Figma next steps, is Design Thinking overhyped, the UX of Stable Diffusion

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“It’s 2022. Figma has completely taken over the Product Design world over the last four years. It’s rare to see a company gain such rapid adoption across an entire industry so quickly.

With that kind of growth comes a lot of problems. The product accrues debt in different areas (both technical and UX) as a team tries to scale fast. Business and user pressures lead to certain areas of the product being prioritized and others falling below the line of what you have the capacity to focus on. A lot of aspects of a product also become a lot harder to fix at scale.”

Five areas Figma need to improve on to stay a step ahead
By Steve Dennis

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Open Art: get inspired by millions of amazing DALL·E 2 art and prompts.


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Little gems this week

Consistency in UX design: To what extent is “best practice” the right choice?
By Rémy Rey-De Barros

Having a hard time as a UX specialist
By Olesia Vdovenko

How UX-focused is Stable Diffusion’s vision to outperform DALL·E 2?
By Anil Tilbe

Make me think

  • Design to win: How I use the power of comparison to unlock better design
    “With so few designers relative to the total number of people making design decisions, it’s easy to feel like the design is constantly slipping away from the designers’ intent. While I struggled with that dynamic at first, over time I expanded my perspective from asking just ‘how can I help the design team make good designs?’ to ‘how can I help the broader team surface more good designs more often?’”
  • The small steps of giant leaps
    “One of the most beneficial skills you can learn in life is how to consistently put yourself in a good position. The person who finds themselves in a strong position can take advantage of circumstances while others are forced into a series of poor choices. Strong positions are not an accident. Weak positions aren’t bad luck.”

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