bit of context, this is what we love to share with potential clients at UX studio:

Liligo worked with UX studio on their app and website to improve their conversion rate.

This is a review we’ve got from our partner— France’s leading travel app Liligo. 

The testimonial shows that the design solution created by UX studio was a huge success since it resulted in a 100% increase in bookings through the mobile app.

Whenever you search for a potential UX partner— look for evidence that proves the expertise.

Instead “Here is what we’ve done”, look for ” Here is what we’ve achieved”.

4. Look for companies with established research and UX design processes

Leading UI UX agencies will not blindly do what you ask for. No, That’s a wrong approach and a red flag.

You, as a client, want to hire real UX experts. They always listen to your problems first, ask the right questions, conduct research to define the core problems, and then offer solutions.

Experts investigate and then act

Top UX agencies have established the research and design processes that they follow and adapt to the client’s needs. You should be able to find this information online as well.

Here is how we begin collaboration with our clients at UX studio. We always aim to meet the client and get to know each other before we jump into the research and design.

As we are transparent, we show our working processes on the website. This way, more prospects can understand how we work and if we can collaborate.

Top UX agencies have established the research and design processes

As a final tip, I want you to answer the following questions and think about your feelings when you go through the list of UX consultancies:

  • Does a UX agency website communicate well the services offered?
  • Are you able to see actual user interfaces designed by their UX experts? Are they visually appealing?
  • Do you want to learn more about a particular UX design firm after reviewing its website?

If a website and its content manage to hook you and establish an emotional connection, most likely, it’s worth getting in touch with the UX firm.

As an experienced UX design agency with 10+ years of experience, we’ve also prepared 5 helpful questions to ask your potential UX partners.

These questions should help you compare the chosen agencies and pick up one that suits your needs the best.

There are hundreds of UX agencies to choose from, but only some UX design firms go the extra mile to WOW their clients.

Why choose a UX research and design agency in one

At UX studio, one of our core principles is never to design without research. We firmly believe that all business decisions should be data-driven. Even if you understand your business well, chances are you won’t know precisely what your audience wants. Customers often surprise us with creative ways of using products.

Consider Intercom, a renowned messaging platform, as an example. Their product team invested months designing a new feature – the Intercom map. While it gained rapid popularity, its use differed significantly from the initial plan. Instead of checking user locations, customers used the map to showcase to investors and at conferences.

The lesson here is clear: to create a valuable product, you must first understand people’s needs and wants, incorporating user feedback at every step of development.

That’s why the best digital design firms enlist user interface designers and user experience experts to craft impactful digital products. As a global design company, we want to highlight three reasons why selecting an experience design studio and UX research agency for your next project is a wise choice.

1. You know the “whys” behind every decision

Numbers never lie. When your product team proposes a buyer journey redesign or your marketing team seeks additional resources for a new landing page design, it’s essential that these decisions are grounded in data rather than following trends blindly.

Sometimes, when you’re passionate about creating an exceptional product that exceeds customer expectations in design, features, navigation, and functionality, setting priorities can be challenging. However, it often becomes evident that simplicity can be more effective. Customers often find delight in a straightforward product that addresses their needs.

This is where the expertise of UX research consultants and UI designers comes into play. They delve deeper into understanding your target audience and validate your boldest product assumptions. How? By collecting both quantitative and qualitative data about your product’s performance and providing informed recommendations for the next steps.

The result of adopting a research-driven approach in your work is clear: you’ll be able to prioritize development efforts more effectively, allocate resources wisely, and create a customer-centric product that people not only love but also find easy and enjoyable to use.

2. You rely on experts who know how to do things right

Top design studios have proven-to-work UX research processes validated through many years of field experience. 

Besides, experience design studios utilize various UX research methods like expert review, UX audit, usability tests, and interviews to help you find the right solutions and design products that meet your users’ needs.

You might think conducting usability tests is not rocket science, and that anyone can do it. It’s only true to some extent. 

Hiring the right participants for the tests, identifying valuable information, processing and analyzing the data, creating easy-to-use research repositories, and making impactful business decisions require expertise. 

When you hire user interface designers and researchers from a UX design company, you pay for the expert opinion, efficiency, speedy, and impactful solutions tailored to your business needs. 

You don’t have to waste your valuable time and figure out what needs to be done in your particular case. 

You don’t have to make the very same mistakes someone has already made earlier. 

Instead, you rely on a digital experience agency that will explore both the current state of your product and future business opportunities. 

The outcome: higher efficiency and time-saving.

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3. You adopt the proven-to-work UX processes 

Working with UX and UI experts has one more benefit, that not many businesses think about. 

Best design companies not only cope with your product design challenges but also educate and help you set the right in-house design processes.

Even if you partner with an experience design studio once, the impact of this collaboration might change the way you manage in-house product design processes

Let’s say you want to measure the ROI of your UX investment but don’t know how. The UX and UI experts will show you the right way to do it. 

By leveraging research insights, your product team can better segment your customers and understand their needs. Besides, your marketing team can create a tailored sales copy that addresses your customers’ fears and uses the words they use. 

Doing business is no longer about selling. Instead, it’s about nurturing relationships and transforming your customers into superfans. 

Working with the best design agencies in the world means having a reliable UX partner and strategic consultant who is ready to step in at any time to help you foster organizational growth and internal transformation.

The outcome: better in-house decision-making processes.

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