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The FTC has slapped Amazon with a lawsuit, accusing the company of duping millions of customers into signing up for its Prime subscription service through deceptive user interface designs.

But the lawsuit goes even deeper. Amazon allegedly made canceling subscriptions an odyssey, with a purposefully complicated labyrinthine process designed to distract and prevent customers from abandoning the paid service.

What can designers learn from Amazon getting sued?
By Eric Chung

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15 Figma updates from Config 2023 in a nutshell
By Danny Sapio

Make me think

  • The silent end of Adobe XD
    “It seems that Adobe made the decision to do this in late 2022, without announcing the news or making it public. While it’s understandable why they want to discontinue the product (they will still support existing customers), it speaks volumes as to how little market share there was for Adobe XD if it was possible to remove the app from the catalog without any noise.”
  • AI: first new UI paradigm in 60 years
    “AI is introducing the third user-interface paradigm in computing history, shifting to a new interaction mechanism where users tell the computer what they want, not how to do it — thus reversing the locus of control.”
  • What’s unAI-able
    “Jobs that involve a blend of these human-driven decision-making competencies are likely to evolve rather than disappear, requiring professionals to shift their competence.”

Spatial everything

It’s time for dimensional thinking in design
By Darren Yeo

Notes and tips on Spatial UI
By Megan N

Why the mass adoption of Apple Vision Pro is highly unlikely
By Neel Dozome

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