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“In Agile, discovery is assumed. At a minimum, you need a rough spec and some goals to get started. But is the spec validated against business goals or user needs? Is this the best solution? If so, when does that discovery work happen? Not during Agile development.”

Is Agile an anti-design pattern?
By Shamsi Brinn

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Mind the ‘Uuh’ — this device will train you to avoid using filler words.

Make me think

  • What if… one day everything got better?
    “Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) this year is on May 19, 2022. I can’t think of a better day. That gives you or your company about 6+ weeks to land some minor fixes on your homepages.”
  • Reducing Slack’s memory footprint
    “Slack’s desktop client can use a lot of memory. This memory footprint increases as the user signs into more teams, as each team runs in its own webview. More memory usage means worse performance, degrading our customer’s experience of Slack and their other applications.”
  • Be the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager.
    “Give the browser some solid rules and hints, then let it make the right decisions for the people that visit it, based on their device, connection quality and capabilities. This is how they will get a genuinely great user experience, rather than a fragmented, broken one.”

Little gems this week

Multipliers and thunder thieves: two opposite forces in companies
By Kike Peña

Wordle is a masterclass in product design simplicity
By Chris Nielsen

Your Personal Slot Machine — How design can hack your brain
By Josep Ferrer

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